Trump Judges Send Cultural Wink With Brown V. Board Of Ed Evasion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Judges Send Cultural Wink With Brown V. Board Of Ed Evasion | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • The rights of us Americans are heading back to the beginning of time. Backwards to a communist party.

  • For 217 years, the question of whether or not the 2A granted private citizens the right to own firearms, rather than just the Well Organized Militia (your state National Guard, look up your own state laws), was unanswered and avoided by the Supreme Court, and was largely a matter for States to let you have guns. It wasn't until 2008 when Scalia cast the deciding vote in DC vs Heller. that the SCOTUS made Joe Schmoe on the street owning a gun a constitutional reality.
    So, if the GOP want to revist Brown v Board and Roe vs Wade, let's just go right ahead and revisit DC vs Heller. You wanna segregate and criminalize the right to choose? Fine. Then we take away your security blankets, or regulate you to nothing but muzzle loaders.
    Go ahead and play this game, Republicans.

  • Why is Blumenthal allowing them to skate on answering the question, is my question, way to be a tough duly elected official🙄

  • Problem with America right now is everyone is splintered in their own special interests groups. The pro choice need to support the lgbtq and womens rights and gun legislation marches… etc and vice versa. United we stand divided we fall.


  • People of color and good will better wake up to what's happening. Republickklans had this plan for long time to take over the judicial branch and roll back civil right laws and women right laws. This has been Mcconnell and the far rights plan to stay in power for decades. Oppress people of color and women to hold on to power. We saw this same strategy in South Africa decades ago. Where people of color were in the majority and they were being rule by white minority for many many years. Democrats must focus and take back the Senate. The Senate is far more important than the Presidency right now. Federal judges are appointed for life, when Chump leave office these judges will still be on the bench for decades affecting people lives.

  • 1:20 well Blumenthal isn’t asking about “thousands” of cases, he was asking about a specific one

  • When people say lets not impeach Trump but wait to vote him out THIS is the sort of thing I am terrified about. Every minute Trump and Republicans are in power is a week that America goes backwards. This is truly disgusting.

  • We've been wondering what they meant by MAGA! Obviously that's what "making America great again" mean – taking US back to the days when racism was legal!

  • What's wrong with these people. I'm sick of the disgusting garbage in politics. They feel awfully safe being racist, eh?

  • Meanwhile in Canada How do we improve education and healthcare funding?

    Meanwhile in America Are black people really human?

  • A lot of Gop traitors to the humans right to democraties, coward and hypocrite who must be kick out all kind of power for good!

  • This will be the legacy of the Trump regime: A generation of far-right, ultra partisan Judges appointed by this administration.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🤡🌎
    Wow, Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and and well at MSNPC. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #walkaway #FAKENEWS #mockingbird #mockingbirdmedia #TelltheTRUTH #ProjectMockingBird

  • Erdogan also chooses his judges… thjs should not be the case. For an independant judicial, system should be changed

  • Excellent question to ask. I just turned 66 years old and nothing has changed, I guess. Going backwards this fast is mind-bending! Prejudice is alive and they have a long term plan.

  • i want to know about all the african american people that voted for DT in the hopes that he would deport all hispanics even the ones that are legally here…by now they should know that those that discriminate against hispanics also discriminate against african american…where were they when DT was deporting hispanics? maybe applauding on the thinking that they would get their jobs…

  • The USA cannot claim to have an independent judiciary. It is infected with political cronyism and patronage. When the President can drive the Constitution in order to play to his base, the US should seriously consider whether the Constitution really serves the people as it should.

  • Trump plans to honor the brave man and woman of the USA who gave their lives for their country by a pardon for war criminals .

  • What a load of BS. The job of professionals in the judicial system is to uphold the law, not to publicly announce they agree with every underlying moral judgement. A policeman, prosecutor or judge should treat a marijuana-user according to the law; their private opinions – like being for legalizing it – should not and do not matter.
    'You have to agree with my moral superior opinions, or else you're evil' is the only way democrats can think nowadays. There simply cannot be good people on both sides.

  • The spineless Dems have already fast tracked such nominations LAST year. – Now, they could have created all kind of inconveniences for the Republicans forcing them to be present for ALL votes and no summer break etc. etc.

