Why Moro is More Terrifying Than You Think(Aizen Comparison) Dragon Ball Super Manga

Why Moro is More Terrifying Than You Think(Aizen Comparison) Dragon Ball Super Manga

Hello and welcome back all my Dragon Ball
Theorist, I read through the entire Arc again after yesterday’s chapter of some small clues
that were snuck in by Toyotarou on the future plans of Moro. This
panel right here we thought that Seven-Three has met his end and Moro was going to kill
him. Except he did something really important revealing
just how calculating Moro really is. He tossed Seven-Three
aside and said, “There will come a time when i require his power once again. Help him recover” Early in this Arc I had some bias just like
many of you that Moro was shaping up to be a typical Dragon Ball villain who underestimates
his opponents and has similar abilities that aren’t really that new
to us in the Dragon Ball Universe. Which was a complete mistake on my part as
I now feel that Moro is shaping up to be one of the greatest villains of all time. In my Manga Chapter 57 review yesterday
I hinted at what makes and incredible villain or antagonist. It isn’t just raw power or abilities that
is what makes them feared, it is unmatched intellect to always be several steps ahead
of our heroes. I made the comparison yesterday to one of
my favorite anime characters and best villain in my eyes of all time Souske Aizen from Bleach. While some might say woah woah where is this
coming from and that is a stretch… hear me out. I will carefully lay out all the evidence
we have since this Arc started, that makes a lot more sense now when you reread it from
the beginning. That Moro really is
way more terrifying than you think because like Aizen, everything is going according
to his plan. Moro isn’t a typical Dragon Ball villain at
all, he has no known limits to his power, he has millions of
years experience, he has magic, he is nigh immortal and he is always concealing his true
intent. Thus making it nearly impossible to see his
true desires and how dangerous Moro really is. Sound
familiar? Yes, Moro does share a lot of similarities
with Aizen and now for the fans that missed all these clues, lets dive into what Moro
is really up too. From the time Moro escaped it’s important
to realize just how insanely calculating he really is. In Manga Chapter 44 when on his way to Namek
Moro explains to Cranberry that, “It was my good fortune to
have even an ounce of magic return to me before my life expired” Cranberry stated, you got
some of your magic back a few years ago, right? Indeed…. Moro replies. Which means that when Moro’s magic
returned he wasn’t in a hurry to break out of prison, he spent years still in his confinement
making allies and formulating a master plan. The only reason Moro escaped now is it was
the perfect time to put everything in motion. Which is impressive especially when we look
at just how Moro was confined and for how long, Merus told us that “He was sentenced
to death. Unfortunately nobody could actually kill him,
so he was instead given life imprisonment.” Here is Moro’s cell from Manga Chapter 50
showing his escape from where he was confined to a chair unable to move with a head unit
likely to restrict his thoughts. If you
watched Bleach we all know “The Chair” that Aizen was sealed too because no one could
kill him, but at least he only received an 18,800 year sentence. Moro was stuck here for over 10 million years
without anything to sustain his life. Moro was still living off the life energy
of the countless souls he devoured before going to prison that gives him his nigh immortality. Something that was explained after Goku was
trying to sense where Moro was that first time and then Moro somehow was able to detect
that. How could that be! To think that he could do such a thing. It’s
going to be hard to pull something over on Moro and formulate a plan against him with
capabilities like this and this was his weakest state. Then Goku stated that it felt like the screams
of a whole lot of people in pain. Merus explains that “Moro is known for absorbing
the life force of planets and turning it into his own power, in that sense his very energy
is a mass of slaughtered souls.” While
this was a terrifying comment I didn’t pay much attention to it until latter after Goku
and Vegeta rushed in ill advised to be defeated by Moro granting him even more power. It wasn’t until Moro
powered up a few times that I was able to see deeper into how scary he is. I have seen some fans say Moro is incompetent,
that he couldn’t gather the Dragon Balls in the 3 days that Goku and Vegeta were unconscious! What the heck was he doing? Well Moro hasn’t evolved yet. I
think this is a good way to look at how Moro’s power and magic really works. We do see Moro evolve and even transform several
times in this Arc. After Moro made easy work of Goku and Vegeta
restoring a vast amount of his life force. He turns to Cranberry and asks, “Well? How would you go about collecting the Dragon
Balls?” He says we need to pinpoint their villages
with this scouter as each village is in charge of one. Moro doesn’t need a scouter to track life
energy but he can’t sense the Dragon Balls directly yet, latter HE GAINS that ability. After gathering 3 Dragon Balls we get to one
of the most chilling images drawn in the Manga as the strongest fighters from every village
make the Super Namekian Tsuburi. With never turning his back
Moro was well aware of what was approaching. Moro easily destroys Tsuburi with the power
he has gained from Goku and Vegeta. “Was THIS your savior, by chance? Apologies, he was dead before I could
even see his face.” I tell you what, it was here that I really
