Jailbreak Diaries: Going To A Cat Show

Jailbreak Diaries: Going To A Cat Show

In this episode of the Jailbreak Diaries
Billy and I go to our very first cat show in Sanford Florida where we
discovered there are a lot of similarities to dog shows but dog people
are much louder than cat people the guys are pretty hot turn left sorry my left or your left well all
three of us are facing the same way so it’s the same left oh I don’t see anything it’s a man hot guy oh it’s a hot guy I’m sorry now he’s heard us now I can
never turn again and the people are beyond generous with their time and with
their knowledge Billy and I have been on quite a few adventures during our force
three-month vacation from dog shows so be sure to subscribe and ring that
little bell so you don’t miss one moment of the fun walking into our very first
cat show felt surprisingly somewhat familiar at first glance it’s like being at a
smaller dog show where the grooming area and the show rings are all in the same
room except here the cats are kept in these adorable little tent like
structures I suppose somewhat like our pop-up tents that we use in the toy
breeds the Rings consist of special display crates for the cats and they’re
all wrapped around a table where the cats are judged it took a bit of soaking
it all in to grasp all the concepts but yeah I got it it totally made sense some
interesting things to note the cats are placed in what is called a benched cage
there’s a ring steward just like a dog shows that helps maintain the records
and of course calls in the animals by number the judges themselves actually
get the cats out of the cages to inspect and of course judge them each ring is
its own separate show so you could bring your cat to all seven of the rings for
seven chances to earn points just like in a dog show they judge the males and
then the females it was so fascinating to watch the judges interact with the
cats to truly see it in action including playing with it and they talked with the
actual owners and all the people watching how cool is that the judges
placed the ribbons right onto the cages and that’s how you know if your cat won
a cat needs to win 6 first place winner ribbons in the open category to earn its
title of champion just like in our best to breed in dogs a champion goes on to
compete against other champions and then after they earned two
points they become a grand champion each breed is judged within itself just like the dogs are ok and then it expands in the end at the final is when they all come back together ok ok so every breed is like the breed standard for a birman or an exotic or a maine coon or a persian they’re all different right so they are judged against their individual standard right just like in dogs yes it’s the same thing just like in horses it’s the same thing the horses are judges for conformation and grooming so in the end they come back together it’s the group of all the winners yes you have a top yes based on the cats that day just like at dog shows right now one thing we did definitely took note of was the process of keeping everything clean and sanitary now they are extremely sanitary yes they are do you see what they are doing they are like cleaning everything everything everything every time he washes his hands and that counter every time every time a cat leaves a crate they clean it they don’t do that at dog shows no hello kennel cough these are cute they really really cute like I want one of those these are all exotic kittens
and I want at least one of each they’re not gonna fit in your van and now I’m
gonna interbreed them to create designer cats just kidding good whats the equivalent to a cat doodle now you know Billy and I had a show favorite and we called it the moment he walked
past us OMG the most eye-catching ly stunning Maine Coon ever of course his
size definitely made you stop and take note he’s a one year and eight months old
maine coon he’s 21 pounds yes that is he is amazing he’s not heavy he’s just like
he’s not a fat 21 pounds it’s amazing they grow three to five years so he’s still got time he’s just a teenager but he’s spectacular I mean he’s absolutely stunning thank you so much Wow another thing I couldn’t help but notice was the extremely large auction table in
the center of the room you see I have this addiction to auctions and always
participate at dog shows so of course I had to continue the tradition here plus
I have a cat I need stuff right funny thing is I swear when it comes to
auctions and raffles I always seem to win something and this time was no
different and I wasn’t the only winner winner chicken dinner
Billy won big-time cat stuff and holiday decorations and costume jewelry and even
more cat stuff and a bunch of white owls I think Billy did his Christmas shopping
with his loot truly an amazing day at the cat show and they invited us back
with our cameras so until next time so now I think I’m going to have a side
job as a professional cat agent agent it’s called agent not handler agent
because you don’t handle them no you agent them right and you can wear jeans right I don’t have to even dress nice BLEEP like hello

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