Ruining Minecraft’s Simplicity With Game Breaking Mods

Ruining Minecraft’s Simplicity With Game Breaking Mods

Rather than explain the concept of this video using words like a normal human, I’m gonna use this here visual metaphor, in which this box is Minecraft’s simplicity, and this katana is mods. *LOUD VIOLENCE* Yeah, I think you get the point. Yeah, I’m adding a lot of mods that are gonna completely destroy the game. I may have to get a new computer after this video. That might be a slight exaggeration, but, only a slight one. I’m having to, dodge a lot of viruses to get these for you, so… I hope you enjoy the video. I mean, you know, what do I expect when I google Minecraft Girlfriend mod? There to be no viruses on the download page? Nah. Rather than show you the finished product all at once, I’m going to, introduce the mods in layers ’cause if I did them all at once, everybody watching this video would die instantly. We have 4 tiers, the first tier being ehh, you know it messes with the game a little bit but I can almost see how you would wanna play with these installed. The second tier is gonna make things a little bit wackier, still, somewhat playable, but definitely strange. The third tier is going to completely transform the gameplay and really mess with your stuff but, it will still be playable. And then the fourth tier, the holy trinity of mods will completely break the game and probably will not work with each other. All right, I’m- I’m bringing in the first batch of mods, wish me luck. Oh no, my “Drugs” mod isn’t gonna work! That’s a shame. All right, guess we’ll just have to do without. At stage one, a couple of things are added that could, almost, be seen as just an addition to the normal game like this pogo stick, It doesn’t change the base gameplay. But then, I decided to add a couple more… questionable things like a, to name a few… Assault rifles and dragons. Which if you ask me, are just a match made in heaven. [Empty gun sound] Oh wait, I need to load the gun. Okay, as I was saying, ahem. Match made in heaven. [Gun shooting] Ohhohoho, yes! I love the fact that there are reload animations that makes me incredibly happy. Finally, Jesus. I mean you know, it is a dragon, but… It’s also a gun so it should have died earlier. Yeah, actually, you know what, I think I take back what I said about this mod only “slightly” altering the gameplay, I mean, It’s a little bit more than “slightly” just a bit. I don’t know what I’m shooting, but I think it’s the dragon that I’m on. Oh no, you know what time it is? It’s time for stage 2. I’m pretty confident that is gonna be the last somewhat playable stage. Oh, that’s funny this modpack added bees. What a stupid, dumb idea. That would never be in the main game that would be ridiculous. Ugh, bees in Minecraft? Disgusting. Now, stage 2 adds portal guns. And of course, the first thing that I’m gonna try to do with this is set up an eternally falling loop to put some poor creature in.

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