started to warm up to Moro as a villain but the first time around reading this I didn’t
realize how Moro continues to evolve after absorbing
the life energies of his victims. This entire Namekian village perished without
talking, so we have Cranberry being forced to find the Dragon Ball on his own without
a way to detect it. Moro however, has now learned how to find
them and interrupts Cranberry. There search that structure! Yup! I found it Moro! How’d you know where it was though? With a grin from Moro this isn’t just confidence. Cranberry is shocked wait, you can
detect where the Dragon Balls are? Yes, this is a really important part to understand
that after Moro forcefully devoured the souls of these poor Namekians, he gained the ability
to detect Dragon Balls. That is when he really picked up
the pace to collect them all. Now I have speculated on how this works and
I think the details of it are being concealed on purpose for some really important reveal
latter in the story. I believe
that he is able to gain knowledge and memories from energy he devours. That the billions of souls inside him have
not only increased his power but his intellect through the information they have. Merus told us that Moro is still an extremely
capable fighter even without his magic, which makes sense that if he has the souls of countless
fighters and civilizations inside of him. Moro would have
the knowledge of a vast amount of techniques, abilities and vital information he has gathered
over millions of years. This point get reconfirmed in Manga Chapter
49 when Moro is fighting the Grand Supreme Kai. Moro tricks him to fire off an energy blast
absorbing it, then when the Lord of Lords threatens him with the
sealing technique. Moro calls his bluff… do your worst. We get a flash back of how his sealing technique
went to kid buu and those powers were obliterated when Goku killed him. Moro chimes in, now
that I have taken a glimpse at those latent memories…. It’s clear to me that no being in this universe
possesses the power to seal away my magic. This was very easy to miss reading this Arc
the first time around but if the energy Moro absorbs
grants him the memories of everything you ever did that would mean when he first absorbed
Goku and Vegeta he has witnessed every battle they ever fought. So at this point it is uncertain that Moro
knows he doesn’t possess that sealing power from the energy of the Grand Supreme Kai or
from Goku and Vegeta’s memories. It was at this very moment Moro would
of gained knowledge of that battle and the only technique that threatened him was now
gone. Which is why he left them alive making Moro
more terrifying than we imagined and why I must now do this
comparison stacking him up to other great villains. That fact that I am making this video right
now, is all according to Aizen’s plan. It’s no secret that Aizen gets revered as
one of the best if not the best Anime villain of all time. That everything
that happened or will ever happen, is because Aizen set everything in motion. I want to talk about the moment when Aizen
went down as one of the all time great villains because I firmly believe that
Moro is doing something similar. Never in an Anime has the main Hero ever had
all of his battles in his entire life planned out by the main villain. Aizen reveals to Ichigo you happen to be the
perfect specimen that I had been searching for. Once I was certain of this, I began to take
an active role in your growth. Did you think that your victories were the
fruit of your own efforts? Aizen
actually planned out every single encounter for Ichigo to help him progress and develop
his power. Imagine the main Hero of an Anime finding
out that he was just an experiment since the day he was born
of the main villain. Pretty heavy stuff and why Ichigo lost the
will to even fight. It was in this moment we realized beyond Aizen’s
immense power and insane abilities that any plan you try to
formulate against him is a futile effort. It is all going according to his plan. So when Moro walked away from Goku and Vegeta
without killing them was this a horrible mistake on his part? Was this the typical overconfident villain
we see in Dragon Ball failing to eliminate his
strongest threats? Or are we starting to realize that Moro has
incredible plans for Goku and Vegeta. Like Aizen, Moro realizes they are the perfect
specimen. Moro has witnessed everything they have
done through their latent memories when he absorbed their power, so he is well aware
of their potential. Moro now standing there with his magic returned
and his power higher than ever is aware of everything that is happening. “I see, he truly has grown more powerful. That one called Vegeta” Saganbo is shocked
“You found him!” On the planet Yuzun ventured to, Yes. Though Yuzun is now dead. Moro couldn’t be happier, what a delightful
development! He then plans to reach the outer most limits
of his power before traveling to Earth. Assuming he is even constrained by such limits. Even
Moro isn’t aware if he has a limit so for the remaining 2 months leading up to the conflict
on Earth, he continues to devour planets. Which bring us to a point of this discussion
on just how powerful is Moro really? I want to debunk something I have seen which
is that Moro only is winning because he can absorb their power with his Magic. That Moro is only weakening them to a point
where he can defeat them and Moro’s actual power level isn’t that strong. This needs to be thrown completely out the
window as it has been clearly shown multiple times after consuming energy that his power
level increases dramatically. His first battle against the Grand Supreme
Kai eating an energy blast. Then the first time he absorbed energy in
