[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 19-3] | JONGKOOK vs. MEMBERS : Can Jaesuk get away from Jongkook?  (ENG SUB)

[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 19-3] | JONGKOOK vs. MEMBERS : Can Jaesuk get away from Jongkook? (ENG SUB)

We have it Find the ten traditional Symbols of Longevity We need to find 5 To finish the folding screen If you come back with them The folding screen will be ready here Go! Let’s beat Jong-guk (But they are up against…) (Jong-guk! Anything is possible) (He is better alone anyways!) (THe venue isn’t so grand, he has a big chance!) Jae-Suk Wait for me (Finding the ten traditional Symbols) (Jae-Suk is heading towards the outhouse) (…What?) (Jong-guk is tying shoe laces to start) What is this Jong-guk is there A what? I was so close Have you seen Jong-guk? I went up this way I went up The camera was… (The sound of a bell) (Jong-guk is the only one today) (Hurries to hide under the table) (Gary hears the bell) Gary (He is here…!) (With the deadly smile on his face) Gary (But doesn’t know Suk-Jin and Jae-Suk are here) Gary You don’t need to say it again Gary We don’t have time for this (Blocking way with chairs) (But this will…!) (Suk-Jin and Jae-Suk are about to get caught) (Found!) (Gary escapes!) (And Jae-Suk?) (Escapes!) I am so scared Of course I am the first one (Suk-Jin, out) (Haha and Nichkhun are searching in the cinema) (The pine tree!) (Ginseng…?) (Taking both for now!) (If you try to take wrong ones, alarm goes off) (An alarm?) (A what?) (Joong-ki? How awkward) (Has he missed it?) (The foot of the candle is dark?) (Joong-ki’s seen) (Joong-ki, Out) (Nichkhun is collecting more hangings) (But Jong-guk appears here too) (Starting with Lizzy) (Lizzy, Out) Run as fast as you like! (Fell over as Jong-guk roars) Let’s go (Ji-hyo, Out) (Haha is busy running away) (Let’s see…) Thinking about it… Why Am I helping them (Thinking through) (Jong-guk, Haha, Gary, Nichkhun has running ball) I don’t need to help them If we fail, we don’t get one anyways And I will see Jong-guk every week What is wrong with me (Role play start) (Title- Haha’s The unjust) (The betrayer: Haha) I can avid penalty anyways (How would this end?) (Jae-Suk is searching the outhouse) This is it (elixir plant) What is this? Oh dear! This is it, the bamboo (The elixir plant is the right one!!) (Jae-Suk is taking the wrong one) Have you got it? How many do you have? Is dragon right? Coming! (Jong-guk is around) (He is here) (No time to rest) (Running for life) He is here It’s Jong-guk! (Haha has finally made a move) Gary! Come here (Called out Gary) (Jong-guk turns toward Haha and Gary) (Meets a dead end) (A rat in a trap) (What will happen to them?) I thought, why do we need to help them We won’t get penalty anyways Will you not see Jong-guk again?/
I will We will help you Rip this and put it back on please I will help you Do you trust me now? I will help you, detective In return, you need to let me voice myself And stop people from distracting Who do you want the most? I want Nichkhun and Kwang-soo I can get Jae-Suk myself (Deal!) Please take me in the foyer Run And I will catch you in the middle of foyer Try to look natural But don’t forget about the deal/
Alright (Gary, Out) It was smooth (Feeling pity) (Working as planned) Did you get caught? I fell over… Well done I felt so nervous You haven’t done much I was on the other side (Shall I start…) (Jae-Suk?) (Hiding as a staff) (How could I let Jong-guk know?) (Jae-suk’s VJ is so obvious) Don’t film me Film that way What are you doing? So obvious/
Even my mum knows you If you are there (Where is Kwang-soo) (Kwang-soo, underneath the table clothes) (Awkward) The race begins now (Oh right…) (The bell sound stopped) (He took his shoes off inside) It’s Jong-guk! He is being dragged He is right behind you Run! Kwang-soo! Jae-Suk! Kwang-soo is in danger Jae-Suk! I am fine Hey, hey, stay still Haha, what is up! Haha is helping Jong-guk What? Help me! Jae-Suk, Haha is being weird! (Haha leaves) (Kwang-soo, Out) He is coming here Don’t be awkward, I am telling myself Why did Haha…? Is Haha on Jong-guk’s side? Why did he… Is Haha on your side?/
No What are you talking about? (Where is Nichkhun, Gary?) (There…) (Found Nichkhun) (The deal…) (Nichkhun, Out) (Jae-Suk) He is playing detective, with leather jacket as well He thinks he is a detective (How can I tell him where Jae-Suk is) Do you feel good trapping the celebrities? He is sat so comfortably He is sat so comfortably? What did he just say? (Did Jong-guk get the hint?) (He didn’t get it) (So close) I have to take this, it’s too suspicious Put it back on What? (And can’t find Jae-Suk!) What is he doing? Hey, hey (Self revived) I did it myself Please help/
They have suspicion! Let’s do it in front of people Run Jae-Suk! Let’s try to look natural (Still suspicious) Jae-Suk! Jae-Suk! (Haha is out!) Haha is caught and you are the only one I think Haha and Jong-guk had a deal For sure Hey, you Who’s side are you on? Why did you do that to me? We saw what you’ve done Look at him (Found Jae-Suk) Wait, wait, let’s go (Jae-Suk vs Jong-guk) (The final match) (Straight into the outhouse Isn’t this it? (He came back for the elixir plant) There isn’t anymore (Currently, 2 hangings are wrong) (Haha takes the ginseng) (And puts it on top to confuse) Something is up with him (Silence) (Jong-guk was waiting by the door) What are you doing? Do you have to catch me? Your shoes can’t be find anyways And your VJ’s shoes as well Do you want to try then? How? Just run, I will put shoes on and run For real?/
Last deal If you get caught, then that’s that Can I have my shoes? (He has to run bare foot) I will start as you get to the tree If I pass this When I pass this (Chase) My feet hurt (Who will be the winner?) (Arrived) (Would Jae-Suk get caught first?) (Or the completion of ten traditonal symbols) (Still has the wrong dragon) (Mission team failed) (Jong-guk won) (Also the unjust team has won) You can never trust those children (4 are excluded from penalty) I am not impressed No more Monday couple I am sorry/
I can’t trust you no more You’ve fooled Ji-hyo (Is this the end of my love life)

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