100 thoughts on “John King breaks down Bernie Sanders’ effect on polls after Nevada”

  • "There's a reason Bernie says the one with the most vote should be the nominee: Because he's likely to have the most vote!"
    It is less important that he said it and more important that the crowd cheered. It is a good thing. Govt. by the people for the people.

  • There's a reason Bernie says the one with the most vote should be the nominee: because that's how democracy works.
    The other 5 candidates basically said: we don't care about the people's will.

  • 24 hour later CNN receives marching orders and in pearl cluching fashion attempts to smears Bernie with decades old anti-Cuba propaganda that's conflates violent revolution, Marxist socialism, communism, and the current DS movement in a misrepresentive clip of a nuanced point from an interview with a Vanderbilt. Logically, CNN knows the argument presented makes sense but since it plays on well established stigma and prejudice, they air it repeatedly.

    You have an administration purging people for insufficient loyalty to the president yet CNN would have you believe the authoritarian you should worry about is the one with plans of expanding democracy. CNN, covering the controversy and earning the title, fake news (or manufacturer of consent)

    Makes you wonder how CNN would of covered the last Red Scare… or witch trials. Seems likely they would legitimised the idea that bound witches float, so not to alienate those good "Christian" folk.

  • Citing sources familiar with the matter, the Washington Post recently reported that U.S. officials had warned Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that Russia is trying to get him to the White House. Sanders is currently the front-runner for the Democrat presidential nomination. Corrupt House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has described the assertion that Russia is trying to help Sanders as “false,” lambasting Trump for repeating it.
    Echoing the U.S. intelligence and national security officers who spoke to CNN and the Times, White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien and Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short denied the ODNI official’s claim that Russia is interfering in the 2020 presidential election to aid Trump’s re-election.
    Nevertheless, Democrat lawmakers continue to claim that Russia is interfering in the U.S. elections on behalf of Trump.
    President Trump has called for an investigation into a possible leak of classified intelligence unveiled during the briefing on election interference, accusing corrupt Adan Schiff of leaking the information.

  • At about 6:40 they made the mistake of saying Bernie wants the one with the most votes to win because he would have the most votes. Wrong, Bernie wants the will of the people to win, which he stated. He is not the sleezy politician that would do that get your shit right CNN.

  • Let's stop even visiting this site, I'm done with their bullshit dressed up as news. Bye for awhile, see you in 2030 and a decade should give you the chance to disappear or start truth telling.

  • This is the best the democrats can offer Us! What is happening to the democrats I grew up with and have voted for since reaching voting age. There is not a single person in this party who has a realistic grasp of economic or business let alone health care.

  • Who pays for all of these "improvements?" The taxpayers. Crazy Hair wants 90% tax in the middle of all of his give aways. CNN, tell the truth.

  • The “HAVES, HAVE NOTS & WILL NOTS” .. what we’re all watching happen in the U.S. is a “class warfare” .. a “gang fight”. Where Bernie Sanders is the leader of one gang .. and Donald Trump the leader of the other. They both have established “their purpose”, a powerful thing that bonds each group and provides the fuel and momentum for their cause/fight. Each group sees the other as “evil” an evil that needs to be destroyed. These two groups represent the “Haves and the Have nots” in American society. They are the loudest of Americans and understand that the “squeaky wheel that gets the grease” and are firmly committed to their Idealogical causes. The problem is .. that the largest group of Americans are the “Middle class” and right now represent the “Will nots”. And unless they quickly learn this lesson .. their voices will never be heard. They need to create “their purpose” the thing that will bond their supporters and provide fuel and momentum. They NEED to pick their Leader who will fight and represent that cause. For if they Will not .. their choices will be made for them. What the “Middle class” don’t realize .. is that “THEY are the KEY” .. that “THEY are the PRIZE” that the other two groups so desperately need to Win !! The Middle Class has always had the Power to drive the change that is needed for ALL AMERICANS !!! I Hope You See that !!! For if you don’t find your voices, your purpose, your Leader .. when it comes time to vote the only choices you’ll have is to vote with the “HAVES” or the “HAVE NOTS” .. or maybe some “WILL NOT” vote at all. ✨ GOD BLESS AMERICA .. GOD BLESS THE “MIDDLE CLASS” ✨

  • Fearmongering all the way! Indoctrination works. And we have been indoctrinated by the Elite(Getting richer by the second) that the wealthy knows better and that also will treat the people fairly. For decades the result of all that has been a decrease in power for the working class, losing benefits and power of acquisition and social turmoil that divide us redirecting our attention to not so important issues not recognizing that we (The People) are the biggest and strongest power in the Nation.

  • This clip was pretty fair and kind to Bernie in my opinion. Why are the comments so hostile? John King isn’t part of the problem. Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd are. MSNBC is worse than CNN in my opinion.

