iOS 13.4 Beta 1 and Public Beta 1 – Follow Up

iOS 13.4 Beta 1 and Public Beta 1 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13.4 developer beta 1 and public beta 1 has been out for a little while
now a little bit longer for developers and public beta testers have had about a
good week at this point to test this out and so I thought I’d talk about my
experience a little bit I’ve been using it primarily on my iPhone 11 pro max
along with the iPhone 8 plus that I have here and the iPad pro from 2018 it’s my
12 point 9 inch iPad pro so I’ll talk about the experience on all of these
devices that I’ll talk about your experience and then some of your
comments now I did run a YouTube community poll a week ago based off beta
1 and many of you continued to comment and vote on that so we’ll continue to
use that one and when beta 2 comes out probably this week or so I’ll talk about
that and run a different poll for that particular update so this update or iOS
13 point for beta 1 on my iPhone 11 pro max has been really solid and the
experience changed over time initially I had all sorts of issues with Wi-Fi and
LTE and not with them switching but rather I had issues with the speed
sometimes it would be fast sometimes it would be slow if I went to
sometimes it just wouldn’t load for some reason so it was acting really weird and
when it wasn’t loading on Wi-Fi I could turn it off switch to LTE and it would
load fine then it wouldn’t load fine on LTE switch back and it was fine after a
few days that problem completely went away and it’s been great ever since and
performance overall has been fantastic I’ve had no issues loading apps or
anything like that and RAM management in general has been
ok and I’ll talk about that in just a moment but first let me talk about one
other issue I was having and I’m still having and that has to do with mail and
now this particular update changed some of those mail features but still I’m
having issues with mail so it might tell me that I have 10 email here I go into
the email app and they’re just not there then I’ll refresh it or sometimes close
out of the email app and they’ll show up and this has been such an issue with iOS
13 they’ve made some changes to mail that I’m not sure what keeps causing the
problems but it just makes me want to switch to a different email client so
I’ve been looking at some others I’ve used Edison and spar
can outlook and all of those in the past I really just like the stock email app
but I’m getting very close to changing because I just can’t deal with all the
issues with it but other than the mail issue that I’m having with all the new
features in iOS 13.4 we can expect some new features and new updates with beta 2
and some more as we get closer to the final release and I’ll talk more about
that in a moment but performance has been great like I
said and RAM management has been ok for the most part but there’s certain apps
such as Instagram and sometimes YouTube when I open up YouTube it reloads and I
find it really is only between those two apps for some reason but other apps like
well maybe other apps are reloading now so this is just new for me but
throughout today none of these apps were reloading and now all of a sudden they
are so I’m not sure what’s going on with that musics not reloading but weather
was but prior to this I could open about 20 applications before another one with
reload now it seems a few of them are doing that so it’s kind of strange
what’s going on with RAM management but for the most part it’s been good with
the exception of Instagram today and YouTube otherwise it’s been fine now
battery life has been good enough for me that I really haven’t noticed it
although I have been using the iPad more today than previous days but you’ll see
I’m at 63% for my current battery it’s 12:03
in the morning but let’s take a look at battery here so if we go to battery go
to battery health I’m at 100% battery health that doesn’t really change too
much and updates don’t really affect that they’re just rechecking them but
let’s take a look at my actual usage so yesterday I had 3 hours and 44 minutes
of screen on time 1 hour and 37 minutes of screen off time now I used about 35
to 40% of my battery with that so maybe I’d get about 8 hours of screen on time
to 10 depending on how I’m using it screen off time is generally when you’re
playing music and the display is off something like that
now iPad OS has been really good I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever with
the exception of YouTube the YouTube app seems to really lock up and freeze from
time to time and this has been an issue with the YouTube app since
i OS 13 but basically you could be playing a video and it just won’t load
the right resolution and then it will even though I have the bandwidth to
handle that over my Wi-Fi network if I go to Safari or Chrome or any other
application that will run YouTube I can actually run it there in full resolution
no problem I just can’t do it in the app otherwise for the iPad I had zero issues
whatsoever so I’m really happy with this although we’re not seeing a ton of
changes with the iPad OS updates this has actually been pretty solid for me
and very usable so I have no complaints with it but I just wanted to follow up
on that now when talking about issues that many of you have had there have not
been that many but there were a couple that stood out to me one of them has to
do with the iPhone 8 plus in particular when you rotate to landscape some people
