WINTER GETAWAY | Utah Travel Vlog

Eric and I just landed in Salt Lake City We are here to visit my family for Christmas and it’s actually the day after Christmas But it is the only time that we could all have off of work. So it just ended up working out this way Just checked into our hotel in Salt Lake City, it’s pretty nice. There’s the bathroom Through here and a closet right here. My mom. Say hi mama And they have a really pretty mural behind the bed and the window is really dirty But we have a beautiful view of the mountain So this morning originally my plan was to get to the airport early with enough time to grab Eric and I food however I missed like the most important exit and we ended up driving around the airport for like 20 minutes and then Security took forever. So we barely made our flight we didn’t have time to eat It’s 1248 here in Salt Lake City, which means it’s 148 Dallas time and we have not eaten at all today bless my mom Forgetting us food We just left the hotel and now we are going to go pick up my sister Alicia from work and then head to Park City So we made it up to Park City and we are actually at a ski resort Just kind of walking around and we wanted to see the Avalanche dogs, but we missed them We finally found somewhere to park and now we are walking along Main Street it is so pretty here It is a little bit cold though We stopped and got them out of the hatchery where we can actually see them with making the chocolate it is a super cute sort Eric got a chocolate. Excuse me, Eric got a caramel dipped marshmallow. You have to tell us if it’s good or not We’re still walking around Main Street and you guys I can barely feel my fingers they are so cool. You can see our breath too We stopped back at my sister Alicia’s place for a little bit and then we’re gonna go pick up my dad from the airport Have dinner and then probably come back here and have a little gift exchange for our Christmas Good morning, everyone last night dinner was so good And then we just went back to my sister’s house and did a gift exchange So that was really fun and this morning we are about to head to breakfast Thanks dad Breakfast was really good. It was definitely really sweet and now we’re gonna walk around the gateway, which is close to downtown Salt Lake City and go see a movie Originally, I wanted to walk around a little bit out here but it is freezing So we are just gonna go straight to the movie theater and we’re gonna see bombshell We just finished watching the movie bombshell it was really good If any of you guys have seen it, let me know in the comments below what you thought about it now We’re just going to drive around Salt Lake City and look at all the Christmas lights and stuff And then we’re going to pick up my sister from work Good morning everyone. It is 6:00 a.m. Right now We had such a fun trip getting to visit my family out here in Salt Lake City We are now heading back to Dallas though and home to miss Luna Hi, baby You know We just got home our plans for the rest of the day are just to relax and hang out I have a three-day work trip that I am starting super early tomorrow morning Thank you everyone so so so much for watching If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures. I will see you next time Bye

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