Why Do Evil People Get Away With It?

Why Do Evil People Get Away With It?

There’s a question I hear so often about faith in Jesus. “If your God is so good, then why is there so much evil in this world?” “If your God is so good, then why is evil unpunished? Why do they just continue to get away with bad things?” How would you answer that to someone else? And maybe you’re thinking right now, “Um, I don’t know. I’m hoping you, Pastor Jon, will give me that answer.” There, there is so much unpunished evil inside of this world. Since 1980, there have been 211,000 unsolved murders inside of our country. Evil is all around us. We see paid-off politicians, corrupt cops, embezzling pastors, deadbeat dads, drunk-driving soccer moms, abusive baby-sitters, the list goes on and on and on. And we go, “God, if you’re powerful, take care of that!” And we’ve seen God’s power before. We’ve seen God’s anger over sin in the Bible. And this is a problem that is continuing in our world. In the book of Psalms, one of the Psalm writers, Psalm 82, cries out to God and says, “God, why do you show partiality to the wicked? Why do you let evil go unpunished?” Why doesn’t God just punish evil? Take care of it? I mean, what if every time you told a lie, a tooth would fall out of your mouth? What if every time you lusted, your eye would start to bleed and just fall out? I know, that’s gross. Sorry. But you get the point. What if God did that? There’d be less lust. There’d be less lying. But people would live differently? Not out of faith in God. But out of fear of God. God has a different plan, a better plan. And it’s here in Isaiah 48. God says right here in his word, he actually does delay his wrath. But it’s for a purpose, God, the reason why he delays at times is because God wants to show mercy. God wants to show love. And if he hammered us, every time we did wrong, there’d be no one left. But instead, God is patient with you, for a plan. God is patient with you and with others for a purpose. And that’s for you and I to come to a realization that we are sinned and we are broken and we are in need of Christ. And we’re in need of love. That we might repent and find mercy in the love of God. So when you look out in this world and you see evil being unpunished, rather than yelling out to God, “God, go get ’em! Go show ’em your justice! Show ’em your power and teach them a lesson!” God says, “That’s not what I want from you.” Instead, God wants us to come to him and pray. And say, “God, go get ’em. But go get ’em to bring them back to you. Go get ’em to have them find peace in you.” Why does God let the evil sometimes – sometimes – go unpunished in this world? So that God might be able to show them grace and peace in Jesus. Welcome to Time of Grace, I’m Pastor Jon Enter. In my work serving as a pastor, I absolutely love trying to find creative ways to connect God’s people … Why does injustice have to happen to you again and again and again? And so we’re like Habakkuk, and we go, “God, violence! Do something!”

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  • I feel punished for all my sins because my fear of not going the first time Jesus comes i want to go so bad i accept all my pain and punishments now i fear the rapture dont want to be left behind for 7 years wo God but that comforts me in knowing after the 2nd coming Jesus still gives a chance after 7 years in hell correct me if im not correct about this belief it is my understanding ??

  • I'm Evil I Have A Evil Darkness Hidden in the Shadows , I Pray To GOD Every Night. I Pray To Him to Defeat the Evil Inside me. It's Always there and its Getting Worse. Why Won't GOD Help me when i Clearly Can't Do it Myself ? I Know where i'm going and its Not The Pearly white Gates. i just Don't understand Why Some People are Blessed When they See GOD And are being Saved and I Am Alone and I Pray For His Help Every Night And Nothing Just Darkness.

  • No. You are equating lust or lying with some of the extreme crimes, and claiming that all justice is the same wrath. God allows even the most ruthless wrath to drag on against children, and the disabled, for decades or even a lifetime. You really need have far more explaining to do than, "God doesn't want to rip your teeth out for watching a porno. So therefore serial & unrepentant politicians, thieves, rapists, and murderers are free to do whatever they want because all sin is the same and all judgment is the same, and you don't want me to punish the innocent like murderers, do you? God allows murderers, rapists, pathological liars and thieves to steal people's entire names, lives, and families to teach the innocent grace." This is quite funny, because God also says he disciplines the righteous but tolerates the wicked; and there are countless stories about righteous people literally being hunted down and stalked by "God's angels" with synchronized punishment, while their enemies and the ruthless are given judiciary power to literally unrighteously and self-righteously rob, pillage, steal, and judge the conscientious.
    You're going to have a ton more explaining to do.

  • God loves the evil wicked sinful people. the evidence are his apostles and they became saints. the oppressed and humble people???? who served him all their life what happened???

  • So God does not care at all the suffering the wicked have done to us, Because one day they might come to him. So if you are evil all your life and near the end, you come to God you had a prosperous life of wicked sin on earth and now an eternity of joy in heaven. And I who have help and tried to stay good( I am still a sinner, that has to ask for forgiveness). Because I am bitter at these evil people for never paying for their crimes I get to burn for all eternity in the lake of fire. And they say evil does not pay? They win on earth and even the lowest in heaven is still great so they win again. We'll I least I will not have to see them in the lake of fire. Finally, I will be free of them. And for the ones that did not repent and come to God. Their eternal screams shall be music to my ears.

  • It's true, it does seem like God let certain people get away with everything and even be rewarded for it. I do hope that there is a day of judgement because i try to live a good life not hurting anyone and I have family members that all they do is evil since i can remember and they seem to go one with happy lives, nice homes, good jobs. I dont think ill never understand that because evil seems to make their lives better. He should show some wrath for extreme evil done on purpose.

  • My dad was a evil person. He physically, emotionally and sexually abused his kids. On his last day on earth, he was seen running from something. Although it wasn't visible to our eyes, we had to wonder if the devil had come after him. If that true story doesn't make one change their bad ways, I can't think what would. By the way, I am starting to see a prevalent evil side of my sister. I have to wonder if she'll meet the same fate her last day on this earth.

  • My personal best explanation to that question would seem simple, but it isn't. Someone who has empathy and a caring heart, but slips up and does wrong or makes a mistake is more likely to be devastated and hard on themselves because they have this thing called a conscience.

    Therefore the person with a conscience draws more bad painful energy towards them,including evil and evil people because their mind and conscience is focused on evil. The evil person with the personality disorder cannot and will never be affected by anything regarding the conscience, because they have no conscience?

    Better way of saying it, if someone doesn't give a @!!# and can't be saddened or made to feel bad about anything, especially anything they do wrong, than not only are they more likely to thrive in society, they are less likely to suffer health problems as the bleeding heart , the care giver , the giver or the empathetic person will, and therefore they will get away with many things even going to their graves never having to pay the price for any harm they caused.

    Furthermore, evil people are devils incarnate, why should they care about anything God says about your fellow man or about anything having to do with love and goodness, the devil himself fought God (love).

    Anyone who has ever heard a teaching on what the devil is, the thief comes to steal kill and destroy , and the meaning is no different with "people" on this earth whose personality's are disordered and therefore are devils walking the earth. The Psychopath is more likely to be the devil incarnate because a Psychopath is born, Sociopaths are made likely as a result of Psychopaths and other evil disordered personalities combined.

    The best way for good caring people to thrive in society, is by understanding that there will always be evil people, and they always show who they are by what they say and do or not do consistently , even if they try to hide it behind a mask of kindness and sanity, but the caring empathetic person must be willing to accept the truth, and either prevent being in the company of evil altogether, or having very little communication.

    I truly believe that God shows good people everyday how to be saved from evil people, but when you refuse to accept an evil personality will always roam the earth and do evil, and want them to be good and right and change for the better, well it's you who will be hurt every time and hurt badly, or living everyday asking why.

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