How to Get Rolex and Hermès Apple Watch Faces, NO JAILBREAK *UPDATED*

How to Get Rolex and Hermès Apple Watch Faces, NO JAILBREAK *UPDATED*

everyone welcome back to my channel I’ll watch universe here today I’ll be showing you guys how I get few watch faces looking like this so if you’re not familiar with watch faces like this this is a rolex watch face that you can see and you can’t really see it that big on the iPhone but I’ll show you guys on the app watch in a few seconds and this is an app that I installed called Jing watch and it shows you how to get all these Apple watch faces for completely free so I hope you guys enjoy today and I’ll jump right in to show you guys how to get these watch faces on your Apple watch right now so before I actually go to the Apple watch and start showing you guys how to get this app this is a quick demo I’m going to show you the watch faces you can get so this I’m not sure exactly which watch face this is I’ve never seen it before but I’m gonna send the Rolex watch face to it so it’s pretty simple to send it I’m gonna show you how to send it I’ll show you how to resend it again later on in the video you just tap it on face click send to watch and boom there it is so note all the time and everything you need and it’ll be perfectly fine no it should work perfectly fine on any watch and you can send any of these watch faces to it and these four aren’t only do watch faces that you can get you can get many many more because this actually has a store where you can actually go and get watch faces by clicking manage my watch face and I’ll show you more of that later on in the video but that was just a quick demo and let’s get right into showing you how to get this app so I will be doing some what screen recordings because the size of the phone can’t actually fit inside the camera lens so I’m gonna start screen recording right now so once you’re on your iPhone I’m actually gonna keep this in landscape mode just you guys can see it in full screen but once you’re on your iPhone all you want to do is go to Safari and type in Jing watch app you can either do this in Safari or at your browser of choice so you just want to scroll down past everything like Reddit Twitter and go to the link that says watch bvq yeah on that and if you can’t actually find that just go to your search bar and type in this link so just keep in mind I will be keeping all the links I do in this video in the description and it will be this will be the first one and followed by everyone in chronological order so this is watch be BQE calm so then you want to scroll down you can either go to installation here at the top over here or you can scroll down just a little and click on installation so then you’ll see Jane will launch 3.05 – – so you’ll see a bunch of buttons all here just click on install Jing watch and then wait so if you’ve never installed an app that’s not on the App Store you’ll just have to follow all of my instructions so the pop-up will be there that says install it’ll look like this just hit on install I’m gonna hit on cancel cause I already click install so go to your home and swipe right twice and Jane watch will be there so usually this doesn’t really work but since I already had this watch app before you have to go to your settings because it will say unable to verify app so go back to your settings scroll down and you want to go to general and profiles and device management so you’ll see this one right here and there’ll be a button to click trust so click trust and then click trust again and then you’ll be fine and I’ll look like this so go back to your home and if you guys have any trouble with that just contact me leave a comment or contact my business email so then go into the Jing watch app and I’m actually gonna sign myself out here and since I don’t want you guys really seeing my account details I’m going to stop screen recording and then show you after I sign out so I’ve successfully signed out of Jing watch and I’m gonna relaunch the app and it’ll say you have not logged in yet so I’m gonna go to personal and if you want to make a new account click to sign up it’s right here and then fill out this your user ID can be just about anything I wouldn’t really put any numbers but you can if you want to put your email address you can make your own passwords you don’t have to use your emails password but you could if you’d like to and then click read and agree and then hit sign up and then follow the on-screen instructions but I’ve already made an account so I want to log in and then show you guys what to do after so I signed in and these are the for watch faces you get by default so I didn’t show you guys how to sign in because I already have my account and I didn’t want you guys seeing so now I’m gonna switch back to my camera and show you guys how to get these watch faces on your Apple watch so I actually want to apologize for the screen recording I have to screen record because the thing is I couldn’t really fit my phone inside the screen and the thing is you won’t like see half the screen of the sides of my screen accord I apologize for that but now I just want to show you guys how to get these on your app watch so I’m just going to tighten my Apple watch password in and here