why are we letting tony robbins get away with this?

why are we letting tony robbins get away with this?

This video is sponsored by Filmora. This guy named Tony Robbins is a snake oil
salesman, and nobody is talking about it and I don’t know why, so I’m going to talk
about it. Now, I know a lot of you clicked into this
video and you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, but that’s okay. I bet your mom knows. I’m not sure why I worded that like a “your
mom” joke when all I’m trying to convey is that he’s more popular with an older
demographic, but go off I guess. Basically, Tony Robbins is one of those motivational,
self-help life coaches, and he’s made a lot of money by selling a lot of products
to his followers. But before I criticize him for that, allow
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this good on camera, but I can guarantee your videos will look this nice. Now let’s get back to complaining. The easiest way I can describe Tony Robbins
to someone who’s never heard of him is: he’s a celebrity’s celebrity. Bill Clinton has quoted him in speeches before. Hugh Jackman has called him extra-ordinary. Just the other year, Kim Kardashian paid $3,000
a piece for tickets just go see Tony Robbins in Los Angeles, along with Kanye, Kendall,
Kourtney, and Khloe. Or as I like to call them, The KKKKK. I don’t know why I said “just the other
year” as if that’s a thing. Like, oh yeah I literally just cleaned my
car the other year. But anyway, now you get the gist. Tony Robbins is the most famous life coach
in the world. He also had a brief acting stint, playing
in Shallow Hal along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black. Remember that for later. But despite his celebrity status, he also
makes a lot of really good content for normal people. And I’m not saying normal people like we’re
lesser than celebrities, I just—I don’t think celebrities are people. Look at how Tony Robbins claps for example. Am I really supposed to believe this person
grew up on planet Earth. Okay then. But alien clapping aside, Tony Robbins is
good at his job. He writes good books, he gives good advice,
and he’s helped a lot of people. I’ll never discredit him for that, and I’m
glad that millions of people have been able to take something positive away from his life
coaching and advice . . . Now, say it with me: BUT (you knew that was coming, right)–
but, he’s also definitely a snake oil salesman and we’re just kind of letting him get away
with it. Allow me to present: Tony Robbins dot com. Woah. I’m on the internet. Cool can I go home now. Anyway, at first glance, this looks just like
any other professional person’s website. Here we see all the things we could spend
money on, including live events, private coaching, exclusive retreats, training programs, platinum
partnership, you know. Things we can’t afford. And then we have supplements. And herein lies the issue. Oh. I got this little pop-up. What is the purpose of your visit to our website
today? Uh oh. They’re on to me. You know what they say. Honesty is the best policy. Which, if that’s the case, I would like
to switch insurance. Basically I’m just here to make fun of the
products on your website. Uhhh, to an audience of a quarter of a million
people. Were you able to complete your outcome on
our site today? Well you’re watching the video now, aren’t
you? I’d say that’s a yes. Your feedback is highly appreciated. That’s good, because I have quite a bit
of it. First of all, these names. Core-3 Power Pack. Bio Energy Greens. Immuno-boost C. These are names I would come
up with when I was making superhero stories at age 12. Let’s try the Core-3 Power Pack. So right off the bat, it doesn’t tell me
what it’s the core 3 . . . of? I’m trying to get Unshakeable Energy, Clarity,
Health and Wellness. All of which don’t sound like things that
you should be promising? Okay so apparently it’s the Essential Multivitamin,
which is extremely vague, then it’s Omega-3 MAX which appears to just be normal Omega-3,
I’m not sure why it says max, and then it’s Bio-Magnesium. So, ignoring any strange vibes I’m picking
up from this product, it seems great. Vitamins are vitamins. But my question is . . . why is Tony Robbins
selling them? He doesn’t have any medical training whatsoever,
so where is he getting this information from? Obviously, he’s working with a team of people
to develop these products, but the thing is Multi-vitamins, Magnesium, Omega-3 . . . MAX,
these are just vitamins. This isn’t some sort of specialized product
even though he gave it all these fancy names. So that’s my initial issue with this whole
supplement business, but it gets much worse. Let’s look at bio-energy greens. I like how bio-energy is two words on the
packaging but one word on the website. Anyway, under the listed benefits, we have
supporting immune system, providing energy– which sure, those are things that supplements
can do. But then we have boosting your mental clarity. I don’t know where to start. Look, I’m no medical professional, which
by Robbins standard means I’m more than qualified to give you medical advice. How can you promise that a powder made completely
of chopped vegetables, because I did check the ingredient list, is going to boost someone’s
