Proper Pant Length | A Guide To Men’s Pant Breaks

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  • Excellent info, very well explained. Us older guys can learn a thing or two about fashion. Never too late to be stylish. Thank you!

  • Let me kindly observe that you need to improve the look of those shoes. Other than that, thanks for the advices. Love your approach.

  • Another great presentation.
    Good point about considering the suit style. On the late '40's suit that belonged to my Grandfather, it's a full suit, so only looks right with a full break. Most times prefer between a medium and slight break.
    Further, the pant break also depends on the footwear. The higher vamp of chelsea cause more break.

  • no break = wrong length of pant
    slight break – better with boots
    medium break – best with casual wear
    full break – use with dress suits not narrow at the hem. the hem should be at the second lace hole not at the top of the shoe.

    it has sod all to do with fashion but what type of leg is on the pant

  • Do not ever do a video on pants length without at least shining your shoes so they do not detract from the subject matter! All I could see with your fall break salt and pepper trousers wear shoes that have not been polished or even worn in a while, with their turned up toes. Secondly, I am older but I believe that what we used to call "high water" pants legs are as déclassé as they get particularly with out sized cuffs. For the width of the trouser legs those cuffs are entirely too deep. Just my two cents but I know a good look when I see one in that short length with big disproportionate cuffs is terrible. Just as bad as skinny ties with wide lapels.

  • Pants a small things that go under your trousers. The trousers you showed with a full break are actually just correctly fitting trousers. A couple of years ago, suits had tight drainpipe legs and concetinad around ankle. Now it looks like people are wearing trousers that are too short like Michael Jackson. There's correct and incorrect. Trends are for the weak minded to buy in to what the fashion industry tells you to wear and try and look like everyone else regardless of how ridiculous it looks.

  • Years ago I bought 10 pairs of pants online in bulk didn’t know what I was doing but they are all pleated.. Can’t stand seeing that look. Tapered is the way to go. The baggy look isn’t a good look.

  • Hey Brian I recently started to watch your videos to up my satirical game and enjoy them very much. I never knew you were from Schenectady; so am I. I grew up in the amount Pleasant area! Keep up the great work

  • To short…. but I stick to the military teaching. ..7/8 inch break, and 1/4 inch above the welt of the shoe (at the heel) to just touching the heel and no more than a 1/4 inch below the welt of the shoe at the heel. Yes, it requires a fuller width through the leg and no cuff. If the rest of the trouser is properly fit. The leg will hang properly.

  • Seeing more and more of the no break pant length on younger men these days. As a gentleman over 50, I could never pull this look off, nor do I want to either. It definitely doesn't look good on overweight or short men in my opinion, especially when they get it too short and have it cropped. This looks ridiculous in my opnion, but fashion is fashion. Great educational video Brian, so thanks.

  • I have some fall/winter style pants from club Monaco with a non-cuffed pant leg. My legs are relatively short to my body. Would you recommend a no break hem for these pants?

  • No breaks, makes me too conscious. Reminds me when I used to get pick on about my puddle jumper looks as a kid. Lol!

  • Brian, you are a man of greatness and we owe a debt of gratitude to you for your fine video and wise council. Full Break Thank you

  • I think Brian looks better on a FULL BREAK as he doesn't look that young anymore. Matured guys look better on full breaks cuz it doesn't make them look like trying hard to look young. Just my opinion.


  • Love the look of the "no break". I do both no break and slight break. It looks cleaner on me. Thanks Brian. I enjoy the vlogs.

  • Sorry, but your full break was not very full break. Pant fabric should be just above the top of the heal…maybe 1/2 inch above at most. Socks are not meant to be seen. They are only supposed to show when walking or sitting….not standing still. Pants shorter than this are just a trend and will fade. Most men get this wrong…and look silly to people who know. Just like wearing a suit jacket too tight which pulls the button and jacket sleeves too long and not showing 1/4 inch of cuff…French cuff of course…only true cuff. Take your style and fit tips from people like Carry Grant, not the majority of men today who have no clue. Pants should have a cuff also….they hang better…except for tux pants…no cuff too formal. Jackets look better with side vents instead of a center vent or no vents …so when you put you hand in you pants pocket, your butt doesn’t show.

  • There is nothing uglier than fluffy flowing pant legs, that said I find it more and more annoying to see guys with ankle high pant legs. I am back to no break with a slightly longer back.

  • For me ,Being a slightly stocky but not heavy but short I feel a full break makes me look heavier I go with median or slight just Curious if anyone feels the same?

