Hi everyone and welcome to watch a new video! Pregnancy has advanced to the last trimester So I thought that it’s good to make a video about this and my feelings right now I could talk about the upcoming birth also How we prepare to that and what kind of birth we hope It’s pregnancy week 29 now So the last trimester started a week ago It means that Baby has all the organs and now she’s going to grow lot of weight last months before birth She weights about more than one kilogram now Maybe 1100 grams I have that pregnancy app where I checked it My pregnancy has proceeded very well I don’t have any pain or problems and moving is still quite easy It has been so nice because we have lot of physical work to do here at the farm Of course Juha can do a lot by his-self but I like to do things together So he don’t need to do everything alone I believe that exercises are good for me If it’s possible to keep them during the whole pregnancy I went to gym every week when I was pregnant last time I went there until the end of the my pregnancy It has been my hobby for many years so it was easy to continue also during my pregnancy I didn’t have any pain or problems Those gym exercises helped me a lot to stay in a good condition But here we don’t need a gym like we needed at the city Here we have lot of physical work to do so there’s enough exercises I don’t have any bad symptoms but sometimes I get cramps! There’s painful cramps on my left calf sometimes But not every night I eat magnesium which helps with them a lot I got the cramps because the uterus is pressing all the blood vessel and stuff and it’s very usual when you are pregnant So I can’t effect to them always But I can stand up and move a little so it helps I also take care of my health, I eat vitamins and drink water enough I also eat very well My belly is growing fast The baby is moving everyday a lot It’s fun to watch how the whole belly moves left and right when the baby is turning and kicking there Julia and Juha like to touch my belly and feel the movements throw it Julia wants to feel the baby and She likes to talk and sing to her It’s nice that she wants to create the relationship already People has been asking that how Julia takes this pregnancy and how much she waits for the little sister Well yea, she’s waiting for it a lot We bought that bureau on my last video and we put the baby clothes to there together with Julia Julia likes to help me She is asking a lot about the baby and what kind of things we can do with her She wants to help with the baby and take care of her when she will born I think she will be a very enthusiastic big sister We have almost everything we need for the baby Most of them are clothes but we have also that rattan bed which I showed you on my last video I was thinking about the strollers on one of my videos We have old travel stroller from Britax We bought it for Julia when we sold our first baby stroller That travel stroller was better when Julia grew Or they isn’t travel stroller, just normal stroller I think We can buy adapters and then it’s possible to put the baby car seat to there So I think we don’t need a new stroller It’s possible to buy a different additional parts there So I think we will use it with the baby But the tires aren’t good and big enough to the country side They are better at the city But it’s good when we go to shopping and use car for moving from places to place The baby car seat is so easy to put to the car and to stroller We use it a lot at first But not so much the normal baby crib I think we still need some stroller what we use just here at the farm I would like to have some old and beautiful retro stroller with big tires So they are practical here Just for home using We are lot of outside at the summer It would be easier to be outside with the baby with that kind of stroller baby can sleep there and we just put some mosquito net over it That is something we need still We used lot of baby bouncer when Julia was a baby So we would like to have it this time also It was very helpful Julia liked to be at baby bouncer, but every babies are not the same I hope that our baby will get along at baby bouncer also What else… We don’t have any nursing table yet Our toilet is really small It’s so small that it’s impossible to put any table there We are also going to fix the water system someday We are not sure yet if we buy a shower cubicle or what So we would have a shower inside the house But then it’s impossible to put there anything else than the shower So we could put some nursing table some other place or maybe we could only have some changing mat And then we do all the nursing operation on that and change the place from different tables to beds So maybe we don’t need the table at all Last time I had changing mat which was easy to take when traveling I had that always in my bag and it can be folded at it went to the very small places So with that we changed the diapers easily when traveling Sometimes I changed the diaper at the back of our car If you are wondering that are we going to use disposable or cloth diapers It’s very “in” to be ecological nowadays and use the cloth diapers for example But I think that we will use disposable diapers for the baby at first like we used for Julia when she was a baby Because the baby poops so much for the first months! And our circumstances are little bit more challenging than in the city I think that washing the cloth diapers would be too much here But maybe someday we will test them, when the “baddest period” is over when we don’t have to change the diapers that much like at first months We have to think about that what is the best option Next about the birth… I told about the first birth experience on YouTube long time ago But I could tell a little summary about that I gave birth at the hospital and I hoped drugless birth then I had investigated it before giving birth and I decided that it’s the best way to me It was really important to me If it’s possible And luckily it was possible I didn’t have any problems The exertion point lasted quite long time I don’t remember all.. I should search my birth story from somewhere I got some local antaesthesia at the end and I used the laughing gas also But otherwise we used drugless pains care Like the TENS pain reliever, water…I was in a warm shower but also at the pool It wasn’t possible to give birth to the pool at that hospital So I had to stand up from there at some point I gave birth with that “movie style” at the hospital bed Like many people thinks that is the “normal way to give birth” After that I had read many articles about it and that it’s almost the baddest way to give birth Because the pelvis can’t open enough And there’s also bigger probability to have some tears at the genitals And I had that kind of problems too and the problems with pushing and stuff I think that I could evade those problems if I could had some better positions Like many people has been praising about giving birth while standing on the floor or sitting on a birth chair So the upright position could be better than laying down and it’s also important that the pelvis can open and move enough I would like to learn more about these kind of methods But most of all we hope that we could water birth It’s possible at that hospital where we are going this time The midwifes got the education for that I had heard so much good about water birth It’s very good way to give birth if it’s possible It’s not always possible If woman or baby have some problems Or it’s a premature birth But if it’s possible this time I really want to test it I hope that I can give birth to the water There’s easier to move body and the water supports you There’s easier to change the positions Warm water also helps with the pain And there’s smaller possibility the have tears to genitals compared to laying at the hospital bed for example So it’s our wish number one Wishes won’t come true always but let’s see But the most important thing is to work with your mind regardless the way you give birth It’s so important to relax your mind and body So the oxytocin and other good hormones could work well and it helps with giving birth It’s much harder if you have lot of fears and stress in your mind It’s much more painful also So it’s good to work with that beforehand There’s different practices like about breathing and stuff But most important is to work with the mind How you think about giving birth and the pain That is something I thought a lot before the last birth So I didn’t have any fears and I thought positive about contractions Of course the pain was awful in the end and I started to believe that the baby won’t came out at all But it’s good to think positive as long as possible I would like to work with that more than last time But also find the best positions to be So the birth would advanced smoother I have read about empowering births It’s not always so awful and painful that people talk Sometimes it has been almost nice experience Even so there’s lot of pain Many women feel like desperate at the end of the birth I don’t have any traumas after last time Even so the pain was so hard It was easy to forget when we got healthy baby outside So I don’t have any negative feelings about that I’m waiting for the next birth and I’m excited about it It’s interesting to test new things and I like to put more effort to find better ways to giving birth If it’s possible Juha is going to be there like last time He had so big meaning in that situation I felt like we gave birth together, not just me alone If he would be somewhere hiding behind his hands He was attend all the time. He hold and pet me he also cheered me It was very meaningful He helped me to relax because there’s that good feeling between us and the humor and all It just added that relaxed state of mind I feel like he has so big meaning that he just attend But we was thinking that we should learn more the methods that how he can help me giving birth, like massage or something It can be very helpful So I can survive better with the pain We can always plan our birth experience but it rarely goes like that So most important thing is to prepare many kind of situations Important to tell the wishes to midwifes but also prepare for that they won’t come true Anything can happen So you had been preparing also for the situations which are not in your wish list So you can stay peaceful in any situation Preparing in many ways is useful We have been eating very healthy almost two months We feel very good right now and I think this diet works really well to us I believe that we will continue this diet for very long time Because we feel so good I hope that this can help me to have more energy when giving birth but especially after the birth with the baby When we have to stay more awake at nights I hope we will have more energy than we had after our first birth Then there was many tired months Waking up at nights is very tough But we ate this and that so I think it was one reason that we were so tired I hope we can keep this healthy lifestyle because it can help a lot in the future I love that spring season It’s quite warm in May And the summer is starting I remember that April was lovely also when Julia was born It was nice that it’s so easy to go outside It was so warm I’m waiting for the next summer a lot! There was my thoughts about the pregnancy and upcoming birth Pleaser leave a comment and ask if I didn’t remember to tell you something you are interested about If there’s other moms I would like to hear some experiences about giving birth and stuff Like about water birth or some drugless birth methods like about the positions and what helps with the pain I hope you liked about this video! See you soon! Bye bye!


