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  • Bernie won by 6,000 votes 💪🏻 SDE has nothing to do with the election in the country It only elects the Iowa Democratic Party chairman and that's not relevant since 2016 lol. It's not fair to confuse the American people with pointless info. SDE means Nothing.

  • Pete lost Iowa. Officially they DNC switched pledges to favor Pete. Not conspiracy. It's been caught by reporters and people of the internet. dNC forced to recognize this fact and will whisper out the truth now that they have given Pete a fake unearned unrealistic bump in the media for days now. Not interest in your opinion. Just here to make sure you know.

  • How in the Jesus Christophers is Joe and Pete better than Andrew Yang if this is not rigged then Iowa is just another Caucasian caucus ruckus.

  • Congrats to Buttigieg on his Iowa victory.
    Voters sent a clear message to Bernie Sanders, we do not want you or your divisive communist agenda.

  • Pete Buttigieg needs to be booted from this campaign and jailed for election fraud. Buttigieg is a criminal! And I don't care how much Sanders wants to unite the Democrat Party, what he did in Iowa should not be allowed to stand.

  • The democratic party breaks here! Corrupt, they prefer trump to win. I'LL NEVER TRUST IN DEMOCRATS AGAIN, Democrats have nothing, cheats, corrupt. #bernie2020

  • The Iowa caucus needed more fertilizer. It seems like they would have gotten that right. Kornacki? Eh. Steve, you will never be Tim Russert. Stop trying.

  • These clowns could save themselves a whole lot of trouble and just admit that Sanders is the winner, which everybody knew from the moment the Iowa DNC started bleating about problems with the numbers.


  • Funny how democrats want to ban delegates when they lose to Trump…..But not when they can use it to screw over Bernie.

    Why are democrats the definition of double standard

  • LIES. FAKE NEWS. IOWA WAS RIGGED. NO CHANCE PETE> There's no way this guy even placed above Warren. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Iowa CIRCUS. Another example of the incompetent Democrat clown car losing wheels and veering hard into the left ditch while blaming everyone else but themselves.

    It's our daily dose of schadenfreude!





  • Is in it fantastic how they are rerunning the cacucus results to get the result they want they have learnt some much why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 United States presidential election 💁🙋

  • Nobody cares about Major Pete. Because this stunt that the IDP and o'l Peter eater pulled just made Sanders jump in the polls. 25 million raised in January alone. The more you try to cheat Sanders the more popular he becomes.

  • So…..why cant yoou people vote like a normal country 1 persons vote = 1 persons vote 😂😂😂😂 what a joke…

  • Definitely embarrassed to be a Democrat. First the election loss then the impeachment that wasted millions for nothing and now the circus in Iowa.

  • The DNC know exactly what they were doing remember the largest doner of Shadow Inc the company behind the Iowa caucus app is George Soros, he pulls the strings the democrats jump.

  • When it became apparent this year’s app for reporting caucus results in the Iowa Caucus wasn’t going to work and precinct chairs decided they’d use the backup plan instead, which was to phone in results to the state party using this hotline, that backup plan failed, too, when the hotline was overwhelmed, when precinct chairs couldn’t get through and they ended up sitting there on hold for anywhere for half an hour, an hour, in some cases more than two hours until some of them gave up.

    In a closed conference call last night, state party officials reportedly talked amongst themselves about the fact that an excessive number of calls from outside the state started pouring into the phone lines that the party had set up in their headquarters in Des Moines to receive and tabulate the results from around the state.

    As “The New York Times” put it today, quote, the backup hotline number for caucus organizers to call in results was flooded with nuisance calls after the number was disseminated on social media.

    The Iowa Democratic Party treasurer told members of the part central committee on the closed conference call last night, quote, all the Trump people from around the country started calling and tearing everybody a new one.

    Since that initial reporting, NBC News and other news organizations have tracked down messages like these from pro-Trump political message boards online, which show Trump supporters in real-time on caucus night not only posting and reposting the hotline number that precinct chairs were supposed to use to call in results to the Iowa Democratic Party but explicitly encouraging one another to call and call and call again specifically to clog up the lines, specifically to mess with the Democrats’ ability to carry out the caucus. Quote, "F them up. Keep clogging the lines. Keep clogging the lines.  The results are not being reported because the lines are clogged. Keep clogging the lines."

    Now, it is clear that that is not the only thing that went wrong with the tabulation of the Iowa caucus results on Monday. But that, it turns out, is one of the things that went wrong. As it turns out, this isn't the first time this has happened. It happened before in 2002.

  • The should be titled "Steve Kornacki Breaks Down"
    from all his deceptive meandering around the fact that BERNIE WON SO GOOD!!!!

  • Is America Democratic? What's this undemocratic delegates? Popular votes should be the only votes that is counted in a democracy

  • So is the dem party now in favor of delegates again? I thought Trump won most delegates too, but that doesn't matter I guess. It doesn't matter for Trump, and not for Bernie. It only matters when it fits your bias.

    MSNBC and the neolibs with their convenient opinion of the day.

  • "What socialism means is democracy" – Bernie Sanders … what a lunacy of a statement …
    …. and he wants to be taken seriously …
    Think about that for a moment

  • Sanders won Iowa by 6000 votes. Every single error made in the voting benefitted sneaky pete, who's camp includes an exec spouse of the voter app company that did the count. And Pete "donated" 42k to that same voting app company. Now Tom Perez wants to "re-canvas" using the DNC, a group that has a history of committing voter fraud agains Sanders.

  • You millionaires paid by billionaires should be ASHAMED!!! Are you really so stupid you don't even SUSPECT election fraud? Were you all too lazy to see the fraudulent coin tosses? That last woman who tossed the coin was apparently a Mayor Pete delegate, or became one AFTER she threw that toss for Pete!! And the "app" sleazy dealings! Pete apparently outbid Joe to get them to throw the tallies?! I also heard rumors that buses of out-of-town Biden voters were turned away. Any of you ever check that out? Too much trouble? Easier to just repeat what your owners put in front of you?
    This is the American Experiment going down the drain into the sewer, and y'all are helping to push it in. Do you really not care? I hope you didn't sell your souls too cheaply.

  • Why does anyone watch or listen to this guy, all I remember him for is his landslide prediction for Hillary Clinton humm.

  • Hard to believe the level of incompetence of today's Democratic party. Democrats have become the sub-human mongrel party.

  • Is this what election interference looks like? What about the Trump faction that bombarded the phone lines in a denial of service style attack?

  • Will you upload his latest take, where you silence him while he is telling the truth?

  • Is this the same joker that gave Hillary the overwhelming win on election night? Is he still employed? Maybe I should ask HOW is he still employed?

  • Democracy: where u vote once every 4 years, get to pick between a selected few, and the candidate with most votes doesn't always win.


  • The cocksuckers in the DNC working with MSM have destroyed our Democracy. I honestly think the United Nations, (light color blue-shirts) should be called in to run every election in the USA, treat us like the TOTALLY CORRUPT 3rd World country we are… disgusting.


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