LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigures series review! All 16

LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigures series review! All 16

hey everyone this is a look at the complete
Lego DC minifigures series it’s sixteen different figures each of which is sold
in one of these regular blind bags so I’ll go through each individually up
close and then give you my overall thoughts I am starting with a
conspicuously popular character in the form of Batman here but I will switch
things up as I go along this is intended to be the original Batman the very first
one from 1939 so a brand new cowl mold for this one with these huge ears that
stick out horizontally a bit it’s good that they stick out horizontally a bit
they are rather rather large aren’t they good news here with the cape on the back
that is the newer style of material the nice flowy style glad to see that pretty
good printing on the back of the torso there you can see that the legs are dual
molded which is always nice to see whenever it’s appropriate so you get the
good black color going all the way around just generally the print work
looks to be pretty good pretty good in quality the the print for the face is a
little bit pale not as bad as it’s gotten sometimes but could be a bit
better I don’t I don’t care it so much about the goggles it’s nice that they
did the goggles is something you know old older style
there’s no alternate face for this one though unfortunately that’s a missed
opportunity if you ask me from Batman – Batman because this
particular character comes with an accessory that’s fantastic it represents
the first Batman right there so that’s a you know a toy representation of the
cover of the comic that had the first version of Batman which was covered with
this toy version here so it all it all ties together it’s a very nice printed
tile pieces the two by three but looking at just the figure itself bat-mite was a
big Batman fan kind of a comic relief character got the multi molded legs once
again kind of triple molded in this case I think it’s technically dual molded I
don’t think they actually well I don’t think they actually inject plastic three
times into that mall I think you the two types that go in together once
again with a nice flowy cape that’s good the print on the back of the torso fits
in pretty well that’s too bad that this character did not get medium sized legs
that would be able to bend but they wanted to make it extra small got the
specialized cowl piece for this with one bent ear and that’s a pretty good look
in facial expression and he’s got the the bat the rims to it to his glasses
once again no alternate expression no that’s too bad
all right breaking away from the Batman related stuff here’s star girl this is
one that I personally was a little bit worried about in terms of how its
production would be executed I was worried that it might not look so good
in person as it did in its initial pictures which were actually computer
renderings but happy to say it’s not bad it’s definitely better than I expected
it to be especially the print of V or the paint I guess of the skin tone on
the legs you know these are dual molded legs but it’s just blue and black so to
get that skin tone around the center which unfortunately is not able to
continue around the back but you know they do add on the extra color there and
that looks pretty good the print on the torso for the skin tone is too pale to
be sure there’s a little bit of outline there that works but just the main skin
tone itself not so good Kosmic staff that she’s holding there is pretty nice
that’s just a glitter infused trans orange piece that’s a new mold there on
top of a full four long bar piece and the print on the arms is pretty good
could have been a little bit more white for the Centers of the stars but overall
not too bad hair piece looks pretty good and she does get an alternate face thank
goodness and I think that both of these expressions are good and are useful so
yeah this one exceeds my expectations a bit but still could’ve been a little bit
better with the skin tones on the torso in particular we need some villains so
here’s a classic Sinestro although it’s not too far off from well many versions
of him that have been depicted throughout history
so I think you could kind of have this one travelling through time if you want
and the work on this one is good the production values are all pretty nice
you got some subtle torso print on there also some metallic print as well this is
intended to be the ring there that’s a little bit now a little bit of a stretch
to represent his ring there but I mean Lego just doesn’t have anything to to
put a ring like on a hand you know like in a more proper position probably far
more of that is a print though of course far more interesting is the inclusion or
the production of this new Lantern piece just a specialized Lantern piece
previously they would just do something that was built up I think they can still
do something that’s built up especially with modern parts but the fact that they
created something new is even better significantly better the print work for
the legs is good you know it connects around the sides dual moulded once again
yeah just generally a well produced figure here pretty good quality pretty
good printing on the sides of the arms and yeah happy happy with this one in
general and he does have an alternate face when she absolutely needed there’s
not that much difference between the two but there’s enough it’s valuable for a
green lantern they gave us Simon Baz here this is just a character that I
personally I’m not familiar with had to look it up to check on you know pictures
from Google and such and looked up a little bit of the history of the
character just out of curiosity but still not huh not a specialist on this
by any means but in general the figure looks pretty good to me for a mask on
version of them and the legs are dual moulded the arms are also dual molded
great to see the green color is bright green not just a regular green so that
really stands out quite a bit there’s a ton of contrast I like the lines going
around the back that’s very nice you know again pretty crisp work on the
production the lantern piece same piece again and bright green really really
stands out and he has his ring which has a slightly more subtle print on it
because it’s you know it’s green on green but that’s as
tended as far as I’ve seen I think the the the print for the face could’ve been
a little bit more distinct you know could have popped a bit more but it’s
not bad and the torso is good again the printing all around the front of the
legs it’s pretty crisp and just works pretty well ties everything together
here’s another villain it’s cheetah from early
Wonder Woman comics this one looks pretty much like it I mean it looks
looks like it’s just torn straight out of the comic books and converted into
