Why ‘Parasite’ Is Making History: The Story Of Award Season’s Breakout Film

Why ‘Parasite’ Is Making History: The Story Of Award Season’s Breakout Film

>>The had been making history along the way. The place erupted. Everybody nominated seems to be just as excited for them winning as the table.>>That makes sense. The lead actor is basically the Leo decap of South Korea. He’s at the center of the dark comedy being described as an experience.>>”Parasite” tells the story of a south Korean family and they’re currently living in poverty and they by luck and circumstance find a way to attach themselves to a wealthy family and better their circumstances for a time. [ Speaking foreign language ] It kind of starts as this sort of broad comedy and then it morphs into a dark comedy and then there’s all of these social political parallels mixed into it. When you walk out of the film, you just think of all of the tiny touches, the little twists and turns.>>One of those touches, which has captured social media’s attention, is a catchy tune that is normally used in Korean grade school as a pneumonic device. [ Speaking foreign language ]>>By subtitles, people are able to invest themselves in these characters and find the character that speaks to them.>>Laura Dern and president Obama are part of the play of the names but the biggest fan –>>Brad Pitt is the biggest member of the bong hive. If Brad says go see this movie, go see this movie.

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  • Congratulations…Hollywood, for maturing enough to hand these awards to a foreign (and Asian) film with subtitles.

  • Revealing


    Extraordinary flash

    The fragility of life


    The light of love


    Love of a family
    🙇🏼‍♂️ Bravo 🙇🏼‍♂️


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