NEW 2020! – Real STEALTH Keylogger for iPhone & Android – NO JAILBREAK/NO ROOT Smartphone Spy App

NEW 2020! – Real STEALTH Keylogger for iPhone & Android – NO JAILBREAK/NO ROOT Smartphone Spy App

this video is for educational purposes only in this video we will be purchasing installing and reviewing the new hyster professional edition key blogger for androids and iPhones first let’s demonstrate the end result take a look at this let’s take a look at a typical conversation the keylogger captured the message I sent and sorts it really application it was used in in this case whatsapp notice you can read what I wrote and who I sent it to but you can’t read the other person’s response you can’t see when and who responded however this is a big deal because with other spy apps you can’t even see the keystrokes on non rooted or jailbroken devices now you can at least see everything written and who it’s written to because a lot of the time you don’t actually know what you’re looking for until you find it now let’s go over some of the other features text message obviously that’s industry standard you’ll see both send and receive the call log were great incoming outgoing missed and rejected I don’t use them a mess calendar a note so I can’t comment on those installed applications all of the phone contacts when you click the magnifying glass you can see the contact details browser history shows all of the websites visited and Google searches and also it gives you clickable links so you could duplicate the activity that took place GPS logs are really underrated in my test I was able to see the entire history of where the phone was since the day I bought it so if you’re suspicious about a past event that took place on a specific day you’re gonna find it in the GPS logs more than likely GPS tracking allows you to track the device in real time to find out basically where it is right now if you don’t track in real time it still updates every 15 minutes which is plenty so I don’t think you have to worry too much about that photos self-explanatory I was able to see all the photos stored on the phone I was able to see photos sent to the phone and I was able to see photos sent from the phone stealth camera it worked great it’s the first one I tested that made no sound effect or caused a light to turn on nothing happened on the phone to make it appear that a picture was taken yet I got the picture instantly in the dashboard I don’t know how useful the feature is but it’s it’s the best one I’ve ever tested but I’m not really too much into the stealth camera the device info tells you the state of the phone’s health it’s used to verify that when someone says their battery was dead or that they were out of range you can verify that right you can see if that’s true or not maybe someone’s not answering your calls like your child coming home from school whatever now take a look at settings I don’t know why but remote commands are actually in the settings panel so the first thing you’re gonna want to do when you log in is you’re gonna want to go to remove installation traceability that’s gonna remove everything you installed onto the phone and then you’ll notice there’s a lot of other commands to choose from you basically have complete control of the phone now stealth commands allows you to see the history of all of the commands you have sent profanity alerts allows you to input keywords and if the keyword you input is detected on the mobile device you’ll get a notification so here are some sample profanity alert keywords and you can add as many as you like finally the key logger itself this is the most important feature because it’s never been done before in a non rooted or jailbroken device you literally capture every keystroke typed as well as where they were typed this includes passwords post to reddit or discord forums all the places you’ve never thought of literally everything and more than likely this is where you’re going to find what you’re looking for now that we’ve gone over the results of the installation let’s go through the installation process and see what it took us to get here upon purchase you’ll receive an email with your user name license key and a link to the download file if you log in you will notice there’s nothing there if you’re installing two iPhone you don’t need physical access to the device you can simply input the Apple ID and password of the iPhone which is the same as the itunes login if you don’t know the credentials you can use any of our key lovers or install the app directly for Android simply visit the URL that was sent in the email then click open then click Next and install the app is now installed click open scroll down to notification service and turn it on now click confirm click activate and ok click continue and turn the device icon on now input your login credentials I’ll go ahead and remove the device icon as well and the installation is complete when you next log in to your control panel you’ll notice it’s propagated all the information that exists on the smart phone go to settings and click remove installation traceability so that there are no breadcrumbs left behind from the installation this will also remove the device icon if you haven’t done so already we are temporarily offering the Pro Edition for a low one-time fee take advantage of this special offer before it returns to a subscription-based service such as flexi spa or mSpy this is a true no root no jailbreak keylogger the links are below and thanks for watching folks

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  • The app listed in this video is called Highster Mobile Pro Edition:
    The URL for Android is:
    The URL for iPhone is:
    The price is $69.00 for the lifetime version. This is NOT Mobile Spy.

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