Shane Dawson Fat-Shamed & Taking Major Break! Jeffree Star Addresses Hooking Up w/ Friend! (Lowdown)

shane dawson was fat-shamed online and has decided to take a break from the internet Jeffrey Saad gives us the T on rumors that he’s hooking up with pal mmmm a Mitchell Justin Bieber and Billy Islands both shed tears this week for different reasons what is up you guys I’m Susan Lauren and I’m a militant it’s jr. and we’re back here on the big comfy welcome to celebrity lowdown this is like such a fun time of the week yeah you’re like one of these days I think it’s gonna be a whole episode of us just taking a nap on here we’ll do like a six hour well I guess that would be in that so we’ll do like two hours it’ll be a two-hour episode and it would just be me and Susan napping so and you can decide you get that so you could just watch what we do with me nap yeah which is just sleep okay but we have so much to get into there’s a lot of tea in today’s episode very much tea lots of YouTube in years lots of our favorite celebrity news there’s so much to get through so maybe we just jump straight into it I say we do starting with Geoffrey star okay so we all know that Geoffrey and Nate broke up and that news came out last month and Geoffrey confirmed the news with fans via his YouTube video we broke up on January the 11th and while Geoffrey share regular updates on social media on how he was dealing with the heartbreak it wasn’t long literally weeks before fans started speculating that Geoffrey was sparking a romance with his longtime friend and collaborator Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell we all know that Geoffrey and Mitchell have been friends for a long time they’ve collaborated on past projects and Mitchell has also appeared in a bunch of Geoffrey’s videos over the years and he was also there during Geoffrey’s bora-bora trip yeah lots of lots of things were said when we saw him on the bora-bora people were speculating what was going on you know but the rumors started when Geoffrey and Mitchell were spotted on each other’s IG stories later in January so there was him selfies there was some McDonald’s faces but what really set fans off was when Geoffrey shared videos on his story from the next morning at sunrise meaning Mitchell spent the night at Geoffrey’s place or at least that’s what fans were concluding yeah the bitch show the two of them enjoying a stunning sunrise and at the time theistic the Twitter to share their feelings on these two and immediately started to ship them good morning everyone to sharing this gorgeous sunset with Mitchell oh the clouds are so high right now looks so majestic Wow naturally then there were numerous news outlets reporting on the possible new permits but now Jeffery is responding to those rumors directly in his recent video title addressing the purple issues bloodlust pilot tutorial mitchell joined jeffrey to create an incredible bloodless look and right into the first few minutes literally like within the first two minutes the topic first came up like this so mitchell is here in town in LA he’s staying at my house and jeffrey then went on to explain those particular sunrise posts that everybody was talking about and how news of his rumored new romance reached him mitchell and i we were watching the Sun Rise not saying yes and for some reason a few channels and news sites popped up like is this Jeffrey’s rebound okay all jokes aside the last thing I’ve try to do is be in a relationship with anyone me and Mitchell are really close friends Jeffery and Mitchell then went on to discuss when they first met which was on their first video together in August 2018 and then Jeffery straight up responded to the question so many people in the internet we’re asking our Jeffery and Mitchell sleeping together in the most Jeffery way today he is gonna create your really sickening look no we’re not sleeping together but I think we should start hi how are you they have it straight from Jeffery ed Mitchell and you know what the really funny part was that people in the comments were sounding off on this and in particular when Jeffery said I think we should start right after saying no we’re not sleeping together as in obviously talking about sliding the make up worried but then and not not let’s start sleeping together but people were having a lot of fun with that in the comment section I see what you mean yeah like this person who said everyone you are sleeping together Jeffery no you’re not sleeping together but I think we should start which there’s so many ello in response and comments like he meant start with the makeup look but it sounds so weird with others adding haha I didn’t even catch that little slip-up I think that’s why Mitchell was like yes let’s do some makeup together instead I mean we’ll have to wait and see you know if he they look so cute together we’ll be it’ll be a cute couple but also take your time and if you want to just be friends I think yeah they’re clearly just friends and Geoffrey even said he is not looking for a relationship right now and you know it’s great to see that he’s like out there having fun with his friends doing videos and really like taking on 20 20 by the horns mm-hmm because this week Shane Dawson shared a brand new video to his Shane Dawson channel mm-hmm he said the release of via socials posting to Instagram saying new video confronting my strange addiction now of course if you’re ashamed fan and part of the celeb lowdown fam you would already know about Shane’s second channel Shane glosses we’re shagging have some fun posting random things and more makeup related content mm-hmm well the video actually reveals a very strange addiction and it’s a lot about makeup and probably not what you think it’s about Shane’s strange addiction to bedazzling yep you know those like Dai Monte little I mean clearly I like shiny things yeah those diamond t-bird dad’s a bedazzling I think they’re great yeah it’s a super fun video check it out when you get the time if you haven’t already but there was something else that happened with Shane this week it involves someone leaving a comment essentially shaming him about his body and his weight Shane shed a screenshot of a person’s comment from YouTube on Twitter with the caption saying quote hey Shane why don’t you post more why don’t you upload more well this you would think after 13 years on YouTube comments wouldn’t get me but damn they still feel like the very first time haha yeah the youtube comment he shared said quote I love saying but it’s a damn shame to watch them putting all this weight back on while everyone around him laughs and enables it as you could imagine Shane’s Twitter post was immediately flooded with messages of support for Shane saying things like I will never understand why people care about how much someone else weighs as if it has any impact on their life and this made me so angry why do people feel entitled to comment on everything someone’s appearance is always off-limits period also no chain please don’t let this get to you and imagine living in 2020 and still body shaming people there were literally hundreds of messages slamming the body shaming sharing love and support for Shane there were also people trying