it is so when you first install Jing watch it should already automatically install it on it your watch so go to the Apple watch app on your iPhone it should look like this and scroll all the way down past all your apps and you should see and I’ve started it download so if you don’t already see one like I think mine is already installed Jing washed so Jing watch is already installed but if it’s not you just want to hit the install button there’ll be a separate category like you see how there’s a separate piece right here in between and it’ll show like this and you just have to click on install so it’ll be a button like this I just hate install and it’ll be like yellowish so you want to just install it and then it’ll show up inside of here as Jing wash right inside of here so Jim wash is right here I already have it so that means I can set my iPhone aside and start looking on my Apple watch so it’s not an actual watch pace it’s an app that shows you watch faces and to make sure you have your settings right I’m going to show you guys how to keep your watch faces in order right after I show you guys how to do this on your Apple watch so you want to go to the Jing watch out I have mine right down here and this is what the app looks like by the way just go to it and this is an Apple watch series 3 you can do these on any series anyway so you’ll see the Rolex watch face or any watch face by default so goes to the Jing watch app on your iPhone and you’ll see four that come in by default so you can get this one just click to send to watch and I’m just gonna type my password in again and go back to the app so this is what it looks like I can set any of these to my Apple watch and they should change almost immediately send all four three and the last one and those are the four you get by default but if you want it even more just go click on manage my faces and go to you could do purchase face you can do any faces you want but I’m just gonna go to purchase face and I have not purchased any before but you can see any other purchases right over here so this is the app version and the FAQ you can actually purchase faces in the shop so it’s right down here and the store is loading so there’s really really cool ones you can get so there is some really really nice ones that you can get on here and as you see over here with my Apple watch every time I lock it it goes back to the normal watch face now what if you guys wanted to actually keep it inside the app so I’m gonna type my Apple watch password in again and I’m actually gonna put my Apple watch on and now you see that it won’t turn off anymore so that’s not the only thing you want to do so go to your Apple watch app or on your iPhone right here looks like that and you want to go to general and you want to go to wake screen so then you’ll see all these scroll down and you’ll see on the screen wake show last up and turn that to always so now when you you’re using your Apple watch if you don’t turn that to always what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna not show this if you put your wrist down and then bring it back up it’s not going to show that so now this will show it forever no matter what so now you won’t have to ever go back to the app every single time you want to change it so I just changed it and now I can leave this running forever as long as I want to and I can leave my Apple watch and then go to this but the only problem with this is that if you go to another app and you like steak doing a workout you won’t see this until you transfer back to the app so that’s a small little catch with this and it does show the right time the right day and everything for your place you’re in and I’ve already had a video of this made before I’m just making an updated version because I saw some people did have a few problems with it so if this video helped you out please drop a like and subscribe my channel I will be making a few updated versions if anything changes and if you’re having trouble make sure to comment down below in the comment section and drop a like and I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music] [Applause] [Music]

6 thoughts on “How to Get Rolex and Hermès Apple Watch Faces, NO JAILBREAK *UPDATED*”

  • I tried it and did not work out for me. It was eating out my phone battery and causing it to overheat. Had to delete it and had no problem since. Would’ve love if Apple allow third party watch faces like this.

  • I had to delete this app because for some reason it wasn’t a verified part but for some reason I could not open it and it would not let me verify it. So I deleted it to reinstall it but now the reinstalling process is completely different do you know why. It ask you to login and when you login it still does not let you download the app. The website is saying about it having trouble but I’m not sure. Do you know why this is happening and do you know if it’s gonna last

  • Jingwatch doesn't have the Hermes face. They have some free faces but you will have to pay for the better ones. What I don't like is installing a Chinese app that is not approved on the Apple Store, and you have to go into the General menu to approve it, (other videos show how to do this).

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