More Republicans QUIT POLITICS to Get Away from Trump

More Republicans QUIT POLITICS to Get Away from Trump

There’s a funny thing that sort of quietly
happening, which is that more and more republicans are just quitting politics in order harder to at least in part, get away from a Republican
party that’s led by Donald Trump and which might actually reelect Donald Trump to a second
term. The latest is Texas Congressman Mike Conaway. He’s announced that he’s just not going to
try and get reelected in 2020 he’s going by by, and officially he hasn’t said yet that
this is about Trump necessarily, but we have other Republicans on record saying that serving
under Donald Trump is an embarrassment. We’ve got former Republican congressman Tom
Davis who told the hill, quote, serving in the era of Trump has fewer awards. He has made an already hostile political environment. Worse every day there is some indefensible
tweet or comment to defend or explain. It is exhausting and often embarrassing. We already heard from Paul Mitchell, Pete
Olson, Martha Roby, rob Bishop, Republican members of Congress that they’re just bailing. They’re going away, they’re quitting. You’ll remember on the Senate side back in
2018 that Republican Senator Jeff Flake said he was bailing out after very public spats
with Donald Trump, may have even been 2017 hard to keep track of how quickly things are
happening. That seat was ultimately lost by Republicans
a and was won by Democratic senator, now Democratic senator, Kirsten Cinema. So there are probably some additional opportunities
for Democrats as a result of this. You, you’ve got of the five Republican members
of Congress that are retiring for our in pretty safe Republican districts, Pete Olsen’s district
is maybe winnable. And there’s also the possibility that these
Republican members of Congress just kind of realized that Democrats are probably keeping
control of the house in 2020 maybe even extending their control. They’re not thrilled with the idea of another
two years out of power, particularly under Donald Trump. And so in total, it’s not because of Trump
alone, they’re just going to bail. And there’s something funny about this, which
is that we’ve heard rumblings for months about this, about Republicans who don’t want to
be serving under Donald Trump, but if there were enough of them with a spine instead of
quitting, they could get together and actually push back against Donald Trump, sort of acting
like the check and balance to the White House that they’re supposed to be instead of merely
being subservient, and I know that in a sort of strict constitutional sense, there is some
degree of subservience, but I’m using the term a little bit more colloquially. I got emails from some people in our audience
saying, I actually respect these politicians who are leaving because they don’t want to
serve under Donald Trump. That’s fine. I’d respect them more if they stayed and actually
stood up to Trump and changed this path that the Republican Party has taken in the era
of Trumpism. Ultimately, whatever the reason is that they’re
leaving, it’s good in the sense that it’s an opportunity for a seat to be turned democratic. Even if many of these are safe Republican
seats, it’s still sort of early, but soon we’re going to start looking at House and
Senate 2020. The broad stroke is Democrats are likely to
keep the house. The question is do they extend their majority
or not? Democrats are almost 100% not going to take
the Senate. And I know every time I mentioned this, I
get emails from people who don’t seem to get it. It’s not my opinion of the tone or direction
of the country. It’s only one third of senators are up for
reelection. Each cycle, the seats that are up for reelection,
this cycle favor Republicans keeping control of the Senate. I just don’t see any path to Democrats taking
over the Senate in 2020. The idea would be uh, try to retain the Doug
Jones seat. Don’t lose more than one or two seats net
and then maybe be in a position in 2022 hopefully with a Democratic president in the White House
at that point to take over control of the Senate in the mid term. That will come, uh, in three years. I guess it is at this point in time. If you believe Democrats can take the Senate
in 2020 get in touch and tell me how because I simply don’t see it.

100 thoughts on “More Republicans QUIT POLITICS to Get Away from Trump”

  • Every time a Republican quits we should see the Oompa Loompas appear and sing a song to teach us about the perils of gluttony and greed!

  • We need to get rid of #moscowmitch right away! Traitors have taken over our politics! If we don't take the Senate, nothing will change!

  • They got out just in time Trump just murdered twenty and injured twenty El Paso Texas. Using his uneducated mentally ill base.