  • Your fellow arbiters of "good taste" are in agreement. On the other side, there are those, ie producer Michael,  that possess the wealth to dress, act and behave as they wish, and do. Interesting.

  • For the medium break look, I think that's an Allen Edmonds McAllister shoe. Are you using shoe trees in your shoes? Because I find them not in good shape. Just my observation.

  • Thanks! Today I went suit shopping with my father, and I was as useful as a toddler at the auto mechanics. My dad hadnt bought a suit in at least 2 decades. Times have changed! Good to know this stuff

  • try not to look toward Hollywood red carpet men's looks, for those guys, though famous, are clueless. The things they do to a Tuxedo should make them be shipped off to a deserted island for eternity.

  • Slight break, no cuff for me. I'm about 5'9" and wear a 30" inseam off the rack. It cracks he up to see shorter guys who wear their slacks way too long and they step on them in the back. It's like they tell themselves, "I'm not short, I wear pants with a 34" inseam!" Also, those cuffs look disproportionately wide/deep for the opening of the pant leg. What are they, 1.5 inches?

  • Sad that so many offices are going more casual. I wish I could wear a suit everyday and not feel overdressed.

  • I like full break best but medium break is also good. I would avoid slight break and no break is the worst.

    No break reminds me of that fool Pee Wee Herman.

  • I really appreciate this video. I kind of wish that I would've found it before I purchased my current suit (that I'm wearing). Oh well, now I know for next time.

  • Does nobody do the military style break? When I was in the Marines they would have the back of the pants touch the top of the welt. And then they would have the front of the pants just touch the top of the laces. This gives a full length look without putting a break in the crease. It gives it a very sharp look.

  • Question: I wear combat boots All. Of. The. Time. I wear them at work and with my nice clothes. I fucked up my ankle when I was with the National Guard and need the support that my boots give.

    So what should I go with? The military style break where the front touches the curve of the boot and the back touches the top of the heel, or what?

  • Why the first pair of pants has a longer right leg? 1:09 1:16, I would ask the taylor of the second pair of pants my money back, the way they were stitched, see right leg, is too tight and looks terrible. Sorry, I don't want to sound like a snob but if you want to look on this type of details, you must start with the fundamentals.

  • I like the medium break as well as the full break because I hate unwanted attention. I am a reserved guy and I don't step out to impress anybody. I just love being myself. I usually wear slim fit pants with a slight bootcut design which makes the fabric roll around while walking.

  • Great video! Thank you for posting. I am a dress designer and don't do menswear but this helped me with hemming some pants. Super helpful!

  • I sell suits for a living and work with tailors everyday. Half the time is like pulling teeth to get guys to have the pants altered to be a proper break length. It’s really just that they’re uneducated on proper fashion. It would be nice for them if they watched this video. It’s hard to watch sometimes.

  • Awesome ! Only cream layer of people working in corporates in India 🇮🇳 may think about this. Very nice information. It will be more comprehensive if full shape of the pant is shown. Thanks for🙏💕 making me to think on style of pants.

  • Truly a timeless suit of clothes must incorporate not trendy or fad related aspects, but a look that says I’ve been doing this for a long time. I am so tired of all these so called experts on YouTube that are in their late twenties to early thirties and constantly are fad chasers, mostly. Gents Lounge to name one. You know what you’re talking about and I appreciate that!

  • Men wear TROUSERS ffs – ‘pants’ are what you wear underneath. A short trouser hem break makes you look like an American or, worse, a Canadian. The trouser hem should break well on the shoe but not so much it goes too close to the shoe heel at the rear. A good tailor will take care of this.

  • Being a short man (5'5), I always opt for the no break in my pants/trousers. Tapering the leg as suggested to a 7.5 opening for the shoe/pant ratio.

  • "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best trouser presser hope it helps you out too!"

  • Would love to see a video or even advice specific to tailoring pants for boots (chelsee or dressy lace ups) vs regular shoes on dress pants. I love suits with boots but have a hard time figuring out what pant length to accomodate both…or if that's just not possible.

  • @He Spoke Style at the @1:42 mark when you said that the leg open when tapered should be around 7 to 7.5 opening. This taper should it begin around the knee, blew the knee, or at the ankle? Is this rule for all types of pants: jeans, chinos, dress slacks?

  • No break is for young fashionable guys with no style. There is a difference between fashionable and stylish. Fashion is temporary. Style is forever. Fuss all you want. You’re wrong

  • This was really helpful as a 50 year old slim guy with teenage kids… I was embracing the break of 20 years ago… moving on up (the leg that is). Here's to no break. Thanks for the information.

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