Lego form I mean this is really quilted look at all the printing going all the
way around even on the sides of the tail that’s a new print for the money bag
piece there and it’s new and green I believe for this year or last year and
then that’s an exclusive print for it with the double lines going through the
dollar sign yeah this is just fantastic looking and the headgear piece is so
nice just how how round round and smooth it is it just frames the face pretty
well the slight bit of skin tone that’s printed on to the torso is pretty close
you know not too bad there yeah just generally one of the one of the better
figures here I think in this entire series for accuracy and it does have an
alternate expression as well which honestly I think all of them should as
long as they have a hairpiece or headgear piece that can cover that
alternate one this is Huntress she comes with the gunmetal gray colored crossbow
it almost looks black but you know there’s a little bit of metallic flake
in that it’s very very subtle purple colored utility belts dual molded legs
thank goodness glad that didn’t didn’t turn out to be
just a print also has print on the arms which looks pretty good I don’t know
about the hairpiece for this one as far as accuracy is concerned I think for
some versions of her you know there are a bunch of versions as always you know
with all characters of Huntress that have been depicted through the years and
this matches pretty well like most of what I see here matches pretty well to
several versions there I’m not 100% convinced on but don’t know if they have
anything better fortunately this is an they’re soft Cape peace I just always
want to see those or almost always want to see those with rare exceptions and
then taking the hairpiece off alternate expression just like I want to see very
good and that’s a good one there’s a little bit of subtleness in
the difference between the two but it’s enough and it’s well done just on its
own and thanks to this Cape I can easily flip this up to show you I think I can
there we go show you the print on the back of the torso which is pretty
consistent are you appropriate and just generally I think it’s a pretty well
done figure I’m just not 100% sold on that hairpiece let me know what you
think about that you have any different thoughts
here’s early 90s Aquaman with the flowing hair done in just a plain yellow
color as it needs to be and they have the new mold for that hand which does
work out pretty well I was very curious to see what they were gonna do with the
legs on this one they are dual moulded indeed which is good
could it turned out poorly but it actually turned out really well because
the black that they used to print on there is so opaque so opaque that it’s
difficult to make out the difference from the printed part the printed black
part that’s actually over green and the black plastic that’s you know that’s
covering the lower part of the legs also the green the little bit of green that
they have just down there at the tip it actually is that even printed I feel
like I need to look even closer at it well it’s good that I’m having to look
closer at it because that means that it’s just well done yeah I had had a lot
of questions about this I was worried about it but it has turned out to be
quite good you know the level of quality here is is good level of detail is
pretty good I think that the shell maybe could have used a little bit more depth
you know it looks a little bit flat it’s got just some scalping on the edge but I
think it could have used some some lines going through there to suggest a little
bit more depth a little bit more curvature to it got a nice print on the
the arm over here that is a new color for the fish
it’s the yeah right spring green color is not glow-in-the-dark sorry this guy
has an alternate face yes they all should and look at that print on the
back of the torso perfectly matches the style for the front which is good and
that is a strong face I like the hair work facial hair work on this one this
one’s good too but this is definitely better in my opinion
now we get to Metamorpho here when I first saw the pictures of this when I
was going through the initial release of official photos well renderings I was
pretty positive on this figure generally speaking and I still am but I do have a
couple issues with how it is actually turned out in real life or just seeing
it in personnel it doesn’t look that much different than it did in pictures
but the level of detail around the back is really really good the use of a clear
leg is a nice tease I would like to see Lego making more clear based minifig
pieces a lot of them I don’t care if they’re transparent and colored or just
actual clear it’s just a nice starting point for so many things good print on
the side of the arm there on the side of that leg as well side of this leg as
well side of this arm like you know the printing work is generally good the the
top though right right up there the skintone which is white that’s not
white so that’s poorly done that definitely should have been more opaque
and it really stands out here against the orange the other thing that I’m not
hundred percent satisfied with here is the facial expression I feel like it
should have been a confident yet slightly evil smile like like definitely
a little bit of smirk on one side is good there’s a lot of depth in that face
but I know it just looks a little bit too happy and a little bit too innocent
to me like they could have taken it a little bit more in the in the villainous
direction just slightly alright this is Golden Age Jay Garrick flash and when I
first saw the pictures of this one thought that the helmet was not quite
right oh just do wide and a lot of people
corrected me on that said no it’s absolutely perfect I don’t know it still
looks too wide to me personally it’s it’s difficult to translate things that
are comic and proportions into a different set of comic proportions you
know LEGO Minifigures have comic proportions and I just personally feel
like the helmet is a little bit too big but good news is it’s produced really
well dual moulded with the silver and the
gold there and dual molded legs thank goodness they’ve chosen a good
spot where to put the the transition from one color to the other and the
printing that they’ve done around that transition fortunately is once again
pretty good you know it covers it up pretty well yeah works pretty nicely
this doesn’t need to be a particularly complex figure doesn’t need a whole lot
of prints but they did well on the torso that does have some actual gold in it a
little bit of metallic shine yeah and the lightning bolt there you got the
bolts on the back that are connected with just pretty standard basic
techniques you see a little bit of print around the back of the torso there’s not
much to see there but it works overall pretty well done I’m just not 100