    They could have taken a page from the script what the Republicans did to prevent ACA (not a fan of ACA and the effort would have been worthy to push good bills – but that is besides the point). The Repubs throw one tantrum after the next and then some. Closing down the government if need be.

    The Dems last year in summer gave THEM ALL the judges (I think also lifetime appointments) no demands made so they could campaign for 2018 in peace.

    I guess if the Dems would have held the Repubs captive those would have made _some_concessions to appoint more moderate judges. After all the Repubs ALSO wanted to campaign for summer 2018.

    never mind that surrogates could have campaigned on their behalf telling the voters how the Democratic members of Congress and Senate spared no trouble to make sure that GOOD level-headed judges were appointed.

    Everyone knows how skewed the system is: poor versus rich, minorities versus white

  • and WHY do they all sound like they got the same talking points from the same think tank ? Did they have information in advance WHAT questions would come. (of course they could have been trained by default to answer that for any Supreme Court decision the right wingers do not like, like Roe vs. Wade).

  • Trump’s stench will remain in the Judiciary, long after his departure from office. Longer than anywhere else his toxic hand has caused harm.

  • Yes sure Trump wants bring back Segregation …lmao… Just like Dems were saying Trump would start a Nuclear War and the Economy would tank if Trump was elected. All Dems have to offer is scare mongering , labels(racist, homophobic, anti-semite), insults and Free Stuff Policies!

  • They're bringing it up now, bc republicans never agreed with the decision to begin with! They just kept their racism 'hidden' all these yrs bc they knew they would get a lot of flack for it. Since their 'leader' is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc they now feel they can make their true feelings public again

  • All acr
    Please report about what John Durham found
    Because from here on out this deep media is going to be exposed

  • Anti American Republican traitor McConnell is the problem from Kentucky's horse country who keeps electing this parasitical old fellow … /-:

  • I have a hard time believing this is happening, but it obviously is. How can anyone in their right mind want to go back to those horrible days? I can't understand this.

  • That's actually a shady move on the Senator's part.
    If he can get them to comment on Brown vs BoE, than they wouldn't be able to avoid commenting on other SCOTUS decisions (like Roe vs Wade).
    By the nominees all taking the "I don't comment on SCOTUS decisions, I just enforce them" stance they avoid having to go through all that nonsense.
    Yes, Brown vs BoE is an easy question, but it opens them up.
    Its simular to your 5th amendment right to not self-incriminate yourself.
    Whether being questioned by a cop or in court, you have the right to not answer questions.
    However, if at anytime after you invoke that right you freely answer any questions your 5th is voided and you can be compelled to answer.
    Even of that question is as innocuous as "Is your name…?".
    It's actually pretty smart of them to not answer.

  • Chief Justice Roberts is conservative but sane. Hopefully he’ll be the swing vote on the more extreme challenge s of established law.

  • Meh fake news, liberal leftist would like you to believe we are all racist however they promote segregation and fund racist minority education institutions. Theres trash on both sides of the fence unfortunately, and these days when a spokesperson for the NAACP makes more sense to me than our politicos… I know times are getting dumber and so is the over all population. SM center right Head

  • This should be interesting. The problem with "Brown vs Board of Education" is not the outcome. We all believe the outcome is correct. That segregation is unconstitutional. It's a very easy decision. The 14th amendment is very clear on these matters. "Equal Protection of the Law" it was written so States could not make unfair laws on former slaves. And since all former slaves were Black, it meant you could not have any race based laws. Thus, "Plessy v Ferguson" was wrong. The opinion, written by Chief Justice Earl Warren, doesn't even say the "Plessy" was wrong. Because had they said that that would question precedent and the idea of stare decisis. Instead, the Court weaved a explanation of their sense of justice. It opened to door to "changing" The Constitution by a Majority of the Supreme Court Justices' sense of "justice" at the time. The Court used sociology to declare what was "right" or "wrong". They have to no right to do that. Congress is the arbritar of such things. SCOTUS exerted legislative power with this decision. The Constitution gave SCOTUS all they needed to strike down segregation and say that "Plessy" was wrong. They did not do that. The outcome of "Brown vs Board of Education" is 100 % correct and in keeping with The Constitution, through the 14th amendment. But the decision, the opinion is garbage and usurpation of power by SCOTUS.

