How Many Times Can You Break The Same Bone?

How Many Times Can You Break The Same Bone?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin! I love stunts. The best part is feeling alive and feeling
the wind in your hair. That’s why I got this wig. The worst part is when your animator leaves
you hanging. Luckily, anything bad that happens to my body
can be fixed! See. Just propped back up! No bones broken! You fleshy skeletons, on the other hand, you
actually have to fear for your safety. When fully grown, your body contains 206 bones,
wow, you humans got a lot of bones, interconnected by tendons and ligaments. This skeleton keeps you moving and protects
your organs, but any part can be damaged in the right circumstances. Some bones are long and others short, but
each and every skeletal bone has a hard exterior of connective tissue, filled with tiny canals
for your blood and soft spongy tissue, which houses even more bone-forming cells. When a bone fractures, whether it’s a small
crack or a clean break, your immune system rushes to the rescue. As your blood begins to clot, it forms a callus
and cells on either side will then thread together and seal tight, slowly turning into
bone. The whole process can take over a year, depending
on the size, severity and location. And if you’re not careful, you could snap
it again. For a brief time, when the fracture is receiving
all the attention, this area will be stronger than the rest, over time, the bone’s strength
will be balanced and any spot just as likely to break. Still, snapping it in the same place would
be pretty darn unlucky. Even among kids, who are most prone to fractures,
there’s only a five percent chance of breaking your forearm a second time in the exact same
place. If given the time to heal, you could theoretically
break the same spot over and over again, as long as you have good blood supply, strong
muscles and a solid immune system. In fact, Evel Knievel, pioneer stuntman and
personal hero of mine, won the Guiness World record for fracturing 433 bones in his entire
career. But it isn’t just daredevils that experience
multiple breaks. Stress or hairline fractures are some of the
most common injuries, mainly impacting bones in your lower legs, like the tibia. Obviously, though, not every bone or person
heals the same. The collarbone is the most likely bone to
break, whereas the thighbone is the strongest and can take many more months to fully recover. Yet even with the best treatment, some bones
just won’t heal. These cases are called “nonunion” fractures
and they can cause long-term pain and even loss of function. To give your bones the best chance of recovering,
doctors say humans should exercise regularly and eat a proper diet, rich in calcium and
Vitamin D from a young age. Especially if you’re a born stunt performer
like me! Wooooo!! So have you ever broken a bone? Maybe multiple? If you have any broken bone stories you’re
comfortable with sharing, let me know in the comment section below! Curious to know what would happen if you had
no bones? Yeah, you’re gonna wanna check out this video. obviously your bones are a pretty important
part of your body, but why? There are 206 of them in the average adult
and babies are actually born with even more, around 300 or so. As always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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  • I seriously need to talk to my animator about WHY THE HECK I HAVE A SKELETON!?!? 💀 Sorry for the language. Thanks for watching and liking the video! 💙 PLEASE don't break the same bone an infinite amount of times. Be careful out there!

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