percent satisfied still with that helmet also has that mold mark on the top but I
think you can probably burnish that down a bit
cyborg is one that I was really looking forward to after seeing the pictures
because it looked like it had the opportunity to be fantastic with the
possibilities with the prints the way that the prints were looking and I’m not
disappointed not disappointed except for one small detail I’ll talk about in a
minute look at the print on that arm there it’s fantastic look at the legs
now continuous that is they actually got that right it’s not easy to do but they
got it right the lines go up into the hip piece those are fairly simple but
the level of detail here is just good got that a little bit of metallic like
that the light hits it just right italic
shine comes through I’m pretty happy with that
metallic printing on the helmet you the helmet that half hell it is you know
is done with a a silver color to begin with doesn’t have a whole lot of
metallic shine to it here but you know most of the body is done with that and
looking over here this one doesn’t line up quite as well the the line where you
have the switch I guess neither one does towards the back now on the back just
just doesn’t line up with a line where the printing comes across so I guess
that could have been done a little bit better but the one thing that I like
least about this is the color match again with skintone should not have been
difficult to print brown on silver but the brown color that they chose to print
on the chest is the wrong hue wasn’t expecting that thought it might be a
little bit you know a little bit pale or something no it’s it’s actually more
yellowish than the plastic it’s that’s awkward
just just weird I don’t know and then the the headgear piece is done pretty
well thankfully red and take that off so you can see how the hell how the head
itself is actually done that’s nice you know still have the two sides even when
you take that off which is good you know you could use them just like this if you
want as an alternate possibility you’re good and then the chain that he has is
just one of the short ones the shortest length in purple okay The Joker this is
the Joker from The Dark Knight Returns which is another one that I personally
was not familiar with had to look it up and this is an interesting one
oftentimes with many of the Joker renditions through history have been
pretty brutal and a lot of people find it surprising when Lego actually makes
Lego versions of specific ones but here they’ve done it again I’m okay with it
personally that hairpiece is lime-green it’s so bright lots and lots of white
pieces I think the print on the back of the torso is pretty good right on the
front is also pretty respectable but no it’s just it’s difficult to depict a
character that has a really wide chest and a small waist by comparison which
this version of Joker should have you know what to make him look almost
superhero like in his proportions and they tried there you know tried to make
it look athletic they tried to show that the button there is is very tight and
everything so no there’s only so much that you can do I wish that there was
more they can do here he has the cotton candy there which has an interesting
build it’s a little bit tricky to get it to look like this if you just push
everything together as you would expect normal LEGO pieces to go together the
the minifig head that’s inside it’s just a plain pink part will go down too far
and it’ll be flush so you want to just not push that in all the way when you
assemble this and it works out and then he also has the Joker card which is a
printed piece of course as you see there underneath there no alternate face boo
me I guess he doesn’t really need one that much but he could have used one you
know more of a more of a smirk I think for when he’s kind of just leaning up
against the wall and you just kind of admiring his own his own handiwork or
his own genius I think a smirk would have been interesting to see for this
one here’s a bumblebee from Teen Titans looks similar to a number of different
renditions of her that have been made through the years probably represents
one particular one I wasn’t able to personally pick out exactly which one is
supposed to be but this one is interesting it has well it raises some
questions for me again about the production and also some of the design
choices that were made for this they were made consciously so first of all
the wings that those are just great I mean the printing on there is fantastic
with that nice frosted trans clear you know translucent clear properly
translucent not transparent it’s nice and the the lines are just so perfectly
applied the print on the arms for the wristbands those are that’s not well
done look at the edges that’s all so a week it’s all just faded towards the
edges so that’s not good the face is good the quality of
the printing for the torso is good but then I have to question the color
choices there because see they used they use just the regular brown the normal
color of the skin tone color for the negative space next to her waist so that
that doesn’t stand out too much compared to the arms but then her skin tone for
the waist or the tummy there is lighter that’s not her skin tone that’s awkward
isn’t that weird it’s like what I don’t know it’s not like they’re trying to put
a you know something like some sort of semi sheer material over the center of
you know or the core there I don’t I don’t think they’re supposed to be
trying to do that it’s just strange to me in it the more I look at it the
brighter it is the more it stands out maybe it’s supposed to be some sort of
sheer you know skin tight material and I’m just completely wrong about it you
know but it just looks weird to me the hair piece is great it’s really nicely
the lightening pieces in just a plain trans yellow very nice to get taking
this off let’s see do you expect there to be an alternate face for this one do
you well there is and it’s good it’s distinct it’s different that’s nice to
see definitely definitely worthwhile you know to have two completely different
expressions the print on the back of the torso once again good you know good
quality questionable design choice in my opinion am I just wrong on that is there
something that I missed I haven’t looked back at the reference material the
source material recently but it just stands out as awkward to me here’s the
very last villain from this series it’s mr. miracle and that’s just so
funny-looking that you can actually it’s just so funny that you can get this look
honestly that of a minifigure because it’s like something that you would see
in a Lego animation or something temporarily done but the fact is you can
do this physically is fantastic with the included chain piece and the handcuffs
on there just making it look completely tied up it’s a really good look