  • Fascism is here folks.

    Were not going to be able to claw back the norms that Trump and his End Of Days Evangelical Cult of low IQ mouthbreathing mollusks have destroyed.

  • Future nursery rhyme:

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  • You mean to say 30 to 50 MILLION DOLLARS 💵 and Mueller didn’t do his job, I mean didn’t get the job done, that is to say he didn’t find out WHO was colluding OR WHY the DNC hack WAS Russian, WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS DID BOB MUELLER POCKET A CHUNK OF MILLIONS “TO INTENTIONALLY NOT LOOK” INTO THE REAL RUSSIAN COLLUSION! This was a HOAX brought to you by OSCAMA for his “Ten Watt Friends!” Half of anti America bought into the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, moral less leftists commies on both sides!

  • But I think this could be a misunderstanding!

    they were asked "was Brown vs Board of education correctly decided?"

    basically, they probably didnt know what that case was, and so had to bluff their way through,
    no hint about what the case was given,
    so they had 4 options:
    1. confess to not knowing what the case was eg "excuse my ignorance, but could you remind me what that case was about?"
    2. bluff by not venturing an opinion, the safe option, which they mostly did eg "I dont wish to comment on the correctness"
    3. bluff by hoping the decision conforms with modern opinions, and saying "yes" risky option,
    4. bluff by wondering if the decision went against modern opinions, and saying "no", another risky option.

    its a trick question, like an exam question where you can only answer if you already learnt about the stuff,

    but many students will try to bluff as there is nothing to lose.

    eg "describe the geography of algeria"

    no idea, but probably its in north africa, and probably partly in the sahara,
    so you start bluffing something like "a lot of algeria is part of the sahara desert, this part has a lot of sand dunes, with the occasional oasis, it only rains about once a decade, the nights are very cold and the days very hot."

    I had never heard of such a lawsuit, and didnt even know they had segregation in schools, I had only heard about segregation in buses. Personally, I would probably have gone for 1. Law is partly case law, and there are many many cases. Most went for 2, so if you went for 1, you would stand out and perhaps get selected just by being more honest.

    You would only need to know case law fully for exams, after that you would only need to vaguely know, and to look up in the books when a particular case becomes relevant. When you learn a lot of factual information, you run the risk of getting your wires crossed. For a particular lawsuit, you should try to make sure you know the cases relevant to the lawsuit.

    in particular with that specific case, there is no value knowing the case, because it is fully established in US society that schools cannot be segregated except in accepted ways eg all schools segregate by age, and some schools are segregated by gender, eg a boys school or a girls school, or segregated by some criterion such as a disability or entry qualification. So its not going to come up in a lawsuit.

  • I don't approve of Brown v. Board because it did not address other racist policies such as redlining, that supported separate but equal. Bv BOE was just for show.

  • Is it ok to appoint a judge who doesn't personally believe in the Constitution? Is it ok for the Senate to confirm a judge who personally believes it is better for a woman to die from a pregnancy rather than live because of an abortion? Do we want judges who hold personal views that certain human beings are inferior to others because of the color of their skin, the ancestors of their parents, the religion they follow or the political ideology they subscribe to? Do we have to accept those risks in exchange for a life time appointment that purports to shield judges from the very bias they may carry inside their heads and hearts?

    Is it possible for a citizen to think a judge who follows the Constitution as if we live in the late 1700's is a looney and should be struck out of the court, or, preferably never be put on one in the first place? Who is important in the minds of judges, the words of the Constitution or the people the words were written to protect?

    The Federalists say, "Pass laws. Don't mess with the Constitution."

    But we citizens can't pass laws. Congress is full of people who don't listen to their constituents. Republicans invented and then systematically indoctrinated millions to think the person who gets the job gets to represent only his or her personal political ideology and 'to heck with the constituents who don't vote for me.' What kind of Constitutional justice is that? What chance do citizens have to extract justice every day from every day a judge sits on the bench? One Congress under one President addresses affordable health care and the next President under another Congress creates the problem all over again.

    And what do the people get? Voting rights every two, four or six years under a system so poorly designed and so poorly unsecured a bunch of Russians waltz in and drown the message machine with propaganda rigged to elect a clown.

    Where is the intellectual rigor lawyers are supposed to have in such sterling abundance? Have they missed this problem?

