How Did Church Abusers Get Away With It For So Long?

How Did Church Abusers Get Away With It For So Long?

Between 2011 and 2013, 936 allegations of
sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy were reported. According to the 2013 report from the US Conference
of Catholic Bishops, more than 40% of these victims were between the ages of ten and fourteen.
Then, hidden reports of pedophilia started to emerge from as far back as the 1940s.
In 2014, Pope Francis revealed that as many as 1 in 50 priests is a pedophile.
How was the illicit activity of a 2000-year-old organization, with 2.2 billion members, overlooked
for so long? And whose interest did it really have in mind – the safety of its victims,
or the image of the Church? In 1984 the Catholic clergy made headlines
with the case of Father Gilbert Gauthe in Louisiana.
During Father Gauthe’s 11 years in the church, he molested at least 37 boys in 4 parishes.
Some victims were silenced using threats to hurt their family. These types of threats
and manipulation became common practice in the church for decades to come.
Even more disturbing is the fact that the case of Father Gauthe may have gone unnoticed
were it not for reporter Jason Berry’s discovery of the cover-up.
Gauthe was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to 34 criminal
counts. But since then, around 848 priests have been
defrocked – 384 of these occurring in just 2 years.
But letters addressed to Catholic bishops in the 1950s show that priest molestation
of children was recognized over 70 years ago. Former Catholic Priest John J. Geoghan [Gay-gun]
has become the inspiration for 2016 Oscar nominated movie ‘Spotlight’. His story
is a typical example of the Church’s cover-up operation. 1962 – While assigned to Blessed Sacrament,
Rev. Anthony Benzevich allegedly told church officials that junior priest Geoghan was bringing
boys into his bedroom. He denied this allegation at the time, but in 1995 admitted to having
molested 4 boys during his assignment years. 1966 – Geoghan was assigned to Bernard’s
Parish in Concord. He was mysteriously transferred after 7 months but church records offered
no explanation for his reassignment. 1968 – A man complained to church authorities
that he had caught Geoghan molesting his son. As a result, The Church sent him to Seton
Institute in Baltimore for treatment for his pedophilia.
Early 1970s – Parishioner Joanne Mueller accused Geoghan of molesting her four young
sons. Mueller informed Rev. Paul E. Miceli and he asked her to keep quiet. The church
later reached a settlement. 1974 – The church moved Geoghan to St Andrew’s
Parish in Jamaica Plain 1980 – Geoghan admitted to abusing seven
boys and was placed on sick leave three days later, before being ordered to undergo psychoanalysis
and psychotherapy. 1984 – The church removed him from the parish
after complaints that he was molesting children. He was then assigned to St Julia’s Parish
in Weston where he was put in charge of three youth groups, including alter boys. Geoghan’s story of abuse, reassignment,
and cover-ups continued right up to his retirement in 1993. It wasn’t until 1998 that he was
defrocked. What were the church’s incentives for protecting
such a horrific man and allowing so many young boys to be abused? Legislation dating as far back as 1517 states
that the Church’s highest priority is preserving its image, finances, and property.
In the early 2000s Texan Lawyer Daniel Shea uncovered a confidential record from the Vatican,
dated to 1962. The document states that all those involved in sex abuse – including
victims and witnesses – were committed to total and perpetual silence, with automatic
excommunication if they revealed the abuse to the authorities.
The power of the Catholic Church means that it can easily silence witnesses and victims
– often by compensating them for their troubles. Some young victims have even claimed they
thought being abused was part of being an altar boy.
In 1992 victim Phil Saviano tried to build up a case to take his molester and the church
to court. The church responded with an offer of a $15,500 payment if he agreed to stay
quiet. In 2014 the Associated Press announced that
between 2004 and 2013 the Church had spent just under $3 million in costs related to
abuse allegations. 32 years after the first story of abuse was
reported, has the church absolved itself? Critics like law professor Lauren Carasik
claim that the church must fully answer for its past failures, and that the Vatican must
fully cooperate with prosecutors to seek accountability for abusers. Despite this, Pope Francis has claimed that
‘no one else has done more’ to tackle sexual abuse than the Catholic Church.
He has a zero tolerance policy towards pedophiles in the Church. He has promised to expel all
pedophiles from the priesthood. And in 2015, he set up a tribunal to investigate bishops
who failed to prevent child abuse taking place in their dioceses.
But before they fully cooperate and handover all their secret past abusers, it will be
difficult to believe him – and even more difficult to rebuild the trust within the
Catholic community.

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  • this was the actual fact not a conspiracy! why is this channel trying to manipulate and smudge the facts by turning them into just an entertaining conspiracy/fantasy show and by mixing and adding facts into it?! who fund this program?

  • Religion peddlers are con-artists irrespective of creed. Don't hold people up on pedestals, they will abuse their positions of power. There is no plan to our lives.. make your own future. Except pedos, those fuckers are beyond ill and should be shot.