appreciate the inclusion of both accessories for this one with all that
stuff removed you see a very brightly colored pretty well done figure dual
molded arms dual molded legs also done much better than expected the green
color is bright green not regular green and it’s difficult to to tell just from
looking at this that the legs are dual molded from the front or from the sides
because again they just they did a good job you know they they put paint in good
places and the color matches between paint and plastic are just on point
really couldn’t ask for anything better in that sense what I could ask to be
better though is the print for the head that is not bright enough it doesn’t
have enough opacity you see one of the highest office also off a little bit but
mostly the yellow is what I am disappointed in so so much done so well
one thing it’s kind of important is a bit off this one does use the
crinkly old style of Cape peace I’m perfectly fine with that I mean
obviously it worked well with the chain if you leave that on there too tightly
it will start to put semi-permanent crinkles into this but you can iron
these pieces so it’s not too bad and it is important I think to use the thinner
material when you have two capes that need to be at our two K pieces so you’ve
got the large collar so this prevents the neck from being too thick you know
from being spread apart from too much material and there’s what it looks like
around the back so no alternate face says there should not be on a character
that doesn’t have headgear piece that could cover it up but there you can see
how the legs are indeed dual moulded just fantastically well done and more
nice bright printing on the back of the torso all right here we have a classic
Wonder Woman and I believe this is what would be considered a Silver Age Wonder
Woman this is a late 50s version of her with the skirt a full actual skirt piece
and it’s also printed underneath with like shorts with the same
basic scheme now the skirt is too wide you know but it’s what Lego has like you
know it should be more of a straight design it just fits along the sides but
and and I could go either way you know they could have done it this way they
could have done it with just a print neither one is ideal to be honest this
is one hour where I was really worried about the production to be sure
especially with the printing for the legs and there’s a little bit shadow on
there because of the skirt but you know it’s not that bad see the legs are dual
molded and then there’s a lot of skintone print on there so that could
have been horrible with the switch from the blue to the red it’s noticeable in
the skintone but it’s not terrible you know it’s I feel like it’s opaque
enough the lines do connect from the side to the front that lines up pretty
well the skintone print on the torso though is poor also even the golden
crest is kind of low in opacity just in general that whole torso P piece needed
more opacity needed you know more of the anchor paint or whatever you call it or
just something underneath you know just the base coat to allow all the brighter
colors to pop I really really would have helped things a lot plus it doesn’t help
that there’s that big gap along the top of the torso you know which is very very
visible here I don’t know if there’s an alignment issue that could have been
done a little bit better yeah it’s definitely not as good as it
ought to be in my opinion the print for the arm here is pretty good print from
the arm there there’s not bad running around legs is okay check out
the back of this torso here also the alternate face I think was shaping there
is pretty nice but the yeah just the the light color is not light enough you know
it’s too pink letting too much of the red through do you have two phases for
here of course the golden lasso there
and yeah I think this this face is is the better of the two but both of them
work pretty well just there are some issues there definitely some issues with
this one also the printing right there for the headband could have been a
little bit brighter a little bit more opaque and last but not least your super
it’s the rebirth Superman done pretty well for what it’s intended to represent
I really like the printing on the torso of this one it’s just a just a nice
effect you know it’s very simple with the single dark blue tone I don’t know I
just like the shaping of it I think that it gives a good effect maybe a cooler
thing on this one though is this accessory with that newspaper piece a
little bit of a malhomme ssin I believe between a few different things pulling
from the the movie universe a little bit there makes us some things together but
I always like pieces that really belong with many figures are really belong in a
minifig universe you know with their size and and just their reusability like
you just imagine somebody else in a LEGO City reading that magazine you know it
sue me that newspaper doesn’t really belong to this character in particular
the print down the back of the torso is pretty simple right is not particularly
fantastic but it’s not bad like it’s not it’s not wrong it’s just hmm I don’t I
like the front better yeah I could have used a little bit more depth a little
bit more movement there and here’s his mad face laser eyes that’s pretty cool
they were trying to show the glow from the eyes there as well and yeah this is
this is his sittin right I mean he’s like the original Sith think about it
pretty cool figure my favorite overall but pretty well done for what it is
alright now let’s talk about this thing right here this is a new piece it’s
clear has an angled bar on it basically underneath of and open stud almost a
hollow stud and every single one of these figures
comes with two of these one of them is official the other is a spare and they
also include one of these just a regular one by two black jumper now you can do
whatever you want with these pieces but the intent specifically for this
minifigure series is for you to stick the clear piece into the black piece and
then put that onto the base to create an angled platform for a figure so I have
say I go this way have soup attached with this foot just a single foot there
and he’s flying away you know and you can angle whatever is attached to it
relative to the clear piece however you want so they can be ankles more towards
you this can all rotate around and it’s just a nice thing you know to have a
stand type of thing now of course the figure doesn’t need to follow that exact
angle can just be kind of just hopping along like that you know it doesn’t need
to be a flying character it can be jumping they can be running you know
there are a lot of possibilities with that anything that has an anti stud on
the other side will attach to this and also I didn’t mention they have two in
every set so why not use both of them even if you don’t want to take advantage
