How to Get Away with Murder 4×03 Promo “It’s For the Greater Good” (HD) Season 4 Episode 3 Promo

How to Get Away with Murder 4×03 Promo “It’s For the Greater Good” (HD) Season 4 Episode 3 Promo

We’re a screwed up toxic waste dump of dysfunction. Next Thursday… They’re not family,
but they’re related by blood. My father is a terrible person
and he needs to go to jail. And when they turn… You got beat and
you can’t take it. I’ll tell ya, I’ll beat your ass,
how about that? It’s one stunner… We have big news. Mine is bigger. … After another… I’m calling from the morgue. We have reason to believe you
could help us identify a body. How to Get Away with Murder, new episode next
Thursday 10/9c on ABC.

29 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Murder 4×03 Promo “It’s For the Greater Good” (HD) Season 4 Episode 3 Promo”

  • wes wes wes every episode at this point irdgaf like if this season is all about him and his baby and taking don HIS killer ill really hate it I'm hoping his baby is dead and Laurel and everyone else moves on.

  • Annalise and Laurel are working together trying to hide the baby from Laurel's father. What happens in between I'm still trying to figure out.

  • I think the body is Jasmine. If it was her mom, her sister or dad could identify her. It sounds like there was no one else to call to identify the body. She was her lawyer, so it make sense. All Jasmine knew was drugs to make things numb. She had no real work skills, and starting over in life is hard. Probably had an overdose or something. I still think the Mahoney from last season was brought up for a reason. And Annalise talking about when she worked at a law firm. My theory is Annalise and the law firm Michaela is working at is connected with the Mahoney and Laurel's father. Laurel's father has a vendetta against Annalise for some reason. Since the beginning, I felt like she picked those 4 for a reasons. We know why Wes, Asher, but not the others. The therapist works for Laurel's dad. If you also noticed, that hospital looks more like a psychic ward instead of a traditional maternity ward. It would explain why the therapist was there. She might have confronted Annalise and blaming her yet again for their actions, Laurel's goes into labor, she has the baby, Annalise figures out what Laurel's father is up to, tries to save the baby and drug her.

  • I swear if Shonda Rhimes keeps addressing her own paranoia on her shows. I'm out. She's the kind of person making everything black or white. Which is the very definition of racism.

  • I dont like seeing Annalise and Bonnie fight, they both had each others backs therwout the whole show, an ever since Annalise fired Bonnie, it seems like Bonnie acting like she really hates Annalise now which is kinda stupid, Bonnie should see that Annalise fired her for her own good, an also wanted to get herself together first with whole therapy sessions which is why she cut everyone off, but Bonniie taking it too personal an seems like shes really against Annalise this time.

  • some people wants baby be dead but its so stupid ueah maybe you hated wes so you should be happy – he is dead already/ but this child has nothing to do with Wes-s actions which  you can hate.he/she hasn't done anything wrong and hasn't even born yet. and people who think that a child can ruin Laurels career – its just stupid.

  • I love Annalise but she is weird ! She wants everyone to leave her and they refuse cuz they love her, but when they finally do she gets crazy on them. Poor bonnie:(

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