are saying they have issues with this now if you have one of the larger phones
the plus phones with a home button you can rotate the home screen to landscape
why they didn’t carry it over to things like the 11pro max or the XS max I’m
not really sure but you can do that on the 8 plus I haven’t really seen any
issues with it but I have this in here to show you and performance and
everything not only on the 8 plus but going back to the iPhone 6s 6s plus 7 7
plus iphone se and everything else performance has been really good there’s
been very few complaints about it now the other thing though that one person
mentioned was issues with GPS so if they were using an app outside of Apple’s
Maps maybe Google Maps or ways or something along those lines they were
saying it couldn’t find location or GPS signal and they tried turning location
off turning it back on privacy settings all sorts of things by going into their
settings and messing around with privacy and location services and for some
reason it wasn’t working for them so unfortunately that I haven’t really
heard that a whole lot so maybe this is just a small issue but hopefully that
gets fixed soon now most of you reported battery life was actually pretty good as
well a lot of you I would say about 90% of you have said it’s been excellent on
everything from the iPhone 7 and older devices as well as newer devices so
that’s good news to hear although it is an early beta so that’s not
too much of a concern we really care more when iOS 13.4 finally comes out now
let’s take a look at the youtube community poll we’ll go to the community
tab here and this particular poll has 11,000 votes so I really appreciate that
now I suspect based off these numbers a lot of people are waiting for or have
already were looked into jailbreaking and things like that
with iOS 13.3 now I’m not sure if that’s what you’re doing or you just want to
stand an older version but it looks like a lot of you are staying in older
versions and you’ll see here 12% of you said it was great
3% said it was terrible 6% said ok but some bug’s 64 percent of you are on iOS
13 point 3.1 or older and 15% of you use Android so I really appreciate all of
those who are using Android even though this has nothing to do with that thanks
for voting on this now there’s a hundred and fifty-seven comments and what I did
because I did go through the follow-up in a previous video I went through all
the new comments from the past four days or so so we’ll take a look at some of
those I’m only gonna read about five of them we’ll take a look at them and then
we’ll talk about when iOS 13.4 beta 2 should come out so the first comment
says LTE issues on both iOS thirteen point four and thirteen point three
point one another comment says you could have kept an option not great not
terrible that’s what the option that’s okay but some bugs is four that means
it’s okay but there’s still a few issues so that it’s not great not terrible
on iphone seven running great no app crashes that I was constantly having on
older versions of iOS 13 seems to be running okay on my iPhone X but I have
noticed battery life isn’t as good as thirteen point three point one and the
device gets warm quite a bit while doing things like messaging and using Safari
I can’t charge my iPhone in car I keep getting this accessory is not supported
error I didn’t have any issues before the update you may want to try a
different cable or flip the cable around see what happens that I’ve seen that
before but usually that will fix it or you may have to downgrade from the beta
to try it to get it to work my notifications are messed up
iOS thirteen point four has been released but why not on my
iPhone 8 plus it’s for developers and public beta testers it actually comes
out at the exact same time around the world every single time they push it out
so if it’s out for developers here it’s out for developers everywhere and then
the last person says I’m on a successor really was not a lot of comments from
this particular past week or so and I suspect that’s because people were
staying on thirteen point three and thirteen point three point one now as
far as thirteen point four beta to I would expect at Monday or Tuesday of
this week so in a day or two I would expect that and it’s possible that we
will see iOS thirteen point three point two due to the jailbreaking and maybe
some tweaks and fixes there as well so since Apple stop signing iOS thirteen
point three we very well could see a new version that’s just very minor for
security patches and things like that other than that there’s not a whole lot
more with iOS thirteen point four I would expect some new features a couple
new things and then emoji to be added before it comes out to the public and I
would think it comes out to the public and probably a month or so at this point
we’re pretty early on in betas so I would expect at least four betas with
this although that could change now iOS 14 will see in June so I can’t wait to
see that but that won’t be out to the public until September as they normally
do must they change something along those lines but in March we should see
probably some new MacBooks 13-inch MacBook salong with that new iPhone 9 or
iPhone se 2 or whatever it’s going to be called and we should see maybe a new
iPad as well so all of these things are coming up let me know what you think
about all that in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do and if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13.4 Beta 1 and Public Beta 1 – Follow Up”