of the angle use it to get some elevation why not you know
jumping like that so there you go you can just continue to stack them you can
put them at different angles you’d have kind of a suggestion of
movement with it there’s just a lot of possibilities with that nice single
little part and I hope to see a lot more of it in the future because stands are
always good in small pieces that are useful for all sorts of different
interesting connections are of course strongly strongly encouraged always
welcomed in addition to a bunch of those clear pieces a single set a full set of
sixteen of the figures will net you these spares so these are
the ones that they included extras of well folks for the first time in a long
time it is actually important and pertinent to talk about value with these
little mini figures because for the first time in a long time
Lego has raised the price on them I thought I was going to be okay with it
at first I mean it’s just $1 in the u.s. from $4 to $5 but no no I’m not okay
with it I wanted to wait until I actually have the things in my hands and
also to verify that the actual street prices would be changed by that much
it’s a pretty significant change it’s not the first time that they’ve raised
the price on these you know there were three dollars not too many years ago
bumped him up to four I was still okay with that they were still kind of
special another five each one of these does not feel like five dollars worth of
plastic to me five dollars worth of stuff five dollars worth of fun
I may be spoiled by the fact that I’m gonna make a lot of people angry and
saying this and even mentioning these words but I collect mega constructs
figures and they’re good figures they’re individually packed figures where you
can see exactly what you’re going to get not even blind bags where you can see
exactly what you’re gonna get and their higher end ones they’re larger they have
full realistic articulation with balls in the neck and two axes of orientation
on the shoulder two axes of orientation on the elbows they’ve got the wrists
they’ve got rotating waists they’ve got ball joints at the the hips and they’ve
got working knees all that kind of stuff they have accessories they have paint
applications on their accessories and stuff those are five dollars each they
are way more stuff than these and the quality is good with those so I know
that manufacturers can do well and I mean these are just packaged in bags
individual bags you have to feel through them and it’s it’s it’s actually
in my opinion to not know what you’re gonna get yeah some people like to have
a surprise at all but a lot of people just want to pay money and get a thing
and know what that thing is going to be so I may be a little bit spoiled by my
experience with mega constructs because they give you a lot more value for five
dollars for a single figure and Lego just isn’t giving you more value today
for a single figure than they were last month yet they’re charging you twenty
five percent more it’s pretty significant change and yeah just not
comfortable with it because next they’re gonna raise it to six dollars each for
these little mini figures they still feel like three dollar things to me and
in sets I generally consider them to be worth
about $3 a piece you know when they’re they’re just shifts as part of another
product so yeah I’m not not happy with that overall though just talking about
the the quality and the selection that you get in this series I am pretty happy
with that I’m very delighted with the range that that they gave us here going
through many different eras picking from good guys and bad guys you know there is
only one Batman then putting so much focus on Batman yeah just you know they
pulled from a lot of different stuff and I feel like they paid pretty good homage
to most of the characters here some of them had my issues with and I you know I
called those out at least the quality is a lot better than I was expecting I was
honestly fearing the worst on a lot of these especially with the dual moulded
legs with also painting that goes across the dual molding line the seam and
especially with the skin tone doing the same but most of them did alright some
of them are a little bit weak with their their skin tone applications especially
on torsos and also it was at this this guy for the most part on the face not
skin tone but you know the lighter tone so these could have been better but
they’re definitely not as bad as they could be they could easily be much worse
based on just the current status quo of what Lego does you know Lego has put out
some quite a number of figures that have had issues consistently for everyone in
all regions you know not just my own personal bad look like I have with the
astromech heads from Star Wars but generally I think they’ve done a pretty
good job here if I had to call out what I like most here I’m just gonna grab it
some things I do like that cyborg even though the skin tone is off of that
one I know that might that’s gonna be in my top three it’s a cool-looking figure
it has a lot of expressiveness I think it captures that character well and then
print that printed tile piece that is valuable in and of itself do wish it had
been smaller we’ve been better and then I’d I want to throw a third out
there oh it’s it’s rough between these two but I think I’m gonna have to go
with cheetah even though this isn’t as sophisticated of a figure as some of
them like like Aquaman okay that’s a pretty darn good Aquaman but this
cheetah is just so perfect I think just and how they captured that character
from the comic version so yeah those are my top three just you know just grabbing
based on my my impressions my general reactions let me know what your
favorites are maybe your least favorites and what you think of this series on the
whole especially considering the fact that it has increased in price per
figure by 25% over the last series and will probably be setting the stage for
all the blind bags to come in the future if you want to see these all put
together I did a build video funny enough it kind of works you know just
seeing them put together I’ve got the pure build real time version I’ve got
the speed build version as well so if you just want to see all parts as they
come being put together check out one
those if you like but that’s it for this video thank you very much for watching
hope that I covered everything that you wanted to see here from the perspective
of someone who is a lot more of a lego fan than a superhero universe in general
fan but it’s just how things are and kind of my you know my my situation and
what I’m interested in not a super super fan of DC in particular don’t know all
the particulars so I’m not able to bring the full weight of proper nerd knowledge
to every single one but I try to do what I can so thanks for watching again and
I’ll talk to you soon you