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  • Sattuneesta syystä ei itse aiheeseen ole sanottavaa. Mutta ajattelin,onnitella siitä että vlogissi oli taas esimerkkinä videoblogeista.Tällä kertaa oli Yle kyseessä.. Onnea nyt jo Sinulle että Juhalle uudesta tulokkaasta. Muistakaa esitellä piäni myös koiralle ja kisuille,niin ei tule mustis ongelmia.

  • Mä menin synnytykseen avoimin ja luottavaisin mielin, niin että kaikki kivunlievityskeinot on ok, mutta mahdollisimman pitkään koitan selvitä ilman. No, siinä kävi niin että synnytys eteni vauhdilla eikä mitään aineellisia tai aineettomia kivunlievittäjiä ehtinyt käyttää, synnytin "selin makuultani" polvet koukussa, kun jäin synnytyssänkyyn siirtyessäni niin jalkopäähän, että selkänoja jäi pääni yläpuolelle 😂 Oli ainakin itselle hyvä asento, ei repeämiä, eikä tehnyt edes erityisemmin kipeetä. Kävelin siitä synnytyksestä tovin päästä suihkuun ja tuntui kuin ei edes olis synnyttänyt juuri. ☺️

  • Oletko harkinnu kantoreppua tai liinaa? Saisi vauvan tosi hyvin mukaan metsäretkille ja muualle.

    Me käytettiin kestovaippoja ja kertiksia iloisesti vuoronperään ja yhdessä. Kun tiesi että kohta pestään muutenkin vaipoille sopiva pyykkikoneellinen niin käytettiin kestoja (jos jaksoi) ja mentiin paljon myös inspiraation mukaan.

  • Sinulle että Juhalle uudesta tulokkaasta. Muistakaa esitellä piäni myös koiralle ja kisuille,niin ei tule mustis ongelmia.

  • Hyvä video ja hienosti selostettu mikä auttaa naista rentoutumaan synnytyshetkellä, tietty itse ole koskaan synnyttänyt, mutta sen ymmärrän että sillä hetkellä kun lapsi on syntymässä ja synnytetään niin kaikki ajatukset on äidillä lapsen parhaaksi ja kun äiti vielä saa itsensä rennoksi ja mielensä tasapainoon sillä hetkellä, niin onhan se syntyvälle lapselle ja äidille kaikkein parasta .

  • Kiitos taas mukavasta videosta ☺️ muistui niin omat synnytykset ja odotukset mieleen 💖olisi kiva kuulla/nähdä eläinten kuulumisia, mitä he puuhastelevat näin talviaikaan, onko heille ”aktiviteetteja”, ulkoilevatko kaikki päivittäin yms.. ?! Tsemppiä loppuraskauteen 👍🏽

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