Tour de France | Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra | Arts Break | NPT

Tour de France | Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra | Arts Break | NPT

(lighthearted classical music) – We’re very excited
about Tour de France and we’re gonna have three
wonderful and very different works on the program. We’re gonna open with
An American in Paris, which is written by an
American, George Gershwin, after he went to Paris
in the mid 1920s. And the piece represents some
of what he experienced there, the hustle and the
bustle and the taxi horns and the jazz music that’s
wafting out into the alleys. And that’s all
captured in his music. So NPO, each season, gives
four pairs of concerts in seven or eight
different venues. And central to our mission,
our vision, our identity, is that we want to
bring our art form, orchestral music, out
to various demographics, geographics in Nashville. Certainly, we’re glad to
have our loyal audience base that follows us
and enjoys us being in these different venues but also our hope is that
each concert we sometimes have folks who have never heard
a symphony orchestra before. And then our hope is that
they’ll be enriched by it and inspired by it. I think our theme is that
we want excellent music and diverse programming, and
we think that’s going to work for kids, for older folks, from people from all
different backgrounds who attend our concerts. – The NPO is made up of all
volunteers of about 80 people who come from all
parts of Nashville. We are volunteers
here in the orchestra, but we work full time. We raise children and families. Some of us are lawyers, doctors,
pharmacists, endodontists, all kinds of wonderful things
that we do during the day before we come to a
Tuesday night rehearsal. Being a part of the
NPO is the best thing that I do every week. Work on my own musicianship, but also I get to come and be
a part of something bigger. So it’s really pretty beautiful that you have this many
people willing to spend their free time every Tuesday
afternoon to do this together. There’s two wonderful
opportunities coming up to see the NPO. All of our concerts are free. The first one is Sunday
afternoon March 1st at 4:30 p.m. at Nashville State
Community College. The second one is
Tuesday night March 3rd, 7:00 p.m. at Croft
Middle School. We’d love to see you there. (dramatic orchestral music)

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