100 thoughts on “LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigures series review! All 16”

  • Metamorpho (edit: and Mr. Miracle) are heroes and that's a total, complete, and utter mess-up on my part. Hopefully some viewers get some value out of some of the video regardless of my absolute memory failures as a hopless pleb who has never studied or had any personal interest in DC material 😞 If not, I take full responsibility and apologize. I may need to drop coverage of the theme or consider a completely different approach.

  • I kinda want that aquaman. I’ve never been a comics guy, but edgy aquaman with a hook hand is like, very appealing

  • This is my personal favorite cmf series ever not a fan of the price jump bit it doesn't impact my view of the figures. Jay Garrick is my favorite

  • I'm so, so glad that, when I lastly received Hugrid's hut and there was an executioner, his face turned out to be same colour as the arms and not pale. I'm the lucky guy.

  • With the new lantern piece I wonder if we'll get sets with the other lantern corps.
    I'd definitely want to see sets for the Red and Violet Lantern Corps, maybe if they decide to do another DC Minifigure series they could include Larfleeze

  • I like when a lot of characters don’t have alternate faces because it makes it easier to reuse their faces (when they’re normal like Aquaman) for other minifigs.

  • Did all of your minifigs come with 2 clear stands? A few of mine from one batch only had one. It seemed to be the ones that were double-bagged. Also, I got two capes with Mr Miracle. Anyone else?

  • The little jump/flying piece is pretty cool, but I think it would have been 1000% better if for Green Lantern and Sinestro they had of made them in trans-green and trans-yellow instead of clear, to make look like they're leaving a light trail

  • Only one I want is Aquaman, which I imagine will be hard to find because the fish is so easy to feel and he'll be in higher demand. Also, yeah, I hate that they're so expensive now, especially when compared to the high quality of Mega's blind bags and Heroes.

  • This is my fav series, already got 4 Batman’s, 4 batmite, Superman and joker. For sure gonna collect more Batman’s and jokers

  • Jang – I really like your new format. I like seeing you as you're reviewing the sets. My only gripe is that your new minifig review setup lacks the direct brightness and contrast of your old setup. The metallic detailing on the figs just isn't popping as much and I can't see it as well. Keep up the good work though – mad respect.

  • they should've made it 20 minifig edition… with Barda, Classic Superman or Superman disguised as Batman, Professor Pyg with Toad and Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey (might get some Lego sets from the movie though…)

  • The angled bar is the most brilliant addition to the Lego parts catalogue in a long time. Not to discredit many of the other great parts we've gotten in recent years. But that bar is really thinking outside the brick.

  • You’re a lot more critical than you used to be Jang,but I appreciate your criticisms.For me though,this series is perfect!👍🏻😁

  • regarding value our local toyshop keep still old price (3.39 eur) for new collectible minifigs. So no increase this year in price regardless of official lego retail price.

  • Watching Jang talk about Batmite's legs being either dual molded or triple molded makes me want to watch a video where he cuts some Lego parts in half just to see exactly how they're molded on the inside. God, I almost want to cut one apart now just to sate my curiousity. But the chance of getting a bat-mite randomly is too much of a gamble, lol…

  • Add on for your lego city
    Movie theater
    food chains
    a hiking trail
    flower store
    tool shop
    Halloween store
    Gun store
    and a market please respond

  • I completely agree with you on the increase in price Jang. 5$ is just too much a single minifigure with an accessory. Collectible minifigures series was my favorite thing to collect these past few years, but I'm definitely thinking of moving on now.

  • Lego going to $5 a pop feels really bad, $4 already felt like a stretch, but to only get 4 minifigs for $20, instead of 5, really hurts

  • Im totally agree, lego is not for poor kids or poor adults

    but in certain way they need to recover stoled figures on all their sets. For this and revenue reasons,

    Lego is applaying co-obranding in order to justify the new prices using the image of classic hereos figures,

    thinking that LEGO is no adding real value to their products, just their old logo and cheap package.

    Smart bussines movement, but dissapointing for regular lego consumers like me, too.

