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Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post a video last week If you follow my newly made snapchat you know that I was in Hawaii for a wedding. And no, I’m not saying that just to plug my snapchat. I hate it when people are constantly promoting their own Sn-sn-sn-snapchat Snapchat Snapchat Follow Ryan The real Ryan Higa Follow Follow Follow So yeah, I was in Hawaii for a wedding. Kind of why I’m so dark right now. So I apologize for not posting. And also, I’m single. But anyway! Today I’m going to be talking to you guys about having to break bad news to people. It’s literally one of the hardest things you have to do in life. Yet it’s something that we all have to do. I honestly think it’s harder to deliver bad news to someone than it is to actually receive it. And if you’ve been in that situation, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Breaking bad news to people just sucks, it’s one of the worst feelings ever. Which is why I came up with this video – to not just help you but myself as well. Here’s some tips and techniques to make it a little easier on you guys the next time you have to break bad news to someone. Take a look! First up we got probably the most common technique that people use The good news and bad news technique If you have to deliver bad news to people You gotta give ’em some good news as well to cheer ’em up ‘Cause no matter how bad the bad news is, there’s always good news You just have to find it I got some good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first? Give me the bad news. Well you know how I just left to go get us lattes from Starbucks Yes… Well.. In the parking lot, I kind of hit a kid What? Are you serious? I mean I- I fled the scene, but they definitely have your license plate on file and they’re probably on their way here now Are you kidding me right now? But there’s still good news! How could there possibly be any good news? I got the lattes! Oh. Oh yeah that’s right. They spilled when I hit that kid. The fake out technique. Now there’s different levels of bad news Obviously some are worse than others. For this technique, all you have to do is give fake terrible news right before you give the actual bad news So in comparison, the actual bad news is not that bad. – Hey G?
– Yeah? They’re not making a Frozen 2. Aww, well that sucks And also, I kind of ran over your dog on the way here. What? But wait, before you get mad They are making a Frozen 2. Your dog’s still dead though. The cliché technique One of the worst ways you can break bad news to someone is by just surprising them. With this technique you’re going to give them a warning that bad news is coming so that they can mentally prepare for it. All you have to do is start your conversation off with a very cliché line such as Yeah, there’s um.. there’s no easy way to say this but… Indubetabley.. Indubid- Indubidubly Indubuta? What is that word? Indubitably Yeah, that. *snap your fingers here we go. Oh- oh- oh (Troye Sivan fandom where you at)* It means uhh you know, to be without a doubt or- or for sure. I know what it means but why are you trying to say it? Oh because your girlfriend’s cheating on you. What? Are you sure? Indubi- bubly Indubita- *laughs* Hey! There really is no easy way to say that word! The good news, bad news, and even worse news technique Sometimes when you have really, really bad news You don’t want to overwhelm the person, so you’re gonna want to break it up into pieces. With this technique, you give it to them in parts So instead of giving them extremely awful news, you just give them bad news and even worse news. And like we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle a little good news in there. That wasn’t a sprinkle. I don’t know what that was. So, I have some good news, some bad news, and some even worse news What would you like first? The good news, I guess. Well, the good news is that your son is still alive. – So
– Oh my god Still alive? What happened? Well that’s the bad news. Do you want to know that now, or? I thought you wanted the good news. What does it matter? Tell me what happened. Okay, well the bad news is your son has been hit by a car in a Starbucks parking lot. Why didn’t you tell me that immediately? Well you asked for the good news first, not the bad news. Saying he’s still alive, without even knowing, isn’t good news. Well you haven’t even heard the even worse news yet. How could it be worse? Well the even worse news is that I lied about the good news. Huh? He’s dead. Just have pun with it. Now if you still can’t figure out how to use these techniques. I made it even easier. I asked a bunch of you on twitter for some of the worst news that you ever had to break. And judging by those tweets, I came up with some of the most common situations that people find themselves in when they have to break bad news. Here’s some pre-made examples that you guys can use when you’re in that situation. Like when grandma’s tests come in We got your grandmother’s test results back, and well She passed So she’s going to be okay? No. But you just said she passed it, she got an A. Yeah A+… weight A.. +… weight She passed a way. The worst news