Real Life Rapunzel Goes to Germany | Discovering Fastnacht!

Real Life Rapunzel Goes to Germany | Discovering Fastnacht!

I don’t know why it’s so funny to me that we have no clue what’s going on but I’m so into it. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m
Sarah Ingle, and today we’re going on a fun journey to Germany. A journey to
Germany? A Germany-ney-ney? If it’s your first time here ,you might not know that
the internet likes to refer to me as the real-life Rapunzel not just because I
have a lot of long blonde hair but also because of this and this and if you
didn’t already know Rapunzel’s actually a German fairy tale, so Rapunzel is from Germany and I actually am a very
high percentage German my grandma on my dad’s side was German like 100 percent
her parents even spoke German but actually sad thing she never had to
learn any German because she grew up during World War two and so in the
United States and so they weren’t like the family wasn’t allowed to speak
German at all but I sort of liked that whole side of my family that havoc heard
about so I’ve always wanted to go to Germany and the opportunity arose
because my dad’s a pilot and he happened to pick up a trip to Germany it’s his
first time ever going to be going to Germany and I haven’t written with him
while he was flying the plane since I was 7 so this is very long overdue and
it’s a great way for us to experience Germany together when we it’s like our
family heritage is super exciting so what my bags all packed and I hopped on
a plane at LAX and flew off to Atlanta where I met my dad and then from Atlanta
we flew all the way across the ocean to Germany I was like well my dad is the
captain of the plane that kind of water in the air makes me like the princess of
the plane captain so I’m really long overseas
flights is actually more than two pilots so that they can trade off and go have
like a little nap down below and keep everybody safe and alert and so when my
dad was headed down to go have his rest time on the way down he stopped by to
say hello and I was like I really I really need to pee
but the but seatbelt sign is on he is like you have permission I got
permission from the cap but is it against the law though I think it was
less than six hours like just under six hours which is crazy because it was, like, not that much longer than at the time it took me to fly from
Southern California to Atlanta by the time you eat dinner they wake you up
for breakfast like I had maybe maybe two hours of sleep so we land in Frankfurt
Germany at Frankfurt International Airport. I love it when you’re coming
somewhere new and wherever you’re going or staying is a little bit away from the
airport so you can kind of take in the scenery and watch as you’re driving so I
had a fun time with that we made it here we’re in Germany my dad’s over here but
he doesn’t want to be indiscreet we’re gonna pause this this very exciting
adventure to give you a little PSA in case you didn’t watch my hair vitamins
give you acne video at the end of the video I showed you guys a vitamin b5
gummy that had biotin in it which I was like oh I’m not gonna take this because
it’ll make me break out I decided like right before I went that I was going to
take it because I wanted to see if the vitamin b5 would counteract the biotin
and no it did not and I wound up with the worst breakout I have ever had in my
entire life right before I go to a blog where I’m
and flying supposed to be doing a lot of without makeup and so I’m just like
great it doesn’t really matter and sometimes things just happen and your
face breaks out those gummies very bad doesn’t matter if there’s b5 in them
anyway so we get to the hotel and we’re about to explore and and we’re about to
go have what I think is going to be a leisurely just kind of explore the city
type moment together so my dad might decide we’re going to take our leisurely
stroll through mines and there’s a lot of people and you hear a lot of cheering
you have to understand we’ve never been here before so we don’t know what to
expect but as we get closer it becomes more and more apparent that this is not
this is not the norm apparently because of the excessive number of costumes
we’re starting to see I’m like to my knowledge this is not normal Germany
attire and we are like what is it going on
so it was like Instagram will know they can help me and I started getting lots
of responses first what was mentioned was Karneval specifically if you’re in
Mainz it’s called oh and I had to write this down and I had to look up how to
say this Fastnacht I’m doing my best with that and
you guys can laugh at me in the comments I try I really really did especially
with that word. Fastnacht is a German version of mardi gras thank you guys all
for so many of you are helping to explain to me what this was they’re all
these different marching bands and these groups and costumes and like the groups
would all like be together in a lot of zin similar costumes and they’re just
all sorts of things like these big heads with with green hair and feathers and
and it’s for people who had no idea was going on let me tell you it was it was
so much fun for one but just also like really confusing
they had bratwurst as my dad wanted to try one and usually he likes everything
and I don’t like anything bad tried some of it and most funniest he didn’t like
it and I did one of my favorite parts about this entire festival somebody
would yell hello you know it’s not like hello but to me it seems like hello I don’t know what it was about just