    Lego is using different agressive marketing tools, in order to justify raising prices. But they dont mind about a bunch of angry consumer in one category, because they are working "hard" to have a large set categories, linked at same time the strategy of using technology to create very fitted sets (# pieces) and creat more demand because availability limmited (#boxes volume). All of them are marketing strategies to rise incomes. They have same principles like Samsung or Iphone headquaters.

  • I was pretty thrilled about getting the new minifig collection when I saw then last month, but I agree about the price, you pay about 90$ to get all 16 figures, which is quite steep, I mean that are quite cool if you ask me, not perfect for some of them, the skin tones are off and that happens too often, Lego needs to at least step up their printing process a bit, and going through the blind bags to avoid getting doubles is no small feat either, but I did it, got every single one. Not completely sure if I will keep them or sell them to a collector in the future, but right now, I'm happy having them. Let's hope the price won't go higher, otherwise it will discourage people to get the whole collection, or future collections. Unless you want to wait for them to come at a discount when they retire this series, there was at least 3 other minifig collections at my local TRUs at a discount so they could liquidate them as fast as possible, super review, Jang!

  • For those new angled and transparent pieces alone, I might pick up a couple of these. They seem like they'd be very useful for smaller builds, such as furniture or props for minifigs.

  • Great video….and in regard to the price hike….I was able to get them all for $4 or less…I was worried about the price hike too but it didn’t affect me with this series of minifigs and I bought all my figures at Walmart and target….I was very happy/surprised to not pay five bucks for these figures…

  • Jang – don’t worry about a minor error, the detail in the review is great. I completely agree about the price of these, think this is going to be the price hike that stops me buying the minifig sets.

  • With Wonder women why didnt they dual mold with Flesh and red then print the blue over a blue hip and the flesh legs ?

  • It's almost insulting that Lego made a Stargirl before any of the various Starman characters that came before. We need a Jack Knight and Ted Knight Lego!

  • Wonderwoman production is horrible and pathetic. Shame on you LEGO, being that expensive and production standards lower then even in your's past! This wave is boring and totally not worth it

  • If they do increase it I feel like they need to add something to the figures a little build or something or package two figures together because like you say they are walking a fine line in terms of value

  • XLNT review as always. A few mistakes but you did give a disclaimer.

    I have ever collectable minifig since its introduction. At $5 a pop I am thinking on closing that collection. Not wanting to play anymore at $80 for a complete set plus tax (assuming I make no errors).

  • I am not a fan of the $5 price. It certainly doesn't feel like $80 worth of stuff when you get all 16. I thought the $4 price was pushing it. just not a good value.

  • Oh thank you so much, I guess I’ll be going to the Lego store soon.

    I did buy my dad the Lego architecture sampler set with the NYC skyline.

    I’ll let you know how that went.

    Jang? There’s a Lego group on Drive Tribe – May I post links to your videos there? I think the cross pollination would be healthy in a adult social context.

    Again thanks!

  • I really enjoyed the video.  I am not big on DC either, but did recognize the main characters.  Your evaluation of them is what is important to me.

  • Does anyone know the Lego part number for the little black stands these figures stand on? I’d like to order 100 or so!

  • Hi Jang, good day to you, when are you goin to continue with your modular city moc video? I miss it alot, is nice and happy to see you city upgrading 😁

  • Jang. I do agree with you that going up to $5 is not a great idea but to compare it to Mega Constructs is too much. Their figures have to be the ugliest things I have ever seen. I wouldn't pay a buck for them.

  • When are we going to get the Book Shop review? You normally review the modular early in the year and now it is almost March.

  • Those clear pieces are going to be a brickfilm makers best friend, i can feel it. (spoken as an amateur brick-film maker)

  • Funny thing about the price, even though they increased the retail cost, this ended up being the cheapest I got them from stores overall. My brothers and I went looking for new LEGO late on Jan 1st. I'd heard the rumor of $5 for these. So I was surprised that Walmart had them at $3.44 on release day. I thought maybe the $5 rumor hadn't come true afterall, and how rare to find them for even cheaper when they first came out.

    There were only 23 packs in the box, but I managed to get 13 unique and a second Joker and Aquaman (on purpose). I was just missing Bumblebee, Batman, and Huntress.

    Then soon after I saw that did have them with the $4.99 price and I felt even luckier to get them for the cheaper price. I figured I'd just pick up the 3 I needed on Bricklink eventually if I didn't get them some other way. Then late January I was in Cincinnati and stopped by their LEGO store. I was able to feel for the Batman and Bumblebee very quickly and easily. They were the $4.99 price, but I was happy to get them (and glad I didn't have to pay $5 for most of them). Later that week I was at a Walmart in Ashland, KY and they had a bunch and again they were still $3.44. I decided to feel a few packs and the second one was Huntress. Collection was complete. I did/do want to get a couple more Bat Mites to give to my brothers because they are pretty big comic book fans (and LEGO fans). When I got home earlier this month, I stopped by my Target and they had them for $3.99. I decided to feel some packs and got one more Bat Mite, but then I didn't find any more quickly and gave up for that day.