  • They know that after trump the GOP will be damaged beyond repair, their true colors and dirty filthy laundry of hypocrisy, racism, bigotry, will be out in full view.

  • I'd respect them more if they retired immediately rather than waiting until the election and thereby continuing to serve under Trump for that time.

  • And we had another mass shooting/domestic terrorism, this time in El Paso. The shooter, white male age 21, is a Trump supporter and hates race mixing.

  • Doug Jones is so conservative he might as well be a Republican. And he barely won against an admitted child molester.

  • Unfortunately I agree with you dave. Why, because Nancy Pelosi she is not doing a good job, as a head of democratic leader. She looks tiered, and no motivated. She needs to retire.

  • Sad thing is they will be replaced by Trump lovers, they should just push back, don’t stand up and justify trump . What happened to politicians that looked at this work as a life time commitment, and fought for their people’s values.
    Happening all around the world.

  • They rolled on their backs and pissed all over themselves, then they quit on the people and they quit on themselves.

  • Some republicans say his Tweets are embarrassing and hard to explain…..but what is glaringly obvious about their criticism of Trump is they do not say they disagree with him, just that they want to keep it secret, they don't care what he thinks, they don't care what he does, They could live with Trump if he would stop tweeting what he thinks,…….Trump is a pig but he is the only one being Honest with the people!

  • All these Republican politicians retiring is making me nervous. I feel like they're going to ultimately be replaced with Trumpier Republicans. It just seems like Donald Trump is making the less-abhorrent Republicans flee and pushing the Republican party farther and farther in a bad direction.

  • How much more needs to happen in this country. Do more people need to die like in Dayton and El Paso. How much more racial violence does America need show for Congress to begin to show grit and realize that we are living in a very ill society with a President that is equally sick and a legislature working with high fever. The time is now to begin impeachment proceedings folks and the Senate need respond with equal diligence and vote the President out of office quickly. It’s now an issue for saving lives people.

  • In Australia our politicians justjust into the back room and vote out a bad leaders unpopular leader. They work together as a solid party and serve the people in their constituent who voted them in to take care of business. It works!

  • Coming from the UK I’m not really sure how the US elections work, but are there any other Republicans putting their names in the hat for 2020 or is it against your election rules?

  • So, it's easier for them to leave than stay and oppose Trump because they don't want the republican faction to be seen as what? (Rhetorical)

  • In 2020 there are twice as many Republicans than Democrats facing the ballot but in 2018 and 2022 almost twice as many Democrats than Republicans stood/stand for election. We were being told in 2018 that 2020 will be the Democrats best chancew to take the senate. 2018 worked out to be as near as possible to the expectations by the experts.
    PS: I never want to be an expert because there are enough in the Capitol already when you think what an expert is: An Ex is a has been & a spurt is a drip under pressure.

  • While either leave or get out of the way. To bad republicans can't get a spine and work to clean their own house. There isnt any benefit to trumps continued lack of leadership. They could convict trump in the senate if the. House dems impeach him. With his terrible poll numbers he'll ownly lose them seats in 2020

  • It is now official. Rather than stand and fight americans will turn tail and run. Always spewing the lies that they are a great and courageous culture. The world is now faced with the truth that they are cowards. You don't agree with your president, you're not supposed to run. You're supposed to challenge him. You're country used to be rock and roll, but now you're just elevator music.

  • With the exodus of Republican members into retirement recently I am reminded of the Odessa line in 1946 post Nazi Germany. What will be the exit strategy for all of the Trump colluders and complicit racists? They have no SS tattoo with which to identify them, perhaps a tan line from their MAGA hats. I hope their evangelist sympathizer friends have constructed facility somewhere in the woods. It would be a shame for them to have to live in Argentina.

  • Democrats will destroy the USA . YOU know this… I agree with you on the tweets… but he’s out numbered and has to step it up a notch. Trying to be open minded but Beto O Dick for persistent… Really??? Wow

  • They got their God damned antiabortion judges and then they quit.
    Typical EvenGenital KKKristian RepublicKKKlans.

