Lana Condor & Jordan Fisher Break Down When Lara Jean Meets John Ambrose | To All the Boys Sequel

– Hey you guys, I’m Lana. – I’m Jordan Fisher. – And we are doing the shot-by-shot Lara Jean, John Ambrose meet-cute. Play. (upbeat music) – Welcome, we’re just
waiting for one more. – So, Lara Jean right now,
she just turned in her, “This is my volunteer letter and I’m working here now.” – She’s being taken around
Belleview by the lovely Holland Taylor, who plays Stormy.
– Stormy. – Knock ’em dead, honey. – Thank you. (tape rewinding) – Oh, I thought that I was
the only one who signed up. – From Ether, yes, but we have
a young man from Port Smith, his name is– – John Ambrose McClaren. – [Jordan] So, press pause real quick. So, the door that I just came through, I want you guys to be clear that I was speaking with a grip. We were having long
conversations as we kept doing the shot over and over again. We just kept picking
that conversation back up every time we would reset. Oh, and I had a Starbucks back there too, I was sipping a Starbucks. – [Lana] At this point, Lara Jean knows. I know that he received the love letter. – John Ambrose is not expecting
to see Lara Jean here. Lara Jean is not expecting
to see John Ambrose here. – And this is gonna be awkward, because I don’t remember
what the love letter said. (bowl crashing) (candy rolling) We knocked it over and they had to pick it up every take and put it back in–
– Literally every single time. – And I would always
crunch it with my shoes, I would crunch it, so there would be like, crushed chocolate all over the floor. (candy rolling) – Hi Lara Jean. – [Lana] And there’s that smile! Wow, such a great, such a great smile! Such a great intro. – Was that the moment that
you were talking about from last night? – Of course it was. – Aww! – That’s my favorite moment. I love that moment. (yells and thuds) – [Lara] What a place
to freeze frame that! Wow! I mean, that’s easy. – That’s an easy stunt. – That’s easy, that’s
just falling backwards on a mat. I have a lot of stunt training, so I was like, about it
and I was ready to go and it’s just a fall. I do remember that they
kept telling me to like, they loved when my feet flew up. They were like, “Put yourself out!”
– Which is great. – Jeez, Lara Jean! – I’ll get the first-aid kit. – Are you okay? – Yeah. – And this was super tricky because I remember the hair girl had to constantly continuity that hair. – And the M&Ms as well. – And the M&Ms–
– The M&Ms behind. – Which was a nightmare for them. – Follow my finger. – [Lana] Do you remember, I could not keep it together? – Oh my god, I know exactly what you’re talking about! – I’m the worst. I’m the number one person who will break in a scene. – Like, it took 20, 30 minutes longer than it should have. – For sure! – Genuinely because we couldn’t
pull ourselves together. – Yes. – What are you doing? – I’m making sure you’re not concussed. – How can you tell? – (laughs) I’m gonna
ask you some questions. – (wispering) Okay. – You know who I am? – I was on a platform up here, right? – A platform like this big. – Yeah, it’s literally,
there’s a good like, four feet tall platform that I’m like hunched over, staring at Lana, who’s like– – I’m like, under the platform, like this. – Basically just to give me an eye-line. (groaning) – And, I’m gonna need that letter back. – This was half of the day, for sure, just because it’s so complex and for Michael especially,
our director, but he’s really sensitive.
– Took a good amount of time. – He’s sensitive about–
– But it gives us time, too. – It does, yeah.
– He lets us play and stuff. – He was also really
sensitive about this moment, too, because this has to be handled so specifically. – I know. – Okay, you have to return
it after you read it. It’s just, I need proof that someone actually liked me in middle school (laughs). – Are you kidding? Everyone liked you in middle school. – This is a charged, awkward, but supposed to be flattering and sweet moment between
these two characters, without it being too much. – You know? – How’s the patient? – (laughs) she’s good. She’s embarrassed, but okay (laughs). – (both) Team John Ambrose!

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