  • For those of you who relate Bernie to SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM or those who know somebody that thinks this way here is an excellent video to show them. It explains what these terms mean in some detail and how political ideologies are changing and why it's not anywhere near as radical as many make it out to be! The fear-mongering out there is UNBELIEVABLE!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6J3ROV4IPc

  • can't pay any attention – to a candidate has no idea his own numbers. or done anything for 30 years – except take Tax Payer Dollars.

  • Do you really voting for this Socialist Communist Bernie Sanders in
    2020? Here are real facts about the evil communist killing over 100
    millions people in the past 80 year;
    1. China 70 Millions
    2. Russia 25Millions
    3. Cambodia 1.8 Million
    4. North Korea 75,000

  • The Culinary Union didn't endorse anyone because their members wanted Sanders and if the Union Party heads endorsed someone else they would look stupid when all their members votes for Sanders.

  • Abby D Phillip smart to identify that DNC needs to be sensible and not tear itself apart just because of disliking Bernie

  • Political Pundits like John King are in fact hacks for the establishment and should not be relied on for objective reporting. He skewed the truth right from the get go: The opposition's argument is "he can't sell socialism to the country." Wrong. Who would think that except for an ignorant person? Why would an educated political analyst want to encourage ignorant thinking upon any voter? Uh, let's see? Could it be … he's a hack?
    "but, Democratic voters will be voting for the Democratic Nominee." Wrong again. Democratic Voters and in some states Independents, the majority of whom, like me, are progressive Independents, and some Republican voters, who may vote for Bernie in the primary if they think Bernie would be a weaker opponent for what's his name, will be voting for the Democratic Nominee. Don't be discouraged when listening to the main-stream hacks because not only are they not telling you the truth but they also leave out plenty of important information like: Sanders voters who see the Bernie campaign as not only a political revolution but as a social revolution are more likely to go to the polls than older non-bernie voters who really do not have a candidate that is inspiring. And in that Bernie montage, CNN made sure not to put "and on day one, I will legalize the selling and distribution of marijuana all across the country." We don't want people to start dreaming about a cash crop out there that can stimulate the economy in many rural areas; nah, we wouldn't want to do that. And another point of interest that you won't hear from the hacks is the fact that there are significantly more registered Independent voters in this nation than either Republican or Democrat voters. Hmmm, I wonder why they would leave out that fact? Could it be that they will do anything to protect the two-party political system in this country — something which can be shaped and to a certain extent rigged if all of the powers that be including the media establishment are in on it. Hmmm. Let's think about it, then let's watch the documentaries "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media" and "Requiem for the American Dream," and then let's vote for Senator Bernie Sanders for President.

  • Union. I'm not working for somebody else, I'm working for me and my children screwed Union. This guy don't know what he's talking about. I'm going to vote for Donald Trump. Democrats like one understanding number one Democrats don't have any money number 2 you want to surround yourself with wealthy people if you're a Democrat. Put a Republican president and Surround Republican president with Democrats. But just just goes to show you that all those white Democrats don't know shit

  • If Senator Sanders goes all the way Trump gets another 4 years! UNFORTUNATELY! no way the country as a whole wants a socialist in power!

  • It's not Bernie's fault.
    Democrats have self destructed thanks to Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and their Fake News Media hacks.

  • Bernie has support because he's the only one with a platform, the rest are just running on unseating Trump, that's a big issue with the establishment candidates who want to get their power back but to the middle class we want someone who will work for us and not wall street. I don't believe all of the media outlets that say the most important thing to Democrats is getting Trump out of office, many people realize that there is a equal part of the US who are conservative and respect that they voted for their president for their reasons. I have nothing against Trump or conservatives, in fact I think it's refreshing that trump is actually trying to fulfill his campaign promises.

  • People need to remember why the serfs in Russia turned to Communism, why the French turned to Socialism. Hell, you need to remember why the Magna Carta was signed, because MONARCHY was taking everything from the people and the people were worked to death with no reward. That is why they turned INWARD and held each other up.. We all should know what happened to those Monarchs…but Trump and the people who surround him DO NOT. I suggest they read a history book. And I suggest young people here, reach out to young people in Europe and Scandinavia , heel even Canada to compare quality of life. That is what I am voting for, quality of life for my grandchildren and their grandchildren. Think ahead. As much as you think you will never grow old, I can tell you, it will be upon you before you can blink. Remember, when you go into to negotiate anything, you ask for EVERYTHING you want and you work together to get to a resolution. You can't be afraid. Think of the alternatives. GO VOTE!

  • No, ma’am. Bernie does not advocate for true democracy only when it convenes him. He advocates for democracy because its the right thing to do.

