How to Get Away with Murder 1×07 Promo “He Deserved to Die” (HD)

How to Get Away with Murder 1×07 Promo “He Deserved to Die” (HD)

How to Get Away with Murder 1×07 Promo Season 1 Episode 7 Promo

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  • Damn, shits just got real. I'm dying to see the next episode and I really want to know who killed Sam. They said it's someone you will least expect it so I'm guessing it is either Bonnie, Nate (Annalise's love affair), or Wes. I also think that Rebecca probably killed him. By the way Viola Davis's acting in the courtroom was epic, this woman can act her ass off. Next Thursday really needs to hurry up and get here.

  • Tonight's episode had me on me on the edge my bed, this show is madd intense. im lovin it, lovin how Annalise throwing straight bricks on Rebecca and she sitting there like " Your point? " 

  • I think 1×06 was the best episode so far, and 1×07 looks even better! Looks like they are FINALLY getting to Rebecca's case and now we can see the sequence of events that lead to the flashforwards.

  • This show is really well written…Maybe Michaela did it,to save or help Wes…I mean at some point a confrontation between Sam and Wes had to happen.They said it all happened because of her…her was revealed to be Rebecca so i doubt she's the killer…she's just the reason everything went to hell.IMO Wes trying once again to protect Rebecca confronted Sam about god knows what exactly but Sam lost his temper and someone out of the 3 (Laurel,Michaela or Connor) hit him with the thing…

  • Whatttt???? U mean I get to say "She did not just do that" TWICE! I was already in shock when home girl took off her wig, lashes, makeup ANDDDD asked Sam about the pic. My poor heart 😭🙌

  • The Scene from the last Episode with annalies in the courtroom is why Viola Davis is QUEEN!
    I also don't think that annalies is really saying those things to Rebecca, i think she is preparing Rebecca for what the attorney from the other side might say to her to make her crack!

  • wes is getting annoying now, how dare he threaten annalise for some girl he barely know, who probably did it. Annalise probably killed Sam and just freaking out about the body

  • What if Annalise killed Sam, seems kinda weird, but it's possible, she might have killed him and made her students get rid of the body. Maybe Sam did kill Rebecca's friend and Annalise found out, but she couldn't protect him so she killed him. Idk, I'm just writing a bunch of random shit right now.

  • If you pause at 0:23, you can see that Wes and Rebecca are about to kiss or sleep together. No bueno if Rebecca is guilty of killing Lila.

  • Damn this is sooo good I can't figure out the killer 😓 …. Wes is my boo but boy watch your attitude towards annalise lol

  • Did ANYBODY see the two glimpses of Wes and Rebecca?? Looks like his crush is very real! But the question is: is Wes playing Rebecca for more info and gain her trust?

  • What does she say on the beggining? After the "white trash killer"? And what does she say after "The surprise of…" The surprise of what? Help please! 😀

  • I think it was Bonnie who killed the girl because she clearly has a crush on Sam, so she needed her out of the way. Also she was the only one who had access to Asher's place where the trophy was and she was planned on frame him. I think that Sam figured out that Bonnie killed the girl and he was going to accuse her so she killed him. So twisted but that's what i think.

  • The more this goes on, the more I believe my theory is totally wrong.
    I thought it was because of the person who used to live in Wes' apartment cause it seemed really suspicious why five seconds of the show had Wes touching the scratch marks on the wall and why Annalise touched it also.

  • FUCKING REBECCA!!!!!!!! That bitch!!!! I knew she had something hiding behind that creepy music she heard!!! And I think the one that killed Sam is Annalise, but in self defense or some shit…

  • What I don't understand is why if just one of them killed the guy, would the others help/stay? my bet is that they are all connected somehow because they are not even friends with each other to stick around.

  • After reading comments and looking back I think Bonnie is the one who killed Lila for sleeping with Sam and then killed Sam for catching on to her.

  •  I believe all 5 had a part in it (Rebecca, Wes, Connor, Laurel and Michaela), but Connor and Michaela probably actually killed him or something. It really can be anybody, but my highest vote goes to Connor, who seemed so disarranged he should be sent to a loony bin. Michaela was hysterical.. but that seems like a natural reaction from her if she had any hand in a murder. The others were more serene and calm while Laurel even held sympathy for Michaela. I also feel that no one was very hard on Connor or Michaela when they were freaking out. I do think all 5 had something to do with it.. something important. I guess we will wait and see. Which I will happily and excitingly waiting for.

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