100 thoughts on “Slick Lobby: Velshi On How Fossil Fuel Is Buying Your Vote | MSNBC”

  • This is why I do not have a personal vehicle. I make walking and public transit my primary means of travel. Living urban, walking and using public transit is very good for the climate and my weight.

  • Whatever the problem is: The GOP, the Corporations & Trump are the cause…
    Whatever the problem is: Bernie Sanders & We The People, are the ANSWER!!
    #VoteBlue #Bernie2020 #Vote4BernardSanders2020

  • There are 2 solutions. Hydrogen+EV or Biodiesel. Of course, I'm with Biodiesel. You can grow corn and palm tree!!

  • This is an excellent point.
    Diversion has been the focus of fossil fuel propaganda for at least a few years now.
    Lying has become much less effective, so they change the subject instead.

  • Animal ag contributes more to climate change than fossil fuels if you include the deforestation and land use numbers (it ranks 2nd if you don't). This is why MSNBC is only for boomers. Anyone under 60 knows that the beef lobby also spends billions lobbying and is more successful at it than the fossile fuel lobbies

  • They can make bio degradable packaging. Why does instant stuffing need a box AND a bag. Shampoo, rinse and REPEAT. You don't need to repeat, they want you to use more shampoo. Thirty some odd types of Crest toothpaste. They all do the same thing.

  • This is such hypocrisy. Big Oil is buying people's vote (along side the health insurance companies) by paying establishment dems and corporate media to gang up on Bernie Sanders.

  • I bought an electric car and installed solar panels and battery storage. Most days I can run my house and my car on electricity 100% generated on my roof. But really…..if you support the troops…. Buy an electric car and help make oil irrelevant so we don't have to fight any more wars to get it.


  • so what your saying is we shouldn't vote for Democrats who take corporate money or corrupt billionaires who don't care about the poor? That leaves only one choice!!! Bernie2020. Give credit when it's due, this is the one of the best stories recently by MSNBC, something that directly affects Americans. OH and guess what, this is what the past generations leaving behind for their grandchildren, boomers and generation X already did all this, they don't realize decisions made 30-40 years ago are now affecting us.

  • And they got 640 billion in subsides…Socialism. There is a candidate that you have continuously gaslighted that wants to take the Oil and Gas industry and have a green new deal. Quit tearing him down MSNBC

  • The right wing activist Supreme Court Judge Powell wrote the majority opinion for the disastrous decision. – the Democrats did not push for it – but they immediately realized the opportunities, that now they could be at the trough as well.

    Powell was a Nixon appointee. Later the Powell memo was leaked (essentially that democracy had been taken too far, the unwashed masses should be controlled by those who know best).

  • Do your bit. Give it a go riding the bus or a bike to work, if it's not for you then go back to oil or battery driven traffic (it's not as green as you think… yet!)

  • Fossil fuel companies should be charged with reckless endangerment for putting the earth and all it’s citizens in dangerous risk, all in the name of setting world record profits, making more $$$$$$$$$$ , in addition to killing us, its making people (me) cray zee!!

  • Wow! MSNBC! Velshi: Gutsy speech! Statistic: 7 US companies responsible for 75% more or less of the global pollution. Using paper straws and fabric shopping bags are a drop in the "barrel". As to electric cars, if electricity used is produced using coal or fossil fuels… u got the picture. Everyday Joe being hoodwinked. We need more reporting like that. I doubt we'll get it.

  • And who is the ONLY candidate willing to avoid their contributions and Super PACS and take them on?
    Hint; it ain't Biden, Warren, Pete or Amy.

  • Big Oil Evil death of our environment as we know it. These big lobbyist are polluting our politicians and planet…..ya, look that way…not at Oil…the big big polluter of our atmosphere…

  • Their "donations" buy corrupt criminal politicians who actively work against the people they were elected to represent. It's time to start the revolution and stop these corrupt criminals from destroying OUR planet before it's too late.