the battle against Goku and Vegeta, where they realized how he can increase
his power and why Merus wanted him captured quickly. It is at this point that Goku states to Vegeta
you probably can’t beat him now unless you go Blue because of his obvious power increase. Keep in
mind that Moro was fighting on par with Super Saiyan God Vegeta before absorbing ANY energy
from them in his weakest state. This guy just got out of being confined to
a chair for 10 million years and his power is on the level of a Super Saiyan
God. I know this was an impressive chair and we
seen this before with Aizen. Obviously the head gear and chains was able
to somehow prevent his power from being used to break free. Then when Moro drains their powers that first
time and transforms this gave him a significant power increase. You could say now Moro is on the level of
Super Saiyan Blue or beyond….. but wait!! He
fought Majin Buu and was getting his butt kicked so he isn’t that strong!! Wrong… Goku clearly states Moro’s Magic doesn’t work
on Buu, but it also seems like Buu’s gotten stronger? Remember Merus
who is an Angel is the reason why the Lord of Lords was even awakened inside of Buu and
doing so dramatically increased his powers! The Grand Supreme Kai is using Buu as a vessel
and this unorthodox method of fighting is throwing Moro off. However you must realize that this likely
was all just a diversion and part of Moro’s plan as he isn’t really threatened if his
magic can’t be sealed away. During this fight Cranberry gathered all the
Dragon Balls to summon Porunga, then Moro telepathically delivers the message to quickly
wish for him to regain his full magic power! Again granting Moro a massive power level
boost as Goku screams Moro’s Ki!! because his power has now sky
rockted and Moro’s makes his way with insane speed towards the Dragon. If you been following you understand that
Moro is never completely honest of his true agenda as he kills Cranberry. Originally Moro told him that he only required
one wish but that wasn’t true at all. Moro had a 2nd wish the entire time. One that he planned many years ago before
ever breaking out of prison. There was a lot of suspense built up for Moro’s
final wish and he already is nigh immortal so no wish like that would be needed. Now in the 2nd battle against Goku, Vegeta
and the awakened Grand Supreme Kai after Moro absorbs this energy. Goku tells us, “did you just feel Moro getting
even stronger?! At this rate he will be too
much for us to handle soon!” Reconfirming the scale of Moro’s power, Goku
believes it soon will be at a level that even his and Vegeta’s highest power is no match
for. So they look to end this battle
fast! Except like always Moro will be one step ahead
and reminds them of his Final wish! I think we at first were all puzzled by a
wish to free the convicts at the Galactic Prison. I mean what use will they have? Any great villain has an Army of very skilled
fighters beneath him that he can move as pawns to accomplish his end goal. This is no different than Aizen going to hueco
mundo to recruit powerful Espada to take on the Gotei 13. Saganbo confirms this with his statement “you
really pulled it off Lord Moro.” It was a plan to free these elite fighters
with the Dragon Balls before Moro even escaped from prison. Now when they arrive they are ready to serve
their Lord and as promised Moro will share his power with them
all. Moro’s magic isn’t just for himself but he
can distribute it to anyone that serves him, It was a losing battle as we know the planet
and all their energy was absorbed again transforming Moro
to essentially his complete state! Moro now has an army that no one can oppose,
with abilities that he carefully picked out to fulfill his master plan since day 1. Moro is the most intelligent and feared villain
to ever grace the Dragon Ball Universe in my opinion. Literally everything that we have witnessed
this entire Arc has been all according to Moro’s plan. This is why in the most recent chapter 57
Moro didn’t kill Seven-Three because “There will be a time
when he requires his power once again.” Moro is the Aizen of Dragon Ball. Every little detail and plot to defeat him,
Moro has already seen and thought of. I am somewhat worried that with this level
of calculation and abilities that if Moro can even be defeated by Goku and Vegeta. Since them gaining new powers was his design. Having Seven-Three for use
latter is obviously some intricate part of the story that is yet to be revealed. Maybe Moro has a plan to overthrow the entire
God hierarchy and with each passing chapter it looks less likely that
anyone can stop him. I would like to say in closing that I feel
that Moro hasn’t shown all his magic or abilities yet but we have been getting these clues along
the way. Moro’s actual power level right now is likely
well beyond Jiren, Broly or anything we seen. He did just grant Saganbo enough power to
transform him to overpower Gohan, Piccolo, 17, and 18. You might think that is crazy but it is just
the reality of it. Moro has absorbed the best energy all throughout
the Universe. He just doesn’t have crazy Magic, Intellect
and abilities, Moro is by far the most powerful. Hope everyone has enjoyed this video on
Moro is more terrifying than you think and why I compared him to my favorite villain
in Anime, Lord Aizen. I spent a healthy amount of time to put this
together so if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to share it and smash that like button. As always I love to hear your thoughts and
theories in the comments below. Also please subscribe to support the channel
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60 thoughts on “Why Moro is More Terrifying Than You Think(Aizen Comparison) Dragon Ball Super Manga”