  • 1. Warren isn't going to drop out particularly after a strong debate, and certainly not before Amy.
    2. Amy won't drop out til' Pete does…
    3. Pete thinks finishing 4th place is a win so there's that.
    4. Biden think's squeezing out a win in SC is a "win" and will stick around through Super Tuesday.
    5. Bloomberg is in as an assassin… to eventually do damage to Bernie, which only helps Trump.
    6. In spite of all of this nonsense, Bernie will be several hundred delegates beyond his nearest rival.
    7. The DNC would destroy the party if they do not back Bernie at that point.

    At the end of the convention, and looking ahead to the general… the Party needs to lick its wounds and have a 'come to Bernie' moment if they stand any chance of defeating Trump.

  • U Americans have no idea what public health care will do to your country first the hospitals will be over run because no non public hospitals first the elderly will die then your parents I live in NZ and we have public health care and it takes over a year just to get an exray and there's only 4millon people in my country u look at countrys like Norway there are less people living there than in my country if u vote Bernie u will be making a huge mistake not to mention all the job losses and how are u going to pay for it it sounds good free education but it will never happen

  • Thousands of Americans died fighting communism and sociallizim is communism just wrapped up in a pretty bow these teenages are going to ruin your country for what free health care and student loans good luck with that

  • Democrats are good at losing when it seems like all you can do is win. If we want a win in November we better go with Bernie!

  • The majority of Bernie's followers are "millimbeciles" who are only voting for him on the slight chance he can erase their college debt. That's it! Everything else he says goes in one of their ears and out the other. Their motivation is selfish. It's unfortunate that we've raised a generation of kids who are lazy, over-entitled, and are not willing to be responsible for the choices THEY made. What does it say to all the families who followed the rules, disciplined their children to make wise monetary decisions, saved their money, and paid their debts honorably?

  • Back the socialist you brain dead lemmings. He stated when "castro was elected" in cuba?? WTF??
    Did he mean when the castro fools and homicidal maniac che. R, pulled the coup.burnie you moron.

  • Bernie is not trying to make us a socialist country. You and other MSM need to start reporting things as they are and not for ratings…. Offering healthcare for everyone is not socialism, look it up…
    Anyone that's saying that is in is most likely someone whose pockets are about to be affected… hmm hmmm "Insurance Company's and their GOP presentatives"…

  • like no black people I know, including my parents, want biden. He was merely an accessory to Obama, but nobody gave a hoot about him

  • Socialism and Marxism is just a blink and a heartbeat away from each other…
    Millennials start breaking out the history books……
    If Trump loses the country will CTD…..
    Circle The Drain

  • The Super Delegates put the nail in the coffin in 2016 convention against Bernie Sanders. There is nothing to say that they will not do it again. The Democratic Party is far from united and, if the race is close enough, there is nothing stopping a power play by the party's elite. More specifically, it all depends if Joe Biden is reasonably close to Bernie Sanders to justify a move to "crown" Joe as the nominee. It is reasonable to believe that Joe Biden has deeper connections in the party, behind the scenes. Also, Barack Obama remains the wild card behind the scenes that could help solidify Super Delegates for Joe. It is reasonable to believe that his loyalty is to his former Vice President who served him well.

  • It's fine to debate Bernie Sanders past. But there is NO debate on his future plans. The costs of his plans for Medicare for all, climate, job guarantees, college loan forgiveness, etc. are very clear. What Tio Bernie will NOT tell you is that these programs are IMPOSSIBLE from a numbers standpoint. The tax increases he espouses ($23 trillion over 10 years) will not even cover 25% of his proposed new spending. HIS numbers, not mine. Tax rates on EVERYONE (because no…the rich cannot make up the deficit – not even close – even if the rich foolishly decide to keep their assets in America – which they wouldn't) would be more like in the 90% range – and THAT is conservative. If you would like the actual numbers broken down – or put here – let me know. Again…it's BERNIE's numbers, not mine. He just hopes most of you won't bother to examine them closely.

  • She thinks if they had endorsed another candidate then they’d leave Bernie and blindly follow who ever else like sheep?

  • If the establishment dems steal it away from Bernie, I for one, won’t be surprised that Trump will win in a landslide.

    Am predicting a 340+ electoral votes to Trump.

  • Democratic voters picks the nominee??? Don't make me laugh…
    The reason I switched years ago from voting democrat, is SUPER DELEGATES.
    BUT NO….

  • Hahaha the most “progressive and woke” are electing and old white dude lol Bernie is a communist and will never win a general. He should take a big step back and go fuck himself

  • Trump wants Bernie to run and win the DNC Presidential nominee because he knows that Bernie is the only guy that the DNC hates more than Trump

  • I'm fully behind Bernie but $15 an HR will incentivize automation. $11.25-11.75 an hour by 2024 is doable and feels right, based on historical trends.