  • One of your most important stories. Please stay on it. Americans deserve to know. Facebook is not a corporation to be trusted, to say the least.

  • This is our best chance of avoiding systemic collapse…https://www.amazon.com/Cannabis-vs-Climate-Change-considered-ebook/dp/B00PCSRUF8

  • Well beef (and other animal agriculture industries) are playing a gigantic role in the climate crisis, so we should never trivialize that (even if he did somewhat reluctantly acknowledge that eliminating those industries would help.) We should be talking about the impact of such practices all day everyday until a shift occurs, not comparing it to straws. It’s the fossil fuels… but it’s also very, very much the cows.

  • Here in the Netherlands we have medicare for all for more then 75 years, and we pay a maximum premium of 1600 Euro a year with a maximum deductible of 380 Euro for the whole year, no matter how often you need to go to the hospital that year. And everything is covered. People can adjust their insurance to their personal situation. But the basic coverage is the same for all. And we all go to the same high quality hospitals, rich and poor. People without a job, or people with social security or welfare even pay less premium. And the rest of Europe has a similar system. So here it works very well for 450 million people. http://berniesanders.com Not me, us!

    Don't let those so called "moderates" fool you, because in reality they are the radicals. In Europe we consider it as uncivilized behavior to let people die because they can't afford healthcare. And when people go to a hospital the hospital is obligated to help you, no matter who you are, and no matter where you come from, and no matter if you can pay for it or not. It is considered as a crime if they don't help you.

  • Yeah, as D.T. is deregulating more and more of what little environmental protections we have…
    I can't see how the corps., etc. who are fleecing the American people can even look the other way and justify what they're doing by systematically rendering this planet hostile with deadly weather anomalies and made toxic with man made chemicals polluting our water, air, and food? How are they okay with causing the possible demise of the planet, when they and their families call earth their home too???

  • Oil industry have blood in many area From Wars, killing EVs industry, Choking mass transit funding and telling biggest lies "plastics is safe and cheap" In US All for profit!

  • LOL , Fake News STILL Going on about "global warming" IN 2020 ! Ridiculous , And dangerous for Business & Jobs to keep Fear mongering about NONSENSE . Its been the COLDEST weather ever , I Have to use extra Shirts and a Big Coat every time I leave the house ! So please , Idiots , stop SPREADING Fake News & fake "science" to fit YOUR twisted world view . God Bless to real Patriots & American fighters Over seas !! THANK YOU

  • one LAW for the WEALTHY – don't make waves for the WEALTHY = shut the fk-UP!

    one LAW for the WEALTHY – don't make waves for the WEALTHY = shut the fk-UP!

    one LAW for the WEALTHY – don't make waves for the WEALTHY = shut the fk-UP!

    https://youtu.be/5gK2AhXreS8 The Rest of You Are Out of LUCK BERNIE2020

  • It's unbelievable that MSNBC is making this a headline, knowing that they're biased against Bernie and this is a point he makes all the time.

  • And trumpists believe the liberals are being unfair to the oil companies! Man, they are so easily conned, and the earth is paying a very high price for their stupidity.

  • Bernie 2020 !   If we don't change our damage effects on the earth and its atmosphere then our planet is doomed and all life on the our planet.  Yes, the poor and sickest among us will die off first and the wealthy will try to create safe zones and structures but eventually they will die off too.  Earth is our ONLY HOME.  Do the wealthy really plan living under a dome on the moon or Mars?  Who gets to choose who gets on the space ship and who stays ?   The Doomsday Clock is 2 seconds to midnight .   Greedy Fools !

  • In 1973 TIME Magazine had a story of how Saudi Arabia had the money to buy much of our Western Industrial markets. Laws prevented this. This was the first time I recognized, along with much of America, that something was wrong. Our Social Consciousness wasn't focused, we were too busy perfecting our Disco moves. There was a lot of talk about weaponizing our farmland. Now, look at our country, embracing a moron as our POTUS. This takes us down a wormhole that I recognize as purgatory, our status quo, only hoping Conservative talking heads don't make me want to give up on this great country of ours. The only trouble is, where do you move, when your Social Consciousness knows there is no moving from global warming. Welcome to corporate America and our class-struggle.