watching everybody just yell hello y’all hello back and there’s having so much
fun with it it was very like infectious just happy
vibe and it was so cool I really felt like Rapunzel when she was in corona for
the first time and she’s experiencing the lantern festival celebration she’s
like going everywhere just like what is this what is this this is so exciting I’m so glad we happen to be there during
that because I’ve never seen anything like it it was a good day
somewhat I noticed that was different than when we went to Amsterdam a little
while ago it seemed like an Amsterdam the overwhelming majority of people
spoke English versus in Germany at least in Mainz that was not the case like you
would usually be able to find somebody who did if you go to our restaurants or
something but overwhelmingly no we found this little market with all these fresh
fruits we even got some pomegranate which was really good oh wait did the
pigeons these pigeons are normal-looking with the pigeons earlier they were like
pink. Any time when you’re in Mainz, you can’t miss the Mainz Cathedral. It kind
of wound up being my my compass anytime I would not know exactly where I was, you
just look up and you can see the highest point of the Mainz Cathedral and kind of
figure out where you are from there I did go in there and you guys will see
that in the next vlog on Wednesday so make sure you check that out near there
it’s actually the Gutenberg Museum Gutenberg as in the inventor of the
movable type printing press we’re just crazy that’s like that invention was
basically that eras internet invention it was that monumental in the course of
human history so that was so cool it’s not awesome but luckily like
original Gutenberg Bibles which is crazy I could see why they don’t wanna move
even taking pictures was super cool I found the coolest thing these benches
well there’s the opposite of the coolest thing they’re heated benches we got to
see original Gutenberg Bibles we got to see a dental live demonstration they
actually used a movable type printing press and printed a page right in front
of us we would have spent even longer in the gutenberg museum but we were so
insanely tired by this point barely a week the night before I left I only had three
hours of sleep because I had a photo shoot all day and then after that had to
pack and then make my way up to LAX from Orange County meanwhile my dad was the
one who flew the plane all the way across the ocean so we were very tired
so we started to make our way back towards the hotel I really enjoy the
walking fanfare I look you can see them funny to me we’re not allowed to go to
sleep you’ll mess up all the time this is the door we came out of it’s so fancy
is it locked are you sure this is it maybe maybe it’s this door. we came down a different way maybe it’s down there. we’re tired and lost. told you it wasn’t the right one. there is it. this is it. how did we get that door mixed up with this, this monstrous door? I was happy to be back in the warm and
just be able to sit for a bit and we called my mom and we’re talking to her
for a little while it was mostly just a okay we’ve got to keep each other awake
situation until dinner that night which for the most part we did though we did
have a rather early dinner though randomest thing about the toilet I could
not figure out how to operate it because it did not have a handle okay unexpected
problem I don’t have a toilet good where’s the handle it turns out that it
actually wasn’t confusing to use at all you just push the bottom button and it
works the exact same a flushing handle one of my favorite parts about the hotel
was my view out the window because it really really looked like Rapunzel’s
tower even though it’s not the actual Rapunzel tower because there is one of
those in Germany it’s a very Rapunzel II tower in fact I even went to go up close
to visit to see what puzzle Tower and you guys will see that and Friday’s vlog
so don’t miss that either at dinner that night I was eating some very yummy
pumpkin soup when we discovered my dad has given me the incorrect dates I knew
that he was gonna be leaving the next morning and I was going to stay there he
was flying to New York then he was gonna be flying so I thought I was going to
only be spending one day by myself and turns out now I was going to be spending
two days by myself and that meant he was only gonna be there one additional day
so that one additional day he was going to be too tired to really go anywhere
too far and do anything crazy so now suddenly all of the rest of my itinerary
that I had planned was now up in the air and I was like
okay we’re gonna figure out something new so you guys have to come back in the
next vlogs because this is Germany week on the vlog so we usually put out videos
every Monday Wednesday and Friday here on this channel and I cannot wait for
you guys to see what happens good so crazy things happen and you’re gonna
want to come along for those and find out what I did with my new impromptu
itinerary so you don’t want to miss out on those remember to subscribe and if
you want those to come right to you remember to ring the little bell thank
you guys so much for joining me and I’ll see you next time oh hello hello hello
and welcome to the queendom I am hyper today it could be a problem
eep-eep eep-eep eep-eep baby boo I’m cold so I have a hoodie on even though I
didn’t want to have a hoodie on Oh bigger nails are too long right now boy
are they sleeping it’s like it was easier to get the skeleton the skeleton

