LIVE Intraday Trading For Beginners – (BREAKOUT Trading Strategy) πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

LIVE Intraday Trading For Beginners – (BREAKOUT Trading Strategy) πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Welcome to the fourth episode of Live
Intraday Trading For Beginners Series. Now this particular episode is very
different from what I’ve done in the past three episodes because if you
look at the length of the video, this is about 30-33 minutes long. And I’ve taken just one trade here
that of Eicher Motors and I’ve covered various points about price action,
about sister stock concepts, That is analysis of various
stocks in the same sectors, about how to create a watch list,
And in the end why I selected, Eicher Motors for the day.
Now throughout this trade, I also give out various psychological
points because those are the intricate details where a Beginner falters in the
market and I have highlighted based on price action what you should be thinking
and how you should be proceeding in the trade. Now there’s one more important concept
that I’ve covered in this particular trade, which I haven’t spoken
about in the first three episodes, and that is about trailing your
position. So once you enter the trade, how you should be thinking and how you
should particularly trail your positions as the price starts moving in the
direction of your anticipated trend. So what I’ll suggest to you is there’s
a reason why I have released this video on a weekend. Do watch this video multiple times because
there are some price action concepts that won’t be easy to grasp. And
in case you get confused somewhere, do let me know in the comment section
below and I will answer your query. Click on the subscribe button and bell
icon to get instantly notified when a new video is uploaded. Thank
you for subscribing. All right, so it’s Thursday and Eicher
Motors has just given a breakout. Let me just place the order. So let us just see at what
price it gets executed. So at 20950.7 price got executed. Let me just Mark out
the breakout level here. So this will be my reference point for
the trade and I would keep a stop loss at 20,750 or 20,800 because
momentum currently is strong
in Eicher Motors and the way stock has been moving
up since yesterday, I do feel that it would be able to do
something like 20,250 or even 20,300 so as the trade will progress, I’ll
see where I have to exit. So currently my stop loss would
be somewhere at 20,800 or 20,750. So what I’ll do is I’ll just check back
on the trade in a bit and towards the end of the video I will
cover stock selection and I
will also explain the logic of this particular trade. So right now I just want to focus on
what is going on on the screen and I will cover all these aspects later. So it’s 10:20 AM and after the breakout
we’ve got the small candle here on back off less volumes. So again, currently you’re seeing price is
making a new day high and look at this particular candle here that I’m marking.
Again, it’s a strong candle and, what I would like to highlight here is
that usually when price is trying to head higher at times it is important to just
step aside and not flip through many charts. Now this is the fourth
live trading episode I’m doing. If you have taken a note of all the
first three episodes that I’ve done, once I enter the trade I usually don’t
flip through many charts and this is also one of the skills that you need to
develop as a day trader because flipping through too many charts would take
your focus away from the current trade, and that is not something that
you should be focusing upon. So yesterday on 15th actually
I traded three stocks. One of them was Maruti again from the
auto sector and when I will cover the logic of this trade as time progresses, then I will explain why I traded
something like Tata Motors last week. Even again, you’re seeing see
price is trying to move higher. So definitely there is some strong
momentum visible in Eicher Motors today. So there you go. Again, prices
trying to move higher with momentum. I think there’s one more
wide-range candle being formed. So in the logic section, I will explain why I have been
tracking something like Tata Motors, Maruti yesterday I traded
in Maruti and , you know, tracking so many stocks from the
same sector is always beneficial. So I’ll again check back on the, on this particular trade after some
time currently there you go again, prices trying to move
high, look at the volumes. So I’ll just check back in a bit
to see what this Trade is doing. So not much movement. It’s currently 10:40 AM but I definitely
feel the stock is strong and we should be heading higher. The extent of the move we will
have to check as time progresses. But with our entry price at 20,950, I definitely feel our 21,150, even 21200 Should come. So there we
go again, prices trying to move high, this Candle here. So what I would want
you to focus upon is also the volume. What I particularly do in a trade is
that I try and study the relationship between price, volume,
VWAP indicator and MVWAP. Now MVWAP is sort of secondary. Again, you’re seeing some momentum is definitely
visible. There you go on the upside. So when I come to the
logic section of the trade, I will explain a few things about breakout
trading because breakout trading is relatively very simple. It is just that while execution there are
some key psychological points you have to keep in mind, which I will be highlighting
as the Trade progresses are. So currently our prices at 21070 already about a 120 rupees
higher from where we entered. And for a stock like Eicher Motors,