mental clarity. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say
that doesn’t sound like a thing to me? But hey, maybe I just don’t have enough mental
clarity. Let’s see what the reviews are saying. Janice W. “I can’t believe the energy
and clear mind I have while taking it”. Sure Jan. Suzy G says “On days that I forget
to use it, I notice the difference”. Um. So basically, she has to keep buying these. Otherwise she won’t feel as good. It’s just vegetable powder. You could buy yourself a food processor and
a bag salad and you’d never have to pay Tony another dime. This man is selling 2 cups of vegetable powder
for 63 dollars. In fact, let’s do some math here. So here we have Neuroboost B12. Also known as . . . only B12. So he’s selling one box of this for $31
dollars, we’ll round down to 30. So here I am on Swanson Vitamins dot com. This isn’t sponsored by the way, my mom
uses them. And I found a bottle of B-12 vitamins for
$5. But here’s the thing. This has 5 times as many vitamins as Tony
was selling. So for comparison, you can get 250 B-12 pills
for $5, but Tony Robbins would be selling 250 B-12 pills for $150. Where exactly is that extra 145 dollars going? Surely not into Tony’s pocket, because that
would be crazy. The thing is like, I understand selling expensive
things. But expense is usually tied to uniqueness. There are $150 shoes, there are $150 hoodies,
but they’re not identical to the ones at Walmart. These are just B-12 pills that he’s able
to mark up by like 2000%just be much his followers trust his name so much. The last product of his I’m going to look
at is the Ultimate Weight Loss Package, which usually is $387, but thankfully is now only
$239. With savings that good? I have no choice but to buy some. Once again, this product claims to sharpen
your mind, and once again, I don’t want anything altering my mind in anyway whatsoever. But the worst feature on this product, which
is the worst I’ve seen on the entire website is CraveLite. Trademarked. CraveLite. To help control your food cravings. And if you scroll down you can see it says
it actually eliminates your food cravings. So basically, this is either false advertising,
or there’s something in here that I don’t think a non-health-professional should be
distributing over the internet. But of course, there’s a disclaimer. Information, statements, and reviews regarding
products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Results vary person to person, and there is
no guarantee of specific results. Robbins Research International assumes no
liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about . . .” About. It just says “about”. They didn’t finish writing their legal disclaimer. You know what, I think I’m good. Anyway, let me tell you about this dream I
had. Basically, I shipped Tony Robbins and Gwyneth
Paltrow—well that part wasn’t the dream, that’s just true. But in this dream, Tony Robbins and Gwyneth
Paltrow got together, they were called Tommeth, and they combined their health companies—I’m
using the term “health” very lightly. And they created this product called Robbins
Goop, and it’s like this little gummy bear, and you eat it . . . and it just instantly
ends your life. Like on the spot. It’s like a de-tox minus the “de”, so
it’s literally just toxins. So, when I heard that they did this, in my
dream I was like . . . Yes please. I’ll take three. Packs. So yeah, that was my dream. I’m not really sure why I needed to shared
that, um—ah! I didn’t. That’s the answer I was looking for. But nevertheless, knowledge is power, and
now you know what goes on in my subconscious. So I’m sorry for that. But basically, Tony Robbins, please stop what
you’re doing. It’s not creative, fun, or interesting. It’s just scummy . . . yeah that’s pretty
much it. You’ve already made so much money off of
people who were struggling with various issues, your net worth is $600 million dollars, you
do not need more money. Like what are you gonna do with it? Put it in a box? $600 million might not be accurate though,
because this one website said my net worth was at least $1 million, which—if that was
the case, I wouldn’t be making these YouTube videos. I would be running over poor people in my
Tesla. Kidding, just kidding, that was a joke. I don’t need a Tesla to do that. Bottom line, If I was as rich as Tony Robbins
. . . I would still want more money. But, I absolutely would not make that money
by taking advantage of my followers by selling them overpriced diet pills with my name on
them. But this leads me to my final point. If Tony Robbins was in Shallow Hal, and he
has a scummy health and fitness company, and Gwyneth Paltrow was in Shallow Hal, and she
has a scummy health in fitness company, this can only mean one thing: Jack Black is going
to come up with a scummy health and fitness company. That’s my prediction for 2020. Let me know if you want me to react to Tony
Robbins’ Netflix documentary, I’ll subject myself to that. But other than that, looks like I’ve gotten
ten minutes of content out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe
if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 271,000 subscribers. Okay, bye. Yo, can we talk about how nice my setup looks
right now? I mean, hello.

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