  • Hoping that an option to disable the camera on the lock screen without disabling the camera as a whole on the will be available.

  • Apple… FIX THE REVERB SPEAKER PHONE ISSUE!! It's baffling that the iPhones 10-11 have such horrendous reverb leaving the speaker phone feature useless!! This should be the first thing they attempt to fix, period!

  • I have an issue that’s been around since the release of 13.0.. whenever I’m using the google app to search an address, I USED to be able to press directions and it would automatically load and work flawlessly but now when I click directions it just opens maps and doesn’t load the address or anything. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve reported it to apple a few times already but it’s yet to be fixed

  • I experienced the YouTube bug yesterday . Also safari freeze up . I have had problems with messages not coming thru until I open messages

  • iOS 13.4 is great for battery and LTE ,the notification bug is very annoying,sometimes the phone would experience hiccups where it lags a lot -iPhone 7

  • Hi Aron! I complained about the ram management and battery life on my iPhone 11 Pro Max in your previous video. I also notice stuttering in photos app. While double tapping to zoom , the stutters are very evident. I wonder why the folks at Apple haven’t noticed it.

  • YouTube is the best video app since it was released and you’re the best Youtuber I have ever seen Love you Aaron i’m using iPhone SE with iOS 13.3 I’m addicted to your videos I really don’t comment or things like that but you’re super cool I live in India I wish I could see you someday when I come to United States of America

  • I’ve noticed that my 6s Plus has smoother animations now from closing and opening applications. Can’t say anything about the battery now because I just updated awhile ago. Great video, Aaron. Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • I don’t really use the stock email app, because I use Gmail. So I don’t have any issues. Also, I am on iOS 13.3.1 and only update to the final versions.

  • I’ve been having the same issues with email on the 7plus. It’s showing that I have mail and when I click on it it acts like it’s fetching the mail. The email does not work on the iwatch 5 either. I really enjoy your reviews.

  • My iPhone XS Max is really acting’s now, had it for 4 months and the better health is at 92%😭😭And dies way to fast now and doesn’t last all day even when im not heavy on it. Plus it freeze when I’m on the web, gets hot when i charge and can’t even use Face ID which is odd in itself

  • I’m getting sick of the reloading too!
    Go to comment on a video, look up a website reference, jump back to YouTube, and… reloaded, comment lost… 🤬

  • Maybe you or someone could answer this question. I have iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro 12.9 2018 3rd generation I use the stock mail app and when I go to mail on either of the items and read or delete the mail message it will still show up as new on the other item until I refresh the mail app on the item. Now maybe that is how it is supposed to work but it would certainly be more efficient if when u delete an email on my iPhone as an example it would automatically delete the email on my iPad without having to refresh it on the iPad. This also happens with YouTube. Thanks for your time

  • It’s about time they sorted the youtube app so it loads up in 1080 FFS. Am fed up of having to change that setting every time I load up videos on their ios app. 😡
    Also, Spark email isn’t that good at having emails ready when you open it either. Like Apple Mail, I have to open the app to get the emails to download and appear.

  • I have been experiencing issues as well. Internet or lte connection being one of them. Also, mail notifications not working at least not on my iPhone, unless I go into the app and refresh it, which is not supposed to do that, since it is my default mail client.

    Now I'm using Gmail and here, it tells me I have mail without any delays at all. So that’s rather annoying. 🤨

  • I have the YouTube bug too and when I am in settings and I scroll down to the apps in the alphabetical order list and I click one then swipe back and then it will crash too and I have had other bugs too with 3rd party apps and some other things

    Also I just ordered and Apple Watch series 4 and I was wondering do u like yours cause I can’t wait I spend a lot of money on Apple lol

  • Apple I’ll give me a fucking hard time about this connection issue about the iPhone XR and they want to blame Verizon and Sprint and AT&T I have tried all largest carrier in the United States of America and wasted almost $1000 And I’m still having dropped calls Apple Watch to blame Verizon for everything Apple charge me $700 on the iPhone ex are and they are not doing anything screw you Apple

  • I wonder why people think their phones have “GPS”. It is not GPS. Locations are obtained via cellular triangulation….Not satellites.

  • I have Few issues on Iphone 7 plus.
    1.Notifcations Overlap eachother.
    2.issue with rotation on 7 plus
    3. Youtube Freezes sometimes while using Headfones.

  • I also have youtube as the only “trouble app” ( on iOS 13.3.1)
    1 in like 20 times I open the app, it says I’m offline and I have to turn wifi off and back on

  • I want landscape on XR/11/XSmax/11ProMax. It's absolutely ridiculous why they can still give the 6Splus/7Plus/8Plus new iOS versions that still keep landscape but don't bring it to the large edge-to-edge phones.

  • I have xr iPhone , I'm so disappointed with the apple ,today a sold the phone and never again apple NOW Only xiaomi mi10 pro !