  • Yeah typical it's the rats deserting the ship! These go along with everything Toadies are finally realizing that if they don't get out there going to get tarred with the same brush As Trump! I don't care truly I'm just glad they're leaving! Maybe it will open the doors for some new blood.

  • A better idea than quitting would be having a spine and not going along with the nonsense that Dump and his supporters are putting out.

  • Republicans are finally shown to NOT be conservatives. Republicans are NOT fiscally conservative having racked up more spending and debt in 3 years than Obama did in 8. Republicans are not Christian as they hate their fellow man if that man is "different". Republicans do NOT have conservative morals as they consist of criminals and sexual abusers.

  • This is great news for the American people , Trump is draining the swamp. Now we just have to figure out how to deal with the bottom feeders called the Democratic Party. Another promise kept Trump 2020

  • This is just the beginning.
    If Trump gets re-elected the Republicans chance of making President again, won't happen for at least the next 32 years.
    Think about it..
    Republicans bailing, instead of keeping their jobs and trying to represent the Republicans that don't like this jerk.
    Manipulation of known and practices constitutional order.
    Now every time some dimwit shots a few people, he blames to of Trump.
    The media screaming about how racist all Republicans are.
    This needs to stop, before the entire Republican party is thrown in the trash.

  • Well at least some rep have some balls and decency to be humiliated. Not all common sense still lives by a shred. To bad the country is screw moral. Humanly. Competently, etc.

  • Fucking useless cowards. You have a problem with Trumpism? Fight it like a man. No, instead the hypocrites just slink away.

  • Well Well, even when thier imbecile voters hand them the keys to the peoples bank and give them a pass on failing them, the sorry ass guttless taxpayer enriched RepublicRATS can't wait to line up to jump off the sinking stinking rotten shit show ship they built. Of course they slither off in disgrace for the news cameras —– the oligarch controlled media also enables Trump and anything DEGENERATE AND TREASONOUS. These gutless traitors pass laws that enrich thier paymasters take thier open bribes and quit like convicted criminals when voters grow brains and balls and demand it all be made right! These politicians have no character,integrity,courage or purpose ib life except to creep to "the winning team" to line thier pockets. Since the media like any whorish TV slave won't ever scream on them, an outraged voter tsunami of righteous anger is what these social parasite politicians reluctantly respond to lije cockroaches scattering from the light. Alk elected officials are a cancer to humanity's well being. Nice these glorified welfare cheats are MOSTLY getting off the taxpayer dollar but it would be a lot more sweet if everyone of TRUMP'S spineless RepublicRAT(BASTARD) cooconspirators were to bbite down on a cyanide capsule at these pathetic "press conferences" AND DIE!!!!

  • These republicans are cowards by running away from trump. Instead, if they are truthfully loving our country they should stand up to him. That is what they have to do . If they run away they are not doing any good . They only embolden trump.

  • It's amazing how many of them cannot stand up to a lout of sub-average intelligence, whom they recognize to be an abhorrent being. How they let him in in the first place is even more puzzling.

  • I'm glad that these congressmen are tired of Trump,the whole world is.But it would be nice if they had shown some integrity and stood up to this orange pig and voted against him staying president.

  • So what!!!! Mitch the soft bitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi aren't quitting or reaching for the cyanide pills so a few taxpayer enriched scumbag shit stains quit the gravy train before being thrown out means squat!!! Running away with a pile of swag, mouthing half hearted sound bites is an act of cowardice so no gold star!!!!

  • Two shootings in 13 hours and 29 people dead shot by two angry white guys who are Americans.Nit immigrants,not Mexicans.Who's committing the crimes in the US?The biggest threat?I want to see how Trump spins this to his mindless minions.

  • If it is about dt WHY don't they stay and speak out for the people . Just cause they are uncomfortable they need stay strong and speak for what is right and help get him impeached




  • The #GOPpoliticians who are quitting #Politics over the embarrassment that is #tRUMP, why not instead #OpposeTheInsanityThatIStRUMP?

