One thought on “Top Stories: 11 p.m. 2-21-20”

  • Election tampering is very undemocratic. I'm so glad we are finally against it. Are you guys working on the Venezuelan fake political appointed person, who never received one vote, but where you get your talking points from stated he was the most democratically elected president in Venezuela's history? Yes, we know you are probably yelling about how it's not just Venezuela that the intelligence community is meddling in, it's happening all over South America, and we are still looking for those weapons of mass destruction. Oddly enough it seems that every time citizens start receiving income from things like oil, from their country's property, war is necessary.
    How many people have been mass murdered from these kind of stories and sanctions which normally follow?
    You guys only report on things that try to paint Bernie negatively.
    Election influencing is a great subject to talk about.
    A study showed that the 1% get about everything they want in our elections. Do you know how much the working class people get from our elected officials? Well let's say it's closer to a negative bill, where we owe the billionaires, which we have to work off to pay for their endless wars, coups and endless servitude.
    Medicare for all, increase the minimum wage, affordable housing, and much more poll very highly, but someone is meddling in our elections.
    A study just came out Medicare for all will save 68,000 American lives, and $450 billion dollars, every year.
    //Some people wake up every morning and start dictating to everyone to service them. The rest of us spend all of our days servicing the dictators.
    Almost all the fruits of our labor goes to the top 1%.
    'Robert's Rules of Order'/democracy should be a part of everyone's daily life, so that we can be free from the dictators.
    78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck which means everyone is one sickness away from having their door kicked in by casino capitalist.
    And yes I know you guys are only reading a script, it's the same script every other station is required to read as well.
    How many people own all of our media stations these days?
    When do you think we will have everyone be counted as a whole person with a full vote? Super delegates, Super Tuesday, purged voters, gerrimanering districts, voter suppression laws…
    //Paper ballots, end 'citizens united' and not using hidden 'Shadow' closed source computer programs to count votes would be a great start to more fair elections.
    Sources: for my Venezuela story
    Forbes: on the 78% living paycheck to paycheck
    Medical Journal The Lancet: on the 68,000 American lives, and $450 billion a year, in saving.
    Politifact: 1% owning close to the same amount of wealth as the bottom 90%.
    Martin Gilens of Princeton and Benjamin Page of Northwestern: Rich get everything they want from elections

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