  • Second time this happened to me (In the last two days) but I think I’m the hundredth person to vote so if I change my choice it changes the percentage

  • iPhone 11 Pro. Noticed some apps needing to reload in the background so ram management sometimes struggling and safari not working which requires a restart other than that nothing noticeable.

  • As long as Apple learns from iOS 13. I don’t mind if iOS 14 come by December. I would rather get very very minor bugs on iOS 14 when it rolls out than major bugs like iOS 13. My opinion. Keep up the good videos 🙌🏽

  • I noticed that whenever i un plug my XS Max from the charger it reboots it self idk why it does that and my battery is fine its at 97% capacity so maybe its a bug in 13.3.1

  • I have the same mail issue all through IOS13 and after contacting Apple they say there is no focus issue in mail because they can’t replicate it.

  • iOS 13.3.1. iPhone 6s Plus. It works (that is all I will say) . Wish I still had iOS 12. My advice to Apple…scrap iOS 13 and make iOS 14 do or die. DO NOT FUCK UP IOS 14!!!

  • I feel the SAME way about the mail. Very aggravating. I’ve tried the others but prefer the stock. They NEED to fix in the next iOS.

  • I’m on the public beta with iPhone 8 and my Notification Center is a living hell. The groups are not straight in line and they overlap and cover some of the text. Random apps come up saying they have notifications when they dont. They need to fix this it’s so annoying.

  • Everything seems to work just fine in my iPhone XR 64gb, it’s just that when ever I go into the settings apps and go into a setting menu of a 3rd party app and then wanting to go back to the main page of the settings app it would just exit out of the app and take me to the home screen

  • I’m on iPhone 6S and a SE and on both when you go into settings and in the app settings when you change an app setting and go back to settings you end up going out of settings totally and back on the home screen

  • I have a bug with iMessage. Where someone's name would not appear in iMessage only the phone number and it would re-appear if I would delete our convo, create a new message with them or delete the contact number and create a new. Then a few days later it would happen again. I am not sure what is the cause. Using the 11 with 13.3.1.

  • Portrait to landscape sometimes will not work. Landscape rotation sometimes doesn’t work and I have to hard boot to get the rotation to respond. The Mail app issue for me has been going on since last Summer. An absolute joke. I am also considering leaving the Mail app even though, except for the details error, I love it. 13.4 seems slightly better than the public release. 2 out of 10 stars. Growing tired of the issues. 11 Pro Max.

  • I don’t update that often only because when I do update, there are usually issues or bugs that comes along with it. So I just wait to see if they clear up within a week or 2. Recently upgraded from iPhone 8 Plus to 11 Pro Max.

  • Hello, My 6s + 16gb is almost full. However its not music, vids and photos as I have none. It’s systems and other. Apps is about a quarter. My question is? How can I wipe the phone back to new, so it’s empty? And start a fresh? My concern is when IOS 14 arrives, there will be no space left for it. I have 3gb remaining. Thank you.

  • I’m on public 13.3.1:
    Had issue where YouTube crashes iPad completely but automatically reboots. Did hard reboot and it is more stable but not perfect.

  • Running this beta on my iPhone X, phone app does not work at all… also spotlight search freezes. Really disappointed with this one. Waiting anxiously for the beta 2 … otherwise I will have to go through the trouble of downgrading and I really hate to do that

  • It feels like the battery improved after using my 11 pro for a while on 13.3.1. It was terrible at the beginning and was draining too fast. But now after like 2 weeks, the battery drainage is becoming more like the iOS 13.3 update which is good. Hope that 13.4 will have the best battery performance of all!

  • I just downgraded and backed up from an earloios 13.3.1 then couldn’t sync my watch as that’s on beta so put the iOS 13.4.1 beta back on and my battery health went from 98% to 100% on the iPhone 11Pro max bought the day they were released!!!

  • Completely random, but I always love seeing all the Elevation Albums you have on your phone. Whatever they put out is always so good.

  • Has anyone else caught the font in the Apple Reminders app changing colour and type? It is currently blue with rounded edges but I caught the font for one of my own lists as black with flat edges. When I closed the app then opened it again the font went back to normal.

  • I've had the same issues you mention with the mail app. I'm looking for another mail app instead of using the one that comes with the phone.

  • When playing music on the background that does not show on screen off time as I have 6 hours or music play but it says 1 hour screen off, battery has been really bad on standby.

  • I had problems on my 7 plus with safari no loading pages and locking the zoom in on websites. Got a 11 pro max and it doesn’t happen on this phone. I dont know if anybody else has noticed this bug with iOS 13. It hasn’t been fixed yet. Did it with the beta back in august.

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