  • Here we go this took awhile to complete but really wanted to dive into how incredible of a villain Moro is becoming! He just doesn't have insane power and magic but also is one of the most calculating villains that Dragon Ball has seen. So with that I make a comparison to one of the greatest anime villains of all time, Lord Aizen. Hope you enjoy!! I will see you in the next video 🙂

  • I definitely agree with your analysis and the comparisons between Moro and Aizen. I remember when I first thought of how Aizen was the baddest and most intelligent villain. And then Madara came through with his own plan from day one. Such villains are quite captivating

  • Just want to say thanks for putting this type of work into a video! Piecing all this together is EPIC! I do love Moro as well

  • 1:06
    "what makes a villain fearful is his intellect of being steps ahead of the heroes."

    I agree. Zamasu for example was always steps ahead of Goku & the Z fighters. He was immortal, had the body of Goku & he was nigh omnipotent all thanks to the wishes of the Super Dragon Balls

  • Love these kinds of villains, he's by far my favorite DB villain because he's so calculated and his personality is interesting as is his capabilities.

  • This doesn't target Moro, but I don't like perfect vilains with a plan that stays perfect with the help of a few ass pulls. These types of vilains are often flirting with lazy writing. In the good camp you have Light Yagami, with a plan you see unfold step by step. In the bad camp you have.. the kings of ass pulls that I won't name because I'm not trying to get death threats. My favorite thing about Aizen though is when he gets sealed. It's the only time you see his true face, imperfect, angry… revolted that fools would try to comform to what he sees as an unfair world order.
    I like Moro. He's super powerful but through known abilities, not limitless regeneration or being able to bend reality. So it doesn't feel unfair. He's a mastermind but not omniscient. And he's a fuckin goat, nuff said.

  • It's likely Moro can only get knowledge from souls he has fully consumed. He left them alive because he sees them as a potent source of energy.

  • Just out of curiosity,why do you find aizen or in particular bleach's story to be great?I wanted to know your perspective in regards to that

  • He can probably assume or predict goku and vegeta next move becuase he has cellular memory of them. So he should be able to predict or assume there possible move based on him consuming them. He doesn't know vegeta next move and he is assuming goku just went of to be stronger.. that's why he was shocked that vegeta got stronger. He may be able to detect where goku and vegeta are. He let them live so he can read there mind

  • Honestly, even through he seems to be having everything going acording to his plan, I still have impressions that during his first fights he put everything on one card. Just imagine if his man didn't actually wish for regaining all of Moro's magic, what actually could happen. Obviously we could argue that Moro chose this man just because he was absolutely sure Cranberry would do what he told him. But isn't that too much risk? Even if, in the end, Cranberry would actually want to wish for it, just one moment of doubt could provide Goku and Vegeta with possibility to stop them.
    Maybe, just maybe, someday he would risk, and this time risk wouldn't pay off.

