The fight against tax evasion – Multilateralism in action

The fight against tax evasion – Multilateralism in action

We were facing the greatest
financial crisis of our lives. Banks were going under, businesses were in trouble, people were losing their jobs, their homes, their future. We had run out of political space, in terms of the middle class. People were concerned
about the loss of revenue, particularly during a financial crisis, when public services are under pressure and more money is needed, and yet the loss of revenue
from tax avoidance and tax evasion was taking money away from the exchequers and
the finance ministries. And people were concerned about the fairness and injustice of this. So you might have thought,
at the time of the financial crisis, the most controversial issues would be how we supported
the IMF and the World Bank, would we dealt with the banks. But in fact, the most
controversial issue at the G20 was this issue of tax. The G20 appeared in the horizon
of the governance of the world and seized on the question of tax fairness, of tax justice, and of the fair share. We had to compromise. And the compromise was that the G20 would ask
the OECD to take action. We had a list. And the question was whether
we published the list and how we dealt with those
who were on the list. And we were in no doubt
that there was a number of tax havens that were exempted, in a way,
from international regulation, and that we had to take
action against them. That means more money getting
to the exchequers of individual countries, but it also means a sense
of fairness in the tax system. To people on the street I think it’s
really hard to get them to engage in the difficult policy
issues on tax fairness if you don’t show them what
tax unfairness looks like. And that was very difficult
for the political class to do and I think that’s where
the media played a role. We at ICIJ and other media, we really were lucky enough
to get a series of leaked files that were able to present in detail the outrageous things
that were happening
  behind the veil of tax secrecy. Every single country
has been losing money as a result of the very rich evading or avoiding
their tax responsibilities to their individual finance
ministries and tax authorities. And the question is, can we now build on the
success of the last 10 years and move further and faster
towards making sure that we don’t only have
information about what’s lost, but we actually get the money back. The OECD has moved this forward, and now we must move it
forward yet again.

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