How to Get Away with Murder 4×10 Promo “Everything We Did Was For Nothing” (HD) Season 4 Episode 10

How to Get Away with Murder 4×10 Promo “Everything We Did Was For Nothing” (HD) Season 4 Episode 10

Secrets are what always
get us in trouble. Next Thursday… One more murder… You’re gonna get us killed! … One more cover up. There’s evidence here
that incriminates you. Destroy it. One false move.. My only concern is getting you
out of here and back with your boy. But we have to
play it perfectly. … Could lead to the
next dead body. If they let her father take the baby,
she’s gonna kill herself. How to Get Away with Murder
new next Thursday on ABC.

87 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Murder 4×10 Promo “Everything We Did Was For Nothing” (HD) Season 4 Episode 10”

  • Damn dude like really Frank? Yo ass couldn't have waited for like half and hour before killing Dominic? That leaves so many questions unanswered.

  • I said it when they claimed he was dead and I'm gonna say it again: "WES IS ALIVE!"
    I refuse to believe it and tonight's episode reiterated that. Tears came to my eyes so many times

  • Y’all Dominic was going to die anyways, I knew it since the good doctor premiered, the actor can’t be on both shows obv. But I have so many questions now, like holy shits the cliffhanger and twists at every last mins of every episode is effing amazing. I feel like Laurel is going to turn into a psychopath, Frank is back being Annalise’s assassin. One of the Keaton’s 4 is going to die, or Frank is going to die idk l. But omg Wes is back next week, really missed him:(

  • Best episode thus far! Everyone nailed their performance, it was like watching a mini-movie 🙂
    It's going to be SUPER crazy seeing how the Keating 4 deal with Simon being alive and Teigen probably being on the warpath digging for answers…my favorite season since season 1.

  • 1×09 : Who killed Sam ? … Wes
    2×09 : Who shot Annalise ? … Wes
    3×09 : Who is under the sheet ? …Wes
    4×09 : What Happenned ? … WES!!!!!

  • Wes is not alive, you guys. But Wes was a mole. He left this voice message to warn Dominic and Laurel's father about something. So, I think he was plotting against K4.

  • I don't know why people are saying that Wes is alive. I didn't see any scenes that led me to believe that wes's character is alive but my theory is this – Laurel is a psychopath, a really smart one and she got away with all the murders right from the beginning. I say so after watching the scene between dominic and frank. She has a feeling that her father might expose her and hence wants to destroy her own father. If it is indeed true that Wes is alive then maybe Wes knew about Laurel and got in touch with Dominic and he helped Wes to fake his own death. Thursday can't come sooner….!!!!! 40 minutes is not enough

  • i really cant remember but can someone tell me if they ever ended up finding wes's body? I know it was taken from the morgue but did we findout what happened to it???

  • As soon as I heard wes' voice on that voicemail, I literally screamed WHAT THE FUCK!!!! this season is gonna end in madness!!! I love it

  • Last night's episode was one of the best yet! Powerful acting from every cast member and that ending… Can't wait for next week!

  • In the season finale of season 3. When Wes leaves the police station that’s when he got in the car and left that voicemail. So even though after that thinking he’s alive Is kind of a long shot

  • Am I the only one who paid attention to what Dominic said about Laurel? I think she is a very sketchy woman and she is not as innocent as she pretends to be. Something seems evil or manipulative about her and this season will uncover that imo. Maybe she and her dad actually planned Wes death and we'll find out this season. His remarks he made about her were very odd…

  • By the end of the episode i was screaming NOOO so loud that my neightbor thought that something had happened to me. This was a fucking roller coaster, i got mad, sad, happy and SHOOK AS FUCK! LOVE IT

  • Y'all think tha Wes is alive but dont remember that connor found his dead body and tried to save him and instead he broke Wes's rips, they never saw the body again because they didnt have to

  • I must say last night was a very intense episode best I seen off the entire show keep up the good work writers!

  • There are soo many twists with this show I literally neeeded a book to keep track
    Anyways, when wes was being killed by Dom, he said 'why are you doing this' now who are you or he didnt stay stop but his question was whyy hmmmmmm


  • I hate laurel she iks my soul.. she is harming herself hence why her father is trying to save the baby from laurel crazy self.