21 thoughts on “Real Life Rapunzel Goes to Germany | Discovering Fastnacht!”

  • Hi im German myself and the festival is called carnival it's folksfest where we dress up as our favorite character or people it's kinda like Halloween princes and queens get elected candy is getting thrown at people and they have to catch it its a game carnival is kinda like Halloween and we have carnivalzüge where loud music is getting played and candy is thrown it's great

  • Everyone says I look like Rapunzel (face and everything) and has glowing hair like her, but that’s because I have natural heighlighted hair and changes color in the sun. Makes sense. I have a friesian horse named Prince and has a very big bond. Also I always wanted to go to Germany

  • Could you do some cooking videos? Maybe you could make the soup that's referenced in Tangled or the Rapunzel salad from the original fairy tale!!!!!

  • I'm so glad you (whether intentionally or coincidentally) followed my suggestion of trying some bratwurst!
    I love that stuff.

    My mom is German, so I'm half-German and actually both a American AND German citizen.
    I've been fortunate enough to go visit Germany for about a month at a time every 2-3 years throughout my whole life. Which I think by now adds up to me technically having lived in Germany for about a year (I always stay at my grandmother's, so a sort of technically even have my own room over there.). 😛

    The random festivals and celebrations are an extremely common thing in Germany.
    They always seem to be looking for an excuse to turn the town square into a big party. 😂

    I love that you got to go visit, and I truly hope you get to go back and explore some more.
    There's SO MUCH to see. Especially for you, our real-life Disney Princess – seems like you need to go visit Castle Neuschwanstein even more than I do. A real-life Disney Princess in the real-life Disney castle.
    (it's at the top of my list of places that I still need to visit in Germany)

    I can't wait to see where else your adventures took you!

  • Sooo latteee😣 Happy Wishing Wednesday your highness… Hope you had fun in Germany! I went to Berlin Germany last year and visited the Berlin wall… at least where it was

  • I lived and worked in Germany (Stuttgart) for six months. I hope you enjoyed your few days as much as I enjoyed my 6 months. I had my motorcycle with me so I was able travel through a lot of the country.

  • Hi Sarah! So cool to learn more about you! Im also part German,I hope you had fun! I would like to see you visit a Beerfest one day dressed as Rapunzel that would be interesting!!

  • Ahh! This was so fun and cute to watch!! Your narration’s hilarious! 😍 It’s so cool that your dad’s the pilot😂 & OMG it really is like the moment where Rapunzel is in Corona the first time!! Looking forward to your next few videos!

  • I Love Germany, I hope some time that I can visit this place. And RAPUNZEL!!!! It´s my favorite tale ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Is putting water in your hair bad? Because I have done that a lot then I stoped s it bad to put water everyday in your hair

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