you could possible break at a wedding. And you Dana, do you take Gregory to be your husband. I do. And by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride. Wait! I have something to say. I have terrible news. There’s no easy way to say this, so Ow! The wife eye is down. When she refuses to give Star Wars a chance. What are you doing? Well you know how I love Star Wars and I believe in the force. Yes? And ever since we’ve been married I’ve been trying to get you to finally watch it I’m still not going to. Right. Which is why I believe this belongs to you. What is that? What? May divorce be with you. When you get her to break the bad news for you. You can’t just do the same move over and over! I’m still winning! Hey! You’re cheating! I really am, though. When it’s the highlight of his day. The park is closed today. *sad music* When you’re the boss. Sir, what are you doing? I’m going to light this ring around you on fire. Why? ‘Cause I’m fire ring you. What? Okay obviously these are jokes. I took it a little too far. You’re not going to light someone on fire. This video actually started off kind of realistic. And then I had too much fun with it. Sorry guys. But anyway! The truth is there is not easy way to break bad news to someone. The best way you can do it is by just getting straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush! It’s like ripping off a bandaid – you just do it one time really fast and get it over with. And you also hope that you’re not hairy ’cause that hurts more. Look, I have to get back to work in ten minutes. What is it? It’ll be quick, I promise. Okay, well then what’s up? So I have some bad news. What is that? Your newspaper – It got wet outside so it’s pretty bad news now. Oh *laughs* You scared me. For a second I thought that you really meant bad news. Well, to be honest I actually do have more bad news. From your neighbours lawns. I don’t know, do you want to give this to them or? Okay. But listen, there is something I need to tell you and it’s- it’s pretty upsetting. Upsetting? What is it? It- I just told you it’s up sitting. You’re kind of slouching. You really should sit up ’cause your back, it’s not good for your… back, you know. O- Okay? But anyway, the real reason why I called you out here is because, well, your parents. It’s- It’s not looking good. My parents? What do you mean it’s not looking good? Your parents, they- they’ve definitely seen better days. What happened? It’s just, your parents is just a bit messy. Messy? Just tell me what happened, what is it? Okay fine, it’s your hair! My hair? What does this have to do with my parents? What are you talking about? Your hair has everything to do with your appearance. I think it’s your hair. It could also be your posture. You’re kind of slouching again you went back to doing Want me to tell you something up sitting again, so you’ll remember to Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Well I mean that’s… two different answers. It’s no and yes ’cause no, I’m not kidding you and yes, I am serious. You are still slouching. Is this supposed to be funny to you? Is this supposed to be a joke? Breaking bad news is not supposed to be funny. Well I know that. It’s under drama. Or is it thriller. What? *mumbles* suspense Yeah, Breaking Bad. I know it’s not a comedy. It’s not supposed to be funny. It’s like a serious show. And you do know the show is over, right, so there’s no new episodes so it wouldn’t be under the new category. Are you done? W-Wait, where are you going? I’m going back to work! I’m so over this. You made me worry for nothing, you made it seem like you were going to give me bad news and you didn’t. I mean, technically I did give you bad news, remember? Your neighbours bad news too. Goodbye. Okay fine, G, just wait. Okay just. I really do have something important to tell you. I swear to god Ryan, if this another- No- It’s- It’s- It’s not. It’s not, okay. It really isn’t. Look. I’m sorry. I guess I just made all these jokes because I- I just- I don’t know how to break bad news to people and I just hate seeing people get upset, especially people I actually care about. It’s part of life, Ryan. Everyone has to do it. *sighs* I know. I can take it, you just have to be honest with me and stop with the joking around. Okay, umm well Earlier in the video, it wasn’t a joke. I lied. Something really happened to my parents? Oh no, no not that. Are you really cheating on me? No, of course not. Then, what is it? Well there’s good news and bad news. The good news is I already talked to your boss and he said you don’t have to go back in today. Given the circumstances.. Okay, what are the circumstances? Well, that’s the bad news. You know those bad newspapers from earlier. What about them? They weren’t actually soggy from the rain outside. Huh? He’s firing you. What? Teehee! So thank you guys again so much for watching. If you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes, click the one on the left. If you want to see the previous video click the one on the right. And if not, then you don’t have to do anything, just log on to your phone, go on snapchat and check out the real Ryan Higa follow

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