  • Several things to say to this. First, perhaps by quitting they are now free for the remainder of their time to vote as they want with no care about the party. They won't care about threats to not finance their campaigns or anything else. And I have no doubt that the GOP have been putting pressure on its members to fall in line. Also in some years time some of them may decide to return as Independent candidates. Who knows?
    Second, the GOP now run the risk that they will have to field "Trumpist" candidates in their primaries that can't win generals. We have seen this before. That even in what was earlier considered safe red areas turned blue because the GOP candidate was just too extreme even for moderate Republicans voters who either didn't vote or voted for the Democrat.
    Third, that the last two election cycles have already shown there is political shift happening that makes it hard to predict what exactly will happen or how people will vote. So all this about "safe seats" I would take with a grain of salt. Even with all the gerrymandering and voter suppression that the GOP is up to. It won't help them if they actually don't get the GOP votes either, and they can hardly suppress every single likely Democrat voter out there (though they sure seem to be trying).
    The only real problem is actually the Democrats themselves. That the party leadership is not allowing the people to tell them what they want to vote for. That the leadership, for reasons ( donor money), is sabotaging the efforts of some candidates that it doesn't "politically" agree with, even if they could possibly be far more effective in bringing in the vote. But we won't know. Which is sad, because the the strength that Democrats have to bring to table (besides better policy) is far greater number of voters that is only increasing with time.

  • I'm a Democrat & can't say as I blame them.Trump is allowed by his base to totally destroy anyone who goes against him.He's a wanna be dictator because he KNOWS all he has is thug appeal.He KNOWS he's not at all intelligent so being a thug & lying is all he has.

  • They were fooled into taking the Mark. The elect that were decieved cannot untake the Mark. The gig is up. Micheal is rising now. The saints have the kingdom..things are coming to an end very soon!!! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior while there's time. And if you already have be patient and redeem the time. May God have Grace and mercy.

  • Stand up against Trump before you leave us as Americans. You once were elected to protect the constitution and our democracy. You would rather quit than fight for America. Thanks for your coward service.

  • I wish they would stand up for their amazing Republican, conservative principals rather than quit. But they are all hypocrites.

  • A Fish Rots From the Head Down (A Note to the Sales Leader) … The statement “afish rots from the head down” means that leadership is the root cause of an organizations failure and demise. This is true whether that organization is a country, a company, or a sales force.Jun 21, 2012
    A Fish Rots From the Head Down (A Note to the Sales Leader) · The ……/a-fish-rots-from-the-head-down-a-note-to-the-sales-leader/

  • "Instead of working hard to fix the problem and get the party back on track, I am just going to give up. It's easier and I don't have to worry about actually opposing the republican party because that will affect my personal finances and isn't that what being a politician is all about?" – all of these fucking guys.

  • Aren’t here like three senate seats that democrats could take back? Maine, Colorado, Texas? Maybe chuck grasley in Iowa?

  • I’m probably a cockeyed optimist here, but Bernie’s M4A message is also supported by many Republicans and could well also energize the youth vote with free tuition, culminating in flipping the Senate blue.

  • So Republicans are leaving rather than trying to sort out the mess they made in supporting their leader and Moscow Mitch and generally not speaking out when they should have. Gutless.

  • This just in more and more republicans are switching sides and registering as independents. I left the party the day after Trump was elected. I'm not going to be associated with a party that represents racism bigotry and xenophobia that are ran by the evangelicals and their disgusting way of thinking. The people that claim to be republicans now are just idiot Trump humpers and delusional tea party morons.

  • Here is a simple rule that can cure a boat-load of ills in society:

    "Never be an apologist."

    In other words, never make excuses on behalf of any politician or religious leader of any persuasion. Judge everything on its merits, not on the basis of propaganda.

    If Republican politicians did this, Trump would be unable to intimidate them, they would own him, and be able to close up the sewer that is his mouth.

    If they do it as individuals, they will lose their jobs. If they do it together, they can prevail, and take back the party.

  • They are just cashing out, because they are now associated with fascism and racism that their party has become. When your party espouse so call "Christian Values", but yet promote hate, violence, and censorship, it just doesn't add up.

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