    While I despise the price hike to $5 and wasn't sure I'd collect the whole set, being able to score them for cheaper in retail stores, most even cheaper than I paid when they were $3.99 retail price, I'm pretty happy with the series. I, as much as anyone, am also not happy with LEGO's print quality when printing light on dark colors…it's been quite apparently the last year or two (that I've noticed). I think it really showed when comparing the old Star Wars figures with the new 20th anniversary ones. I can't recall which ones specifically, but it was quite noticeable that LEGO was doing it better back in the day and has slacked off. That combined with how much they are charging for CMFs, really is disappointing. Also last year, I created a display stand in a small display case with all of the Captain America figures (minus the con-exclusives) for my sister for her birthday. The very first Captain America shield looked great, the newest one with a gray base looked pretty good. All the rest in between, the white looked pink against the red base. I don't know the reason for the drop off in opacity in these cases. I'm not sure if they're using less ink, or a different ink, or what. I'm hopeful they'll right this, but it's been going on quite a while now with people complaining and they just keep doing it. I guess I expect more from LEGO. We pay a lot of money for their bits of plastic. I realize changes can happen with unexpected consequences, but I feel like there has been awareness for long enough they could have fixed it…and what better time to do it, when raising the prices. Maybe folks would have taken it better if it wasn't an issue with the more expensive DC series. Like okay, they're charging more, but the quality went up. Still probably wouldn't like that price, but maybe an easier pill to swallow.

    Anyway, maybe obvious but Bat Mite is my favorite of the series. Such a fun figure and I especially love his comic book accessory. I want a couple more for my collection (at least the accessory). A close second is the original Batman…I really like that one two. Did I miss it, of did you not show his accessory of the rope/string?

    Thanks for your insightful and in depth review of this series. I thought I'd checked them out at least a bit when I first got them, but not that thoroughly. I didn't notice Bumblebee's torso situation with her skin color…that does seem really bad assuming that there's not a good reason for it (I haven't researched the source material).

    One more thing, on an already really long response, I really like the little stand pieces. You mentioned they each came with 2 of the clear stand pieces, but I swear some of mine only had one (though many did have two). My brothers and I had fun with them that first night…using several to put Superman much higher in the air. They are quite versatile little pieces and I'm glad they included them and I hope they'll be more of a regular thing. I definitely just want to grab a bunch from a Bricklink seller at some point.

  • Yeah they increase the price.. imagine in other countries as well, its more expensive due to the currency difference. I have to be very selective on which figurine to get now.

  • Fully agree with your comparison of Mega figs vs Lego figs. I adore the unique style of Lego minifigs, they're fun and cute and have a lot of personality – but in terms of articulation, play functionality, poseability etc, Mega knocks it out of the park. You just get more for your money with the Mega figs.

    Keep putting out the quality content! You are my go-to guy for honest Lego reviews, and it's seriously appreciated!

  • LEGO raising the prices on a product that has seen it's printing quality go down significantly over the last few years is quite something. Glad I'm more or less over the CMF line, it was never worth it really and nowadays it's really not worth it at all.

  • What I find strange about the price is that while LEGO raised the price, I’ve been able to find them at a price lower than the old pricing at Wal-Mart and Amazon. I was never able to get past CMF series lower than MSRP.

  • You look like a genie floating in the beginning of the video. I’m impressed.

    I was able to pull a full set of these from the first box I found at Fred Meyer a couple weeks ago, and they were on sale for $3 each. Spent some time feeling the bags and got 16/16 correct! Pretty excited to have the full set. 👍

  • The Green lantern sinestro symbol printed tiles are nuts pears, and are meant to be placed on the lanterns. This is something that easily missed so I'm not going to say it is your fault, but I figured you should know

  • I’ve largely stopped buying more than 1 or 2 blind bag per series because it’s ungodly expensive and frustrating to paid $3-5 per and get a repeat. Most of them are picked over at stores so super high chance for repeats. Honestly think if LEGO increased the cost to $5 and made them visible, people would buy a ton more. Think the only folks buying these en mass are resellers.

  • I don’t accept the fact of the US price increase.
    Which is outright insane, good thing Walmart sells them for $3.44, but that could lead to Lego justifying the $5 USD.
    Time to pluck the wings off bumble bee and put it on the terrible wasp figure to make it look decent.

  • Regarding the price increase, I'd love to know the margins that are being made on the figure mini-series, and what margins have historically been made. $5 is steep – not as steep as £5, mind you! – but if the margins are in line with increased costs, I'm not sure we can really gripe about it? Yang, you say that the figures feel like they're $3 worth of kit, and we trust you on that, but given your insight into the inner machincations of Lego, any chance of finding out about Lego's take on this? If costs haven't gone up, then theyre taking an extra $16 on every complete set, and I'd have issues with that, but if prices are going up and the complexity of the figures are rising, can we really take umbrage with that? I'm not so sure.

  • The wings on bumblebee just make me more upset about their choice for Wasp last year. Like this would have been a far better option than the darn blue ones. Not perfect but like gosh that wasp fig was horrible.

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