  • FRANK IS JUST SO FUCKING STUPID! does he ever think before killing someone? he is just so aggressive and messes everything up. he really did not have to kill dominic. he could have waited and just kidnapped him. dominic knew a lot and they would have gotten so much information from him. frank is just an impulsive dumbass and im hella mad.

  • There is a problem… At the beginning Franks kept going on saying "I'm the father" to the police and to the doctor. Now 2 possibilities :
    1)The police and the doctor are so stupid to not understand he can't be the father because the baby is black
    2) the baby is not black… So the father is not Wes

  • I dont get how people assumed wes knew dominic and he helped him faked his death just because of that voicemail….Dont forget laurel's dad been illegally listening to her phone in S3 so maybe he did the same thing to wes and all the K5…

  • I will never understand why people love Wes so much. He was a snitch, he snitched on Annalise after she saved his stupid ass twice, because apparently the fact that he killed sam and tried to kill her was all her fault lol…I will not be surprised if he was trying to snitch on his friends…he was a little bitch and I hope he is really dead…Love Alfie though

  • I like Franck ,look at him looking gorgeous assassinating people on low key ,but I don't get how wes knew Dominic and we will not gonna know because both of them dead ,but what really shocked me Laurel's reaction when franckie d told her that Dom killed wes !!!

  • My theory which possibly and surely not even remotely true, but whatever Peter!!
    A) Laurel, Dominic and Wes were planning to take down her father. That's why she knew her father killed Wes (people she is not that smart)
    B)Dominic killed Wes because Wes wanted out and he needed to tie the loose end.
    C) Laurel is a crazy bitch and that baby is BROWN DAMN IT, the father is Frank.
    D) Laurel is evillll!!!!! Not her dad and he knows she's bipolar and could harm her baby that's why he took the baby away.. Helloooo he is not going to harm his grandson.
    E) Wes is DEAD.. D..E…A..D… Thank you!
    F) and damn it, don't the Keating 4 ever learn, without Annalise they are lost.

  • Wow !! What a great episode, worth the wait.. I knew Wes was still alive, and I remember him making that call. Frank is great , gotta love him. Bring on the next episode !!!

  • Frank is on the killing spree again!
    He killed Dominick too fast tho but I guess Dr. Melendez has been really busy in his hospital recently…

  • Anybody else feels that the shrink will fuck things up more than ever? I feel like he fits in with some scheme here but I can't figure it out. I feel as if he's not to be trusted.

  • I AM SHOOKETH!!! this episode had me on the edge of my seat!!! next Thursday needs to hurry up and get here already

  • Laurel is so annoying this season… i think Dom and Wes were faking his death but then Conor gave Wes CPR and cracked his chest…and then the whole fire thing happened…so initially i think Wes was suppose to be alive…but so many other things happened and then he died….

  • Im just ready to see Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating, Huck and Frank all together. Bad a** lawyers with their crazy, killing side kicks.

  • Yo, when they said Simon was alive and Oliver was so happy while the original 3 were like ''fuck'' had my dying. Just goes to show how much crime they've got away with, especially a BUNCH of murders. They even wanted to finish off Simon

  • Wes isn't alive…that was a flashback from season 3. Many people forgot about that scene because it was so long ago.

    There is something seedy going on with Laurel for sure. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I just hope she and Frank can stick it out. They belong together.

  • Hi everyone. I do reactions to HTGAWM. If you're interested please check them out. HTGAWM is my favorite show on TV

  • Laurel is the bad guy !!! Pay attention lol last episode had all kinds of red flags .. if you think of it she probably has like 2 personalities and her dad knows it and his actually trying to protect that baby and laurel out here fucking with everybody’s mind lol

  • When Annalise said “You just… 🤷🏾‍♀️ never learn” 😂 like a mom talking to her kids. I feel like the baby could be her grandson in spirit

  • They’re always blaming Annalise when in fact she’s the one who’s always dragging her down. From the beginning! Them killing Sam to this. 🤦🏾‍♀️Hell I’d drink too if I were her😒

  • Laurel is the cancer in this season that Wes was in the first… I cant stand either of them. They are self centered, impulsive, bull headed and irrational… No wonder they got together

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