  • Manufacturing of Consent hard at work in our mainstream media. Where is the Russian story? We want 5 more year's of Russia gate.

  • . EXODUS
    . How many professional athletes would leave their game when admission to the stadium or arena becomes free?
    . Professional sports in America will become a thing of the past.
    . The same will happen to education and healthcare when teachers and doctors are forced to provide their services at discount prices or to give their service away for free.
    . There will be no teachers, there will be no doctors and these brilliant students will have to find a way to finance their travels abroad for an education and or healthcare.
    . Not only is Bernie Sanders an idiot but so are the thousands of people who support him; and worse are those who might vote for him.

  • “Sanders thinks he has momentum?” I’m what do you mean “thinks” he straight up has the momentum after that big Nevada win come on now

  • If you tested the electorate in 2016 most people would have said they would not vote for someone who openly said he grabbed women by the pussy, didn't release his taxes and basically dictated his health records (and for the record at his cult rally the other night he could barely string two words together) and would tell 10000 lies in 3 years. Bernie has a cardiologist say he is fit to work as president. He is a democratic socialist which means he wants to provide strong social programs. Stop with the scare mongering and get behind Bernie because trump needs to go before he destroys your democracy completely.

  • This is corporate democrats, fear mongering, because what Bernie Sanders represents…. the realization that their donors will have to start paying their share of taxs. That their donors won't be able to make a profit off keeping the American public poor, sick and on medications….. that we will be able to afford it or will have it as a right.
    That their donors will lose the hundreds of billions of dollars as we transition to renewable/clean energy.
    Bottom line that their donors won,'t be able to continue to use their predatory capitalism practices on the working families. The list goes on as why the corporate Democrats and the corporate Republicans are scared to death of Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders can bring "we the people" together, united and putting the power back in the hands the Constitution intended it to be in…….ours!
    And it's sick watching a chuck todd, joy Reed and chris matthews and the like… basically in tears, shaking and face all flushed having to announce that Bernie Sanders wins Nevada.
    To hear some of them twisting themselves in knots trying to make it sound like Bernie's wins were somehow not as important as other candidates coming in 3rd or 4th, sad!
    But then when you figure the tv hacks are corporate media tools, then it makes sense.
    Bernie will beat Trump easily. It's just so hard for the corporate media and corporate politicians to admit it.
    They throw out the "socialist" scare word knowing full well that Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist.
    And he has told people what that means about a billion times.
    And it's not what the corporate dems/repubs/media trys to portrays it to be….it's not marxists revisionism to start with so put away your communist label. If you don't know what it is ….look at his Website. And you will see how all his policies will be paid for. Bernie Sanders has the most comprehensive and complete plans of all the candidates with research, studies and hard science to back it up.

  • I always found the "siphoning votes away" argument really stupid. Let people vote for who they want to vote for. Let the people decide.

  • Go Bernie. We want socialised sex people should be free to fuck everywere anytime anywere. For socialised pussies anus and mouths…

  • We the GOOD People of America WILL make certain that Vladimir Putin's Angry Communist Comrade Bernie Sanders gets Fully Rejected in November. We WILL NEVER ALLOW a Mentally-deluded Communist like Sanders to Hijack our government and turn our country it into another Venezuela. NO WAY!!! Let's make this Perfectly Clear to ALL you Liberal DOLT Socialists and Communists: The Intelligent People of America WILL NOT give any of the Incompetent Liberal Political HACKS vying for the Democrat nomination the power to raise taxes in order to fund their Radical Liberal agenda. NO WAY!!! Let that sink into your Brainwashed heads.

    Prepare yourselves for President Trump's Massive and Overwhelming Landslide BLOWOUT Victory this coming November. The Silent Majority of Smart Voting American Citizens WILL RISE UP against this well known Evil of Socialism and Communism. It will be politically DESTROYED. Make Absolutely NO Mistake about that!






  • The Bernie Sanders effect =appeal to greed , envy and Coventry the dark side of human nature, pretend this helping others to cover up black soul

  • Proverbs 30: 11-17
    11 There is a generation that curses its father,
    And does not bless its mother.
    12 *There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes,
    Yet is not washed from its filthiness.*
    13 *There is a generation—oh, how lofty are their eyes!
    And their eyelids are lifted up.*

    14 *There is a generation whose teeth are like swords,
    And whose fangs are like knives,*
    *To devour the poor from off the earth,
    And the needy from among men.*

    15 The leech has two daughters—
    Give and Give!
    There are three things that are never satisfied,
    Four never say, “Enough!”:
    16 The grave,
    The barren womb,
    The earth that is not satisfied with water—
    And the fire never says, “Enough!”
    17 *The eye that mocks his father,
    And scorns obedience to his mother,
    The ravens of the valley will pick it out,
    And the young eagles will eat it.*

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