    I would also like to agree with the part that #73 could be used for fighting gods. I got impression that Moro wants to use android's abbility to absorb powers to counter Beerus. Of course that might not be the case, because as we learnt from the ToP, that if the power is too great, then energy of destruction cannot destroy it. But well, it was just Toppo, for the first time, as the GoD. Obviously Heroes is not the canon, but we seen Beerus toying with Goku with ease, so it might be possible, that Beerus's full power of destruction is far beyond what we've already seen in DB, so even Moro have to respect him.

    On the second hand I don't see #73 being able to even touch Beerus. And even if he, somehow, absorb his powers, would he be able to use them? Probably not, so that's when his part would end and Moro would take care of rest. Obiovusly Whis would not interfere. We've seen many times him trying to find new GoD, or at least challenge for the current one. He, and the other angels, don't really care about who is GoD. Probably they don't even care if Zeno is at his throne. They only care about keeping the balance in the universe, what Moro possibly could already know, so he might prevent himself from encountering angels and do whatever he wants to, if he just don't cross the line.
    Of course Grand Priest could notice that Moro's power grown so much, that his existence could be danger for the balance and order Whis to stop him. But that would be interesting if this notice would be too late and, let's say for example, Moro would be able to unseal deamon's realm in order to challenge order of angels.

    And one thing I noticed. Zeno's guards are here just to guard Zeno. Nothing more. Grand Priest is here to keep balance and he would not care if someone would try to challenge Zeno. That's why Zenos need their guardians, imo 😡

  • As much as I want Vegeta to win but at the same time I want z fighters to lose and some of them dying and Moro focuses on other universe so we can get hit jiren and broly also getting involved

  • He's supposed to be insanely broken if he does gain the memories of the souls he eats, he might easily be the best db villain depending on how this arc ends which I hope they don't mess it up please.

  • Moro maybe kept 73 bcos to absorb this soul to get an ability to store the mimicking ability of 3 fighters. He planned to mimick Goku and Vegeta after they got powerful from training. If he think he can again defeat Goku n Vegeta, then maybe go to gods then to Zeno

  • I hope Moro beats them again after Goku and Vegeta get crazy strong and don’t kill them again. Knowing their thoughts and says something like “Beerus isn’t the only that will be snacking on this world”. That would be way cool. A real true super villain.

  • how disappointing would it be if Vegeta's "technique that can bring down moro" actually does exactly that… but without any flare, or build up. THINGS ARE LOOKING BAD! (Enter Vegeta) "It's over Moro." Moro laughs, and why do you say that?" Vegeta uses technique. Moro is defeated XD

    The irony of all the build up leading to a short swift defeat would be too shocking and counter intuitive to everything that is dragon ball XD The thought just gave me a chuckle, so I thought I would share

  • Aizenwith an arrogant fool who knew nothing of power his overconfidence with his ultimate weakness Indiana he thought he knew everything but he didn't Leanne he was nothing more than a mouthful of Team power for nothing this stupid plan was doomed to fail from the start. And Moro will fall too. Cause his Death will come. it's only a matter of time.

  • What would it be like if there was a Moro Arc in Dragon Ball Z taking place 5 years after Kid Buu was defeated? And if Dragon Ball Super happened 5 years after the End of Z?

  • I feel like for so long they been putting Lord Beerus in the back, never letting him foght never letting him get a shine, i feel like if no one can do it its gna be Lord beerus to the one to actually save his universe. I feel this time he would be ordered to restore balance

  • Moro is missing one thing to make him a great villain. The self belief that he's actually the good guy. Take Thanos for example he truly believesd that greed and over consumption would destroy everyone. Sure his solution was horrible but in his mind he was making things better for those that were left. To me while smart and calculating Moro is still just hungry for power.

  • you consider Aizen the Best villain

    Let me just like and subscribe now. A man of cultures such as yourself deserves it.

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