    Life time appoints should be reconsidered. Mandatory citizen review should be as compulsory of judges as it is with any public servant. Why? Because laws get written and laws get repealed. Congress does not consult with constituencies. They do not seem affected one whit when plenty of people are hurt from Congress choosing to not work together because personal political beliefs get substituted for the good of the people.

  • An documentary on youtube watch for free called ”Harvested alive-10years investigated of Force Organ Harvesting”
    Have you watched this documentary before?

    It’s about how people who are CCP members forcefuly take Falun Gong practitioners and political prisoners’ organs in an huge amount yearly since 2000 in China. This documentry created with the help of a member who worked for CCP but knew nothing about what CCP really did to Chinese people after he studied in Harvard. I knew from other first hand source that people in Xinjiang already became new supply of ”free organs” to CCP for a while.

    I believe there is a possibility that people who have watched the documentary would all support Donald Trump as their president for the next round if they can learn that CCP is the enemy of humanity in this world.

    If more Americans realized CCP cannot be used interchangeably with China, it would be a great help for me to let more people especially Chinese people realize that the CCP is Anti-China. The more people know the differences, the safer people who Anti-CCP are.

    I believe Americans who watchd this an hour documentary will realize how human beings in another part of the world are suffering by the ideology of communism/socialism and how different it is from those contents that written in the books.

    This documentary might make people feel heavy and scared at the first time. I watch it pretty frequently to cut my unrealistic thoughts such as ”CCP will change to good” and ”Communism is good somehow in reality” and motivate myself to speak up more. Although it might be hard for people to absorb at the first time, truth hurts sometimes, but I believe it worth your time.

    Please take a look 👀 with prepared mindset when you are free for a while. I appreciate your patience and time for reading my long messages. ☺️☀️

  • I, personally, remember as a frightened little six year old in Washington DC having to walk two blocks all alone from my home (in post-war housing) to the main street. I was expected to get on a city bus, go past a local school and get off in front of the "white" school. I had to cross a busy street without lights or assistance in order to reach the school. The situation was reversed when I returned home. However, I was terrified each day that I would drop off to sleep on the bus trip home and miss my stop. I had no way of knowing how I would ever be returned to my parents. Ultimately, I begged my father to let me go to the local school where I had seen children playing ball instead of being forced to ride that stupid bus. My father, a veteran of WW2 and a Patent Attorney, got down on his knees to explain racism in the United States to me. I imagine that Trump was either home schooled or transported by limousine. He certainly couldn't comprehend or empathize with a school child forced into a world shaped by adult prejudices. I hope the Democratic members of Congress fight against approving these racists with every single member they've got.

  • Is any further proof needed that governance cannot become the sandbox for corporate or evangelical white and patriarchal monarchs?

  • Repugnicans should be wiped out government for at least 50 years until we fix traitor Trump's blunders.

  • It would have been interesting to hear if the same nominees were equally evasive if Blumenthal also had asked them a question about any of the Supreme Court rulings reaffirming the 2nd Amendment.

  • What the heck is happening to the US (and frankly, also to Europe)? It seems as though democracy as a foundational system of society is crumbling before our very eyes. It's frightening. I live in Europe (Sweden) and we have seen a steep rise in far-right and nationalist movements in Sweden and in almost every other European country. European nationalists like to point to the threat of Islamic terrorism. I agree it's a growing concern for Europe (and for the rest of the world), but I don't think it's worth pushing the self-destruct button on democracy for. Democracy has to be stronger than this. Democracy must be able to survive a President like Trump and it has to be able to survive terrorists like ISIS and it has to be able to survive immigration from Syria and South America. How will we ever be able to tackle real issues like climate change if we start to crumble this easily, and seemingly cannot decide whether apartheid is good or bad?

  • 美国NASA真的有特斯拉流氓还是後学者??,还是兄弟交换夫妻学研者,,,??。

  • Sorry America – your country is becoming a Nazi state under your president – the Orange Twatwaffle in Chief

  • Trump once again makes choices to return to his heydays of rascism and WST. IMPEACH TRUMP and remove him, albeit kicking and screaming, from the WH!!!

  • None of these idiots don't want to comment on if Brown v. Board of Education was ruled correctly?? So, basically they're admitting that they're not sure if some folks are equal or should have rights. I hope the world is paying attention to this madness.