such movement is common, especially, once Eicher Motor catches a trend, it tends to move higher
or lower with momentum. So I won’t be surprised to see even
something like our 21300 – 21400 today because momentum is strong, but I’m playing the Trade with a fixed
risk reward in mind and I would exit somewhere around 21,250 or even 21,300 and even after
that, if price rises higher, that is completely fine
because at times after I enter, or rather after I exit price
does tend to move high. But this is something you have to deal
with as a day trader and it’s also a skill that you need to develop and
it only comes with time. So again, I’ll check back on this trade in a bit. Currently price is strong and
I think it should head higher. So it’s 10 55 and the price is at 21,150. So we are getting about 200 points on
the trade and I was working with the region of 21,150 21200 and you know, I will exit the trade
somewhere between 21,150 21200. Now I do realize that
momentum is exceptionally
strong in Eicher Motors today and you know, it can go
up to 21,400 as well. But since I’m working with
the fixed risk reward, I don’t mind on losing out whatever
gains may come after I have exited. So this is one of the most common
psychological mistakes that most Beginners commit. And I will be highlighting upon this
when I analyze the logic behind the trade and I explain the stock
selection process. So again, I’ll check back in some time to
see where I have to exit my trade. I would do so somewhere
between a 21,180 and 21,250. So let me see what exit price I get. Now, volumes have been
exceptionally strong today. So, that is the main reason I’m comfortable
in placing sort of target for this price. I usually don’t
talk in terms of target, but I think potentially the stock can
go up to 21,400 today just based on the range of candles and the
volumes that are coming in. I’m seeing such volumes in Eicher Motors
after almost 30 days of tracking it. And this is why I am sure that
a price would head higher. So at least for the day I would close
out my position between the levels I gave you, but I will carry the stock
forward in form of short term trading. In my own account, I would at least hold this
stock till about 21,600 or 700. If that level were to come.
And this is something I do. So let’s assume I’d take
about a hundred quantities. So I do exit a 50% of it from
day trading point of view. And then I do carry remaining 50%
from short term trading point of view. So I do mix both, day trading
and short term trading. And this is something I
practice on a regular basis. So I’ll again check back
on the trade in a bit. I will place an exit order for the day
between 21,180 and 21,250 so let me see what exit price I get eventually. So it’s 11:03 AM again a fresh
day high for Eicher Motors. This stock is looking
exceptionally strong today. Look at this particular candle again
and the volumes have also been strong. So what I will do is I will just close
out my positions here on the trading view platform and in my own account I will
let this position continue because of the momentum that I’m spotting. But because I was recording this session
on trading view and I was maintaining that I will exit between
21,180 and 21,250. So I will close out the position
here, but in my own account, I do want to carry this trade
forward because momentum is strong. So I’ll just sell Eicher Motors
at the limit price 21,178. Let me see at what price
we get the final execution. So let us just wait out to see
at what price we get the fill. It should happen any moment. I
had placed the order at 21178 so it should be, price is
at 21165, there you go, We get it at 21180. As the market is open, Let me just quickly explain you why this
Eicher Motors trade worked and when the market closes out, I will get into
stock selection aspect as well. And I’ll cover that after 4:00 PM
because I still have some work to do with respect to trading. So if you look at Eicher
Motors on on 13th of Jan, now on 13th, and on 12th you did see price moving
lower with fairly high volumes. Now it is not that I just
randomly chose, Eicher Motors. If you were going through my tweets and
the post I make in YouTube community tab and the telegram channel, I have
been trading auto stocks a lot. So the first live Intraday Trading
episode that I did was in Tara motors, yesterday I traded Maruti and today I
was focusing on Eicher Motors because autos as a sector is moving. So let
us come down to 13 Jan price action. Now price did move lower and there were
clearly volumes present in this region. Now 14th was the first day that price
moved high and this was a session when I was selecting Eicher Motors yesterday. I wanted to look at the volumes that
were coming in as price moved higher. So clearly volumes are present as stock
has moved higher and then it eventually went into this price range. On 15th if you see that is yesterday, price broke out in the morning and then
remained flat for the entire session. Now after this breakout candle, the volumes that came in behind this
breakout candle were clearly on the higher side and post that the retracement
that you see was on back off very low volumes. So what this indicated to me was that the
down cycle that Eicher was facing over the past two to three sessions. That is between 10th and 13 Jan was
finally coming to an end because even in this region, when price was
flat, look at the volumes, volumes were hardly expanding and as
price was attempting to move higher, that is when volumes were coming in. So this is again simple price
volume relationship that
plays out quite often the market. And because this is such a basic
