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(upbeat music) – I love Fleabag. I mean I know people
hate it but I love it. – 2019 was a huge year
for Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Maybe the biggest of
anyone in entertainment. – Phoebe is someone who
we’ve been interviewing, who we’ve been talking about
internally for so long. We’ve been sort of
banging the Phoebe drum. So for her finally to have broken out in such a major way is really special. – The first season of
Fleabag was a critical hit but it didn’t get that many awards. – When Fleabag was first on Amazon, I mean I literally remember
watching it immediately and then I couldn’t stop watching it. – I’m a pretty normal person. – A normal person? – Yeah a normal person. – What makes you a normal person? – Well I don’t believe in God. (crash) – When season two launched last year, it was this sort of
massive wave of attention. – Phoebe is the dream producer. It’s a dream show. I mean all that you want is someone who keeps trying to make the
thing better and better. – There’s an edginess
to her, a raunchiness, there’s something entirely tantalizing about the types of story
that she wants to say. And, at the same time, hugely empowering. (upbeat music) – Phoebe Waller-Bridge
seemed to come out of nowhere in the United States but had been definitely bubbling up in the U.K. She was writing plays,
she was acting on stage, she had a couple of big TV roles, she created Killing Eve for BBC America. – I told you, I need your help. I needed to see you. – So you hired me to kill you. – [Female] Yes.
That is so stupid. – A completely different
series that she doesn’t appear on camera in but
her voice is in there. – Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Thank you so much! – I think the cherry on
top for Phoebe this year has obviously being brought in to punch up the Bond script. – You get in my way, I will
put a bullet in your knee. (dramatic music) The one that works. (upbeat music) – I just think she has
you know, great instincts and great taste about people
and actors and scripts and it’s not just comedy
that she’s done extremely at. The drama and a lot more to come. – Phoebe Waller-Bridge
is a one woman empire. Sky’s the limit for someone like her.

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