Register Now for the Live Inspired Getaway in Germany Aug. 15 – 23, 2020!

Register Now for the Live Inspired Getaway in Germany Aug. 15 – 23, 2020!

Hi my name is Maura Lustig and I’m
inviting you to join me for the “Live Inspired Getaway” in Germany August 15th
to 23rd 2020. In fact not only are we going to be there for that that period
of time, but you have the option of extending you stay and having three
wonderful days in Berlin as well. So how do you know if the “Live Inspired Getaway”
is right for you? Well if you’re a woman who loves to
travel, if you’d like to go to Germany, if you want to experience an immersive
getaway – something where you’re not just a tourist. You’re, you’re there with like-minded
soul sisters and you’re seeing, you’re being a part of the fabric of
that culture and that that society that community. This is an area in Germany
that I have been visiting for 45 years I was introduced to it in high school and
have formed friendships with people there. The people that I lived with on
a farm and went to school every day. And just with the area itself is, I mean it’s
this beautiful ancient culture of northern Germany where the the wooden
horse heads are crossed on the tips of rooftops where there’s that blend of
brickwork and and wooden structures, where there’s lots of forests and rivers.
And we’ll be there when the Heather is in full bloom. I picked this week on
purpose and the Heide Fest will be going on. It’ll be in full swing. Imagine vistas
of purple everywhere. And we will be staying at a modernized, renovated farm
that I have visited, that is on the outskirts. It’s in a tiny village on the
outskirts of a little town called Bad Bevensen, and Bad Bevensen is famous for its hot springs. We will be visiting the thermal baths and it’s just totally
decadent, it’s so relaxing. And we’ll be renting bikes. Now I’m talking the
old-fashioned kind with the basket on the front and we’ll be going for picnics,
are just going for rides if we wish. It’s not mandatory it’s optional but my
goodness, you don’t want to stay behind when, when the girls go out for a bike
ride. And the trails are right outside our door. This is rural but close to the city it’s not in you know, in the hub of urban
life. This is different. You get to slow down so that you can
really reconnect with yourself. We’ll be visiting Medingen Abbey. It’s a convent.
We’ll be going for a tour there. It’s a sisterhood that has been a group of
powerful women communicating with each other, connecting with community, making a difference for 700 years. We’ll be going shopping in Luneburg, a nearby city where
there’s just so much stuff to see and do and we’ll be going to the Wilseder Berg State
Park to see the the vistas of purple. There’s just so many things I mean
we’ll have the breakfast. Like, it is gonna be beautiful. You know we’ll have rich coffee and freshly baked brotchen each morning. Being there in high school had such a
huge impact on my life that it changed the course of it. I became fluent in German I
specialized in languages and I fell in love with this region and these people
and I want you to be able to experience it with me. I want to share this and I
can only take five, that’s it! This isn’t a great big excursion with a whole ton
of people this is special; this is from my heart to yours. I’m looking for
like-minded soul sisters who enjoy the idea of having deep, meaningful
conversations around a great book. We’ll be studying The Four Agreements together.
We’ll be journaling each morning, a little bit of light journaling. We’ll be
doing a bit of mindfulness work and you know we have the option of cooking
together at our own place, apartments at the farm or going out for local cuisine
It will be a perfect blend of activity and relaxation. you’re going to love this
we’re going to create memories together that will last a lifetime.
So if you’re thinking of joining me, I look forward to hearing from you.
As I said space is limited and get ready to go! bye bye for now:)

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