concept and as traders we always want to concentrate on some complex subject, We pay less attention to the basic
relation between price and volume. So when price opened it today at 9:15 AM, the candle was relatively weak,
but I was focusing only on volumes. The breakout candle that came about at
0930 9:40 AM this was widened range. But the presence of long wicks here was
something I was not comfortable with and that is why I did not take an entry here. Now or the next half an hour or so
price simply consolidated sideways and volumes were clearly
moving on the lower side. And then finally you’ve got this
breakout candle on back of high volumes. That is when I decided to enter the trade. Now make no mistake that by the
time I was entering at 20,950, Eicher Motors was already up 1.7 1.8%. So the call for me to take was how
much more the stock would proceed. And this is one place where most of
the day traders and short term traders struggle. And the simple logic that I use to counter
this is to look at recent wide-range candles that are formed on the chart. If I spot wide range candles in the
direction of trend I’m anticipating, I usually exit my positions between 1.0%
1.5% so today I entered at 20,950 and I roughly had a level of 20,200 or even
20,150 thereabout that I wanted to exit the position at. Now ask price
rose in Eicher Motors again, clear Volume and price
expansion was visible. Now at this point where I decided to close
out my trade, couple of minutes back, price was at 21,170 that is what the
limit order I placed with got executed. And at that particular moment I was
making about 220 rupees per stock. So as a day trade, it’s a, it’s greater than 1% and you also have
to take into account that by the time I was exiting Eicher was already up 2.6%. Now if you take the typical
movement that Eicher makes in a day, it’s somewhere between,
that is on a trending day, It’s somewhere between 2 and 2.8%. So that is why despite of the fact that
strength candles were clearly forming on the chart, I decided to close out my
position at 21,170 or 75 level. I hope this particular aspect is clear. So you have to understand one of the
things that is difficult to anticipate in breakout trading is judging whether price
would head higher after the breakout or would consolidate. Now yesterday I was watching Eicher
Motors when I was trading Maruti and I was watching the stock when this breakout
candle was forming and I had anticipated that after the Candle had finished,
price would simply move higher. But that was not the case. And this is where breakout trading
gets a little difficult. Yes, with practice you will get better, but it’s a subtle balance between
tracking price and associating that price movement with volumes. So once this
breakout candle finished yesterday, I did anticipate that
price would move higher, but instead price retraced back to the
low point of this wide range candle. Now it is very easy to get distracted
here and think that your analysis is wrong, but when you combine this price action
with the volume activity that took place, you would have known that there’s hardly
any wide-range candle on the downside and volumes also clearly moved lower. Now between 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM that
is when the market we’re closing price again retraced back and there was some
volume pickup that definitely happened, but because session was coming to an end, it did not make any sense to initiate
a day trade in Eicher Motors, That is yesterday. Now this was the same point when Maruti
started rising and this was the trade that I posted in Twitter and telegram
after I had executed it and it was based on the breakout candle in Maruti, which was coinciding with the
breakout candle in Eicher motors. So this is one more advantage of tracking
stocks from the same sector because at times breakouts do coincide and that
does give you some psychological edge in terms of day trading
and short term trading. So the thing that I was watching out today
was a clear breakout happening and it did happen, but the first three, four candles were not that strong
and that is why I entered here. Now there was clearly risk at entering
at this particular level because price could have clearly retraced
back to this wide-range candle, but that is a risk that
traders have to take, especially when it comes to day
trading and short term trading. So in this particular trade, when I entered at 20,950 I had kept a
stop loss at low of this candle that is at 20,750 odd level. Now there is one
psychological tip that I have here. Quite often when traders see a wide range
candle forming and price moving out of day’s high, that is with
respect to day trading, Traders often fear taking the breakout
thinking that retracement would eventually happen. Now, let me tell you one thing that if you
want to become a successful day trader or short term trader, you have to get out of thinking this way
and you only have to bother about your entry price and your stop loss level. Now anything that happens in between is
random noise and you have to learn to ignore that. If you cannot learn to do
the simple thing, the, let me tell you, your transition from a swing trader or
a positional trader to a day trader and short term trader would be difficult. Because the number one thing that prevents
you from becoming an extremely short term trader is your psychological makeup. So you need to make few changes in
how you think and then things would eventually get easy. So as of now, market is still open and price
has retraced from my exit level. Now I won’t be surprised if price would
eventually head higher in Eicher motors because demand is clearly visible.