to track down that particular person who wrote that comment based on some tweets and screenshots it looks like some people might have you have people were looking but Shane actually came back on this Twitter to say he was grateful for all the love but that he’ll be taking a break from the internet tweeting thanks for the nice tweets I appreciate it a lot sorry I got sensitive and posted that I usually just ignore stuff but I’m just in a weird head space lately I think I want to take a break from the internet for a bit thanks for being supportive and having my back and of course the love kept pouring into Shane with fans sharing their support like I love you so much Shane I’m so sorry you had to see that comment if you need a break take it we understand and we support you no matter watch o people always have something to say and even Susan and I we struggle when we read the comments sometimes because yes we get positive comments but every now and then there are some negative ones and some of them can be very harsh sometimes people don’t remember that we’re human we’re all human and we all have feelings so completely understand what Shane’s going through yeah and you know like Emile and I Emil was just saying you know everybody deals with it I think these days with social media whether or not you’re on a public platform or not technically if your Instagram accounts public it kind of puts you in the position of getting criticism from random strangers and it is really hard to see people’s comments not realizing as hurtful as they can be sometimes that like there are people on the other side who are really impacted by that and Shane 13 years on YouTube still obviously struggles with that like every single person who does yeah but we’re sending him all the love and I honestly he gave us that series I think you can take a break break and I don’t read anything on internet for a while yeah okay but there were some tears this week and we’re gonna break it down in our wrap it round Justin Bieber cried over protecting Billy Eilish in a new interview with Apple music zane lowe’s name brought up Justin and Billy’s relationship and asked he feels protective of her and Justin started off by saying this I definitely feel protective of her it was hard for me being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn Justin then went on to say he wants her to know that she can count on him and wrapped up saying this I just want to protect her you know I don’t want her to lose it I don’t want her to you know go through anything I went through I don’t wish that upon anybody so um yeah she ever needs me um I’m just a call away and it looks like Billy certainly appreciates the sentiment as she posted a clip from the interview to Instagram with the caption stream changes with some pics of her in Justin merch and a room decked out in Justin posters from her earlier belieber date she still abilities but Billy also shed some tears this week when accepting her 2020 Brit Award for international female solo artist she got emotional while accepting her award saying I’ve I felt very hated recently and when I was on the stage and I saw you guys all smiling oh it genuinely made me want to cry and I want to cry right now we love you Billy we love you Billy always your fans love you and we just we adore her and so did her fans I already said that but I can’t say it enough times but moving on to our next story a lot of us actually as fans or almost and a lot of you did as well in the comments shed a tear this week for Harry Styles but thankfully you guys he’s okay Harry was robbed at knifepoint and like I just said thankfully he was ok the Mirror reported Harry was adding London when a man approached him pulled out a knife and demanded money from him yeah the outlet reported that Harry obeyed the man’s orders then acted quickly and handed over the cash although Harry was left shaken up by the incident he was completely unharmed and police are reportedly investigating he’s ok I’m so glad he’s okay of course he was at the BRIT Awards as well after that so we know he’s doing ok but yeah he was shaken up and it’s like horrible to think of anyone having to go through that yeah but we’re gonna change up switch up gears I know that was kind of like a bit of sort of tear shedding stories but are we gonna switch up gears for our moji challenge now last week you guys there was a lot 11 actually emojis and if you got all of those I’m gonna go through what we actually had there was an envelope a Purple Heart a star a question mark almond shrugging you know that one a magnifying glass lipstick poop one of my favorite emojis personally a red heart celebration and a palm tree which was right at the end you got to the end card you would have got that one take a look to see if your answer is highlighted here and if you go all the emojis right we’ve also highlighted some of your answers here who may not have got them right but you either were close or you know what you gave it a go and that’s good enough for us hmm so this week you guys you’ve probably noticed that every week in every episode we have the picture in the circle we call them pips from the beginning to the end we use them throughout the show I want you to drop in the comments section the number of pictures in circles pips we’ve actually used in today’s episode from the beginning to the end it makes sense with we wouldn’t pictures in circles be pics oh my god this why are we why we’ve been going I don’t know but we must move on to birthdays though happy birthday to groom anymore Dakota Fanning’s Floyd Mayweather Jameela Jamil and JWoww happy birthday to all of you from us here and yes I almost let you about to do the happy birthday to you oh you know I thought about it okay that’s gonna cost extra very great you guys thank you for watching today’s episode of celebrity lowdown you know how much fun we love getting to do this with you every week now also we’ve got an emoji challenge in today’s episode as always but we’ve also got another challenge on clever style right now live on clever sales YouTube channel there is a thrift store challenge where the clever style girls have $100 and they’re trying to see what they can buy at various thrift stores with $100 make sure you check it out we’ll put the link below so you can check that out as well as today’s emoji challenge all the way to the end make sure you always watch celebrity lowdown and not just celebrity love it all of our videos from beginning to end cuz you never know what you could possibly see or what you would miss if you did you know we’re trying to say guys we’re gonna get out of here but make sure you do the Moto challenge check out clever style and thank you so much and come back here next week for another episode of buzz because life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get life is like a box of chocolates of milk season there’s no chocolates but there is a chance for you to do something very exciting watch last week’s episode celeb lowdown okay and while you’re there hit that subscribe button it’s like way sweeter than my fake potential it that doesn’t really exist anything to be sweeter than an invisible

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