  • The #3 priority should be getting money out of politics. It used to occupy the top spot B.T. (before Trump). Now the first thing we need to do is get him out of office.

    What's #2? Flipping the Senate. For, with Democrats in the Executive and both Chambers of the Legislature, as a country we can begin moving forward by acknowledging climate change, then actually doing something about it.

    Renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro/tidal, geothermal), combined with grid-scale storage can literally transform the energy sector. Next, decentralized smart grid technology and government-backed initiatives to commercialize "green nuclear" (molten salt reactor technology) and discover the next battery chemistry beyond lithium (flow batteries, etc.). All along there are things like direct air capture (carbon capture) and air-to-fuels technologies that can effectively make every part of the transportation sector carbon neutral!

    The answers are at the ready. All that's needed is the political will to call for moon shot-like initiatives to save the planet…while simultaneously making the U.S. the leader in the space, creating thousands upon thousands (very probably millions) of good, high-paying jobs in the process!

  • When Trump said it was a good idea for a businessman to run America, he meant it…as in run America into the ground just like his other businesses. The Oil & Gas industry is killing this planet and killing democracy in America.

  • Wow, well, too little too late is the first thing that comes to mind. The second thing is that it's a long way back to the surface. The third is that it's better waaaaay late than never.

  • this has been since the 50s, it was talked about it in 60s and totally discussed in the 70s and 80s – the response from the right is always the same: "we can't"

  • They spend a few million dollars and make billions with that investment. I say American polititians are very cheap to buy…

  • Do you people really believe that you can eliminate all fossil fuels.
    If you do then I believe you've been sitting in a lab classroom or cubicle for far to long. Stop and think what you're actually saying.
    EVERY THING we use in a modern society is either made of by or transported by fossil fuels. Heat your house the clothes you wear the food you eat the place you live.
    So that being said if you want to go back to the stone age be my guest but I'm NOT going with you.

  • LIES LIES and more lies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FOSSILS ARE MADE OF ROCK!!! Rock don't burn!!!! So how do you get FOSSIL FUELS????? IT'S ALL A BIG SCAM BY THE GLOBALIST ELITE BANKING ESTABLISHMENT to create ONE BIG WORLD WIDE TAXABLE POPULATION,,,,,,,,, so they can EXPLOIT ALL THE HUMAN BEINGS ON THE PLANET and THEY WILL get the necessary number to AGREE,,,,,,,,,,,, BECAUSE OF THE "FOSSIL FUEL" CAUSED "GLOBAL WARMING" LIE!!!!!! I heard from the source!!!

  • this is also a smoke screen though///////….,,,,the truth is its already too late when we reach the 9 billion mark of human population,,,its over,,,and we are very soon gonna hit 9 billion,,,,,see ya later

  • OIL and GAS and COAL production MUST be STEPPED UP with MORE DRILLING AND EXCAVATING as FOSSIL FUEL is the FUTURE. Infact National Parks and Coastal areas need to be OPENED UP for OIL and GAS and COAL Exploration
    Thanks to TRUMPS GREAT LEADERSHIP we are ALREADY NO.1 Producer of FOSSIL FUEL energy in the WORLD 😁

  • Talk about the pot of grease calling the kettle of oil black. MSNBC is engaged in a full frontal attack on the Democratic leading candidate Bernie Sanders. They are pressing hard with the BS and lies to pull people away from him, and towards one of their favorite du jour corporatists. Today that is Bloomberg.

  • Its not that the elites are so out of touch. Its that they're PAID to manufacture consent. That consent is not in our best interest, but theirs.

  • Not to mention that the taxpayer subsidises these companies even though they make millions in profits. Get money out of politics. Only solution.

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