But the thing is, as day traders, you have to take into account
your entry price, your stop loss, and how much you’re willing
to make for the day. Now had Eicher Motors been up only 0.5
or 0.6% at this point when I entered, I would have held onto the trade. But because it typically moves between
two 2.8% and by the time I exited it was already 2.7% high for the day. That is
why I decided to close out my position. So let me also spend a couple of minutes
on the number of stocks that I have here. Now if you see most of the times I
will be trading in these counters only. Now I added jubilant FoodWorks today in
the morning and RBL bank because we are seeing some movement in mid cap and
small cap stocks and which is why I just added these two names. Otherwise on most occasions I’m generally
trading in large cap stocks because I understand the price movement in these
counters because I track them on a daily basis and hence I keep a
very limited watch list. So one of the mistakes that beginners
do in the market is that they are always trying to chase those stocks
that are breaking out. I feel that is a wrong strategy to
adopt, especially if you’re a beginner. You’re seeing some bit of
expansion again in Eicher Motors. So this is not surprising
because stock is strong. So coming back to the watchlist point, you need to keep only those stocks
on your watch list, which you know, in terms of price movement, and this
would certainly give you an edge. Now, by the way, when I was learning to trade, I only used to Trade L&T that time in, in back in 2004, 2005,
ABB used to move well. So I used to trade that stock and I
learned trading on very few limited names and that is what I would suggest most
of the Beginners on this channel. Don’t focus on all these stocks
that are moving. So there you go. This is a new day high
for Eicher Motors. Again, this is not surprising and I’m glad
this is happening because most of the traders, after they exit a
position and they see stock rising, another 0.5 – 1% they
do get upset because, they would potentially calculate how
much money they have left on the table. Again, this is a psychological mistake. Don’t focus on these things as far
as your own trade is concerned. Your risk and reward is fixed and as soon
as you’re getting what you aim for for the day, you should exit your positions and not
bother about where the price would head because on some occasions after you exit, price starts to fall and on some
other occasions price will rise. So it is relatively very difficult
to time your trades. Now, even if I Eicher Motor
rises another 1% from here, that would not affect my own psychological
profile because when I entered the trade, I was pretty clear where I wanted to
exit and I eventually got that from the market. So I hope these couple of points about
how to manage a breakout trade and about watch lists is clear. So let me now explain how you need to
trail your positions because this is one more aspect where many beginners struggle. So when it comes to
trailing your positions, I’ll again take the example
of Eicher Motors. Now, when I entered at 20,950 my stop loss
was at a 20,750 so this was my initial reference point. Now, once we
had a fresh break out here, it is not that I move my
trailing stop to this level. Now this is again not a right
approach and avoid doing that. Now once I’ve reached about 21,100 and
I have about 150 points for the day, that is when I start thinking
about reeling my positions. Now make no mistake that when
it comes to breakout trading, especially during intraday, it gets a little difficult
to trail positions, especially if the volatility is high
because usually price would just make a knee jerk reaction on the downside
and would again start moving higher. So of counter this, I have
a simple psychological
approach. Once I have entered, For me, the next reference level
automatically becomes the stop loss. Now I usually don’t trail my positions
because I most of the day trades, if you see I exit somewhere between
1-1.5% and what I do is I carry remaining positions over the short term to make
some extra returns in terms of percentage, but it is not that as stock
keeps making a new high, I keep moving my trailing
stop on the upside. This is something I personally don’t do. Now if you’re new to this method
of VWAP Indicator and MVWAP, because this remains my number
one method to day trade, you can use VWAP indicator
also as a trailing stop loss. But make no mistake that VWAP
indicator is followed by many traders, both retail and institutional
traders and at times, It does act like a magnet for price
and price keeps retracing back to VWAP indicator. So during those occasions you
might get stopped out from the market. That is in terms of trailing stop loss. So therefore I just follow a simple
method when it comes to day trading. I have a fixed risk reward in mind
and I usually exit that when then that particular level is hit and in case
that particular level is not hit, I simply exit at whatever I’m getting
from the market or if my stop loss is triggered. So this is how I keep things extremely
simple when it comes to day-trading and short term trading because this is
something that works for me and this is something I want to emphasize upon because
as traders in the market you have to figure out what works for you. I have done a lot of videos
about trailing positions, about marking relevant pivots, do watch those videos because you will
get a rough idea as to how you have to manage your positions. Now,
especially in the VWAP trading series. I’ll just link these video
here in VWAP trading Series, I have explained how to
exit day-trading positions. So do watch those six
seven videos I have done. You will get a lot of practical
experience in terms of managing positions. So again, we are seeing a new day high in Eicher
