The Odyssey Escape Room and Digital Breakout Preview (Updated Version)

The Quest of Telemachus is an Introduction
to the Odyssey breakout game that introduces students to Greek gods and goddesses, the
characters in The Odyssey, and life and customs on Ithaca. Students play as Telemachus, stuck on Ithaca
while his father’s away. They solve puzzles and riddles to convince
Eumaeus they are worth enough to see Odysseus’ famed bow. This game can be played as a paper Escape
Room or a digital breakout adventure. This video is a preview of the updated digital
version. Students read through each level to find the
password to progress. Who do you want to talk to? “EUMAEUS”. Now, click through to Level 2. In some levels, students can click to explore. Here, they begin to learn more about Greek
gods and goddesses. Students can also view hints and must often
look back at the text for the answer. These first three levels give you a pretty
good idea of how the game will progress. Throughout the game, students will complete
different kinds of puzzles and read different types of texts as they work to find the missing
statues and prove their worth to Eumaeus. This resource also comes with questions for
further research, a quiz, and a full Teacher’s Guide. Happy teaching!

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