  • I suspect that some republican voters would love to bring slavery back, that's how far gone these are.

  • It is not democracy when department of justice staff are political nominees.
    Bill Barr is the perfect example of what happens when the president influences DOJ appointments.

  • The ONLY PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT THIS BIZARRE TRUMP WORLD GARBAGE ARE PEOPLE LIKE HIM! I've not wanted to say that but it must be that those that break the law and the rules that govern our country. Trump is a unindicted criminal and a portion of our people support him. Does that mean that we are becoming a nation of law breakers and those that just don't care that much about things being done right? That's what it's looking like! A REAL CROOK in the White House and that's okay with at least 30 plus percent of our people! We will be judged for this! I think we already are…..

  • This is waayy bigger than Trump. The power that be know how to use him to entertain and distract the majority, meanwhile, behind the scenes they are trying to take America back to the 60s.

  • MCConnell is doing everything he can to ruin America. He is an old white boy who needs to be retired. Good ole Mitch probably sees the handwriting on the wall, and once again our Democracy is at risk.

  • If they can not answer the goddam question, then how can any court take seriously any judgement those judges hand out without question?

  • Take a look at that black woman judicial nominee that won't even say that Brown V Board of Education was decided correctly.
    I'm through.

  • Refusing to answer opinions regarding SCOTUS decisions is a tacit defense against the strategy of "poison pill" questions: If one refuses to give opinions regarding SCOTUS decisions, this can preclude answering politically inflammatory "gotcha" questions (for, if they did answer this case – i.e. Brown V. Board – they would be open to having to give opinions on others; "…if you answered this one, then you must answer these…")… tactic vs. strategy…

  • Do you really think these people want apartheid?? If they said that and believed that it would be the end of their careers. Any Judge in the US will not give a frivolous opinion on a correctly adjudicated case by the Supreme Court. Whether positively or negatively. It’s called prudence.

  • Listen if the Caucasians want to reverse Brown vs BOE go ahead. That has not worked out too well for us anyway. At least then we would have black teachers that taught black children true history. At least then we would have schools that actually look out for the best interest of a black student in a caucasian world. Bring it on.

  • We should take away all these mf's citizenship and kick them out of the country ! Or put them in prison !

  • they should have to answer this simple question. the decision was clearly correct. it's akin to asking is the sky blue. if they can't say "yes the sky is blue" then they shouldn't be on the Supreme Court.

  • Whenever I hear news like this I can't help but be angry at those (fill in expletive) in Milwaukee (and other places) who didn't vote in 2016 because they saw no difference between Trump & Clinton or similar nonsensical reasons.

    William Howell and other (fill in expletive) whining about Katrina and sh*t about race…Katrina was 10 years earlier and this fool somehow came to the conclusion that because neither candidate was speaking to African American issues the smart thing would be to just not vote…

    It's stupidity on such a level…it's Biblical and I don't even believe in that Bronze Age fiction…it was stupidity of that level that gave us Trump, Gorsuch, Cavanaugh, making abortion illegal and now threats to Brown v. Board of Education…

    They said they didn't regret it then but I wonder if they still feel that way?

  • The harsh reality is that to the victors, go the spoils!   Electing a president has far reaching consequences.. a SC appointee serves deep into the future..  Federal judges sit on the bench forever unless disqualified for good reason… If We elect a dope-head for president,  we have to live with the idiotic choices that befall his presidency..  Betsy DeVos comes to mind…  Ben Carson…   I could go on all day…..This president makes it no secret he wants to Take America Back to Where there was no Black…

  • Nice to know you when you were at your best America. This is a long way from that. Just when I think news about Trump and his croneys cannot get more disturbing it does.

  • America has lost its mind,the world is looking on in amazement,horror and disbelief.Republican Party the Party of White Supremacy.

  • Hey AntiFa, if you really want to do some good, go militant to open up a hundred or more of those judge seats, including a couple SCOTUS seats, by any means needed for the next Dem Senate and Democratic President to pack the courts!!!!!!

  • Soon enough Republicans will make it Legal to imprison non-white, non-straight people without trial (oh that's already happening!) and for Cops and even citizens to murder black and brown men (Oh that is definitely happening!).

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