Motors and I think this will continue because stock is trading strong. So what I’ll do is now I will get back
to the stock selection aspect after the market is closed because I still
have some pending work. There you go. One more new day high. So once I
finish my work and the market closes, it’s currently 11:30 AM so there’s still
about five hours left for the market to close. I would then again a record how
I selected Eicher Motors for the day. All right, so it’s around the 4:00 PM and markets
have closed and at this particular level I had exited, Eicher Motors somewhere around 21,200
and from there on price rose about 300 rupees more. So this is what happens when it comes
to day trading and short term trading. And this was precisely why in my own
account I had just exited 50% positions at this level and I had left the remaining
positions open because you have to assess momentum as a day trader and short
term trader and momentum was clearly strong in Eicher motors and which is why
I was able to capture this move in my own account on the remaining 50% position. So this is something you
have to keep in mind. Now one more thing before I
move forward to stock selection, had I not left the 50% positions open
and still Eicher Motors would’ve moved another 2% after my exit, I wouldn’t
have felt bad about it because again, we are operating from a fixed risk reward
perspective and such things happen in day trading. So let us now
see how I selected Eicher
motors as a stock to trade. Now do recollect in the video I had
mentioned that auto sector is moving a lot these days, be it Tata Motors,
Maruti or even Eicher Motors. So let me just change back this 5 minute
timeframe to a 15 minute timeframe. So this was between January 10th
and 13th when stock moved lower. And let me now apply the narrow range
filters which I also showed in episode three. So I’ll just add this to the chart. So all these black dots that you
see are narrow range seven candles. So look at what happened on 13 after
range expanded on the downside, You did get these narrow range cluster
candles here and then price attempted to move higher. Now take a look
at this particular region, now between 14th Jan and 15th Jan
before this particular candle formed, look at how many narrow range
candles are visible on the chart. Now this remains one of my most important
filters when it comes to day-trading and short term trading. Apart from the other things that I
see that I have explained in the stock selection video, I like to see
range expansion, range contraction, and then range expansion again. So once in a range you start
spotting lot of narrow range candle, then be assured that the particular
stock will move in near term. And when you get such wide
range candles with volumes, something similar to here, here and this particular look at all
the volume expansion that is happening. Once volume starts expanding and range
starts expanding after narrow orange clusters are formed in a range, that is when you have to
participate in the stock. Now if you look at something like Maruti , now something very similar is
a visible in Maruti as well. So yesterday I had traded Maruti in
this region and look at the narrow range cluster candles. In this particular part, I will Mark it out once I send
the video out for editing. Again, this is very similar to what
we saw in episode three. So there is no complicated
logic that I’m sort of applying. What I look for in a stock is a stock
to be in a range and volatility to compress within that range. Now once
all these elements are in place, I then look for range
expansion and volume expansion. So this is one filter that will always
help you catch momentum in the market with respect to individual stocks. So it is not a coincidence that between
13th and 15th there were so many narrow range cluster candles forming
in Eicher and in Maruti. Now again between the same date, you can see so many narrow range clusters
forming in Maruti as well and if you take a look at Tata Motors chart or
any of the auto sector major stock, you will see this happening. So stocks usually tend to move in tandem
in a sector and that is why it makes more sense to track more stocks within
a sector to analyze what is going on. This is something I do consistently and
this is something even you should be doing when it comes to day-trading and
short term trading and make sure after the narrow range clusters, once the
range expansion starts happening, it should happen clearly
above the VWAP indicator. Now, whatever I do in terms of day-trading
VWAP indicator plays a pivotal role because I analyze the overall price
structure when I take price and VWAP indicator into cognizance. Now, this is also helpful when I
combine volume analysis within it. So I don’t want to repeat too many
concepts here because I’ve already shared this in the VWAP trading strategy videos
both in the Intraday Trading playlist and the VWAP trading playlist. And for
those of you who are new to this channel, do check out the remaining three
episodes that I’ve done in live trading. These will help you become a better
trader. Now for the next episode, I do hope I make a loss
because what has happened, it is a pure coincidence that the
four episodes that I’ve recorded, in all these four episodes,
I have ended up in profit. And I don’t want to give an impression
to beginners that day trading is so simple. So I do hope in the next episode I’m
make a loss because losses are a part of day trading. And when it comes to my
own process, out of 10 trades that I do, about six to seven trades are profitable. But on the remaining three to
four trades, I do take losses. So if you’re a beginner in
trading or in day trading, or even in any form of trading, do not think that professional traders
always make profits. That is not true, and that is not how trading works.

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