  • I work for a Catholic Church/School and I was relieved to find out the Diocese we're under wasn't on the list at the end of the film. Probably because those fucks just haven't been caught yet, but whatever.

    I wish I would've been banged by a priest as a kid so I could be rich 🙁

  • the Catholic church is a group of AntiChrists for the Lord said if they speak against the Lord or say and do evil they are AntiChrist smh

  • I'm am a Roman Catholic and this is very disgusting that the church does this?Anybody in that kind of position and who destroys a childs innocence should be killed and showed no mercy.These pedophiles deserve to be put in trial and hanged or gagged chop off their arms with a heated sword and later have their thoarts slit.Like this comment if you agree.

  • Not a cover-up, but I'd be interested in a video discussing Constantine the Great's conspiracy to discredit the earliest (& thus most historically accurate) accounts/Gospels about the life & ministry of Jesus in favor of the mythology-heavy later accounts written 100+ years after the events in question, by people motivated to explain how a Savior could be executed, & to deify a religious reformer. Some of the "official" Gospels, a la Constantine's censorship, contain glaring historical errors (such as when the fateful Roman census was held relative to Jesus' birth), as well as major cultural falsehoods which would never have been recorded by someone born Jewish!

    I'm citing from memory from a book I've read several times, which itself contains pages of footnotes & a multi-page bibliography. Many of the sources listed are ancient documents or scholarly studies of ancient documents.

  • my dear catholic brother and sister please rise against such paedophile priest. If not these paedophile priest will rape other such children. I being catholic I don't find these paedophile in our church. Please rebuke against these priest who disobey Almighty. I pray for these innocent children for Justice.✌peace

  • My sister was raped by a priest when she was 10. It was never reported because she didn't report it until she was 19 and he died in a car accident.
    Thank "God" I'm an atheist, otherwise I'd be where she was, but I didn't go.

  • 4:08 "they thought being abused was part of the dues to being an altar boy."
    How incredibly sad. How is this shit any different than cults whose leaders molest/rape children? Seriously? God wiped out Sodom & Gomorrah for stuff just like this, so if he is real why would he let this crap continue? This is why I think all religion is bunk; it's all hypocritical and makes no sense.

    And to answer the question: the church is definitely protecting its image, money, and property. If those in the church truly believed in the bible and what it teaches them they would have put the children and doing what's right first. Instead, victims and their families were silenced and threatened with excommunication. Again, what sense does this make? But you can't dare question the great church and those that lead it. Absolutely horrendous.

  • They're just humans, people have guilty pleasures and desires, they'll give in if the "perfect chance" arises. Whether it's girls, boys, animals, inanimate objects; everyone has a fantasy. The question is, how far are you willing to go to fulfill it?

  • of course. One hand wash the other. Look at pope John Paul II. Despiste all and many allegations against one of the most important priest in the catholic church, he didn't do anything. Why ? That guy was one of the biggest pedophile in the churçh and one of the biggest money raiser for the Vatican coffers. And now Pope Francis want to canonize John Paul II. As I say, one hand wash the other.

  • Dumb question, because the answer is obvious… surely the do, and thing else would make no sense again. Or did you saw any confirmed pedophile priest on some death-hair or gas chamber? Any of them at a court? No? There you have your answer.

    Another clicks generating video without any content. Religions are the result of misunderstood technology and/or because some bright brains, noticed, that people are easily manipulated with "The Word". They use religions to move masses of fools and to keep them from real knowledge and wisdom (like the native Americans had as an example).

  • The celibacy rule prevents hetero catholics from desiring priesthood. It's wrong. Sexuality's beyond anyone's ability to control. Proof > faith.

  • The world would be fine without religion, infact imagine a world without religion, we as a whole will in no doubt progress and evolve faster than it is at this moment in time. Religion is stopping the progress of the human kine, not just the one religion but all.War is the only thing we got out of religion plus other negative activities such as the one that we are now watching(child abuse).

  • im from ireland, we had serious abuse here. we had such a bad standard of living because of the church I never bought it even as a kid I didnt go to church, alot of my friends have been raped and molested

  • There are bad people in the Catholic Church but it doesn't make the Catholic Church bad it the people not the church the catholic teachings are good it's just 1% of the people in the church that cause problems but yeah it would be nice to have 0%

  • I like when vids like this have easy to answer titles.  But just like Josh Duggar, anytime you have these repressed, holier-than-thou types, they always develop skeletons in their closet.

  • now do a list of how many Pope's abuse boys and girls from the start and in that you might find your answer to when they cover for each other.

  • The priest that christened my brother and I recently died in jail for molesting boys in the church, thankfully nothing happened to us but I still have a photo of him 😡

  • "Legislation dating as far back as 1517 states that the Church's highest priority is preserving its image, its finances, and its property."

    And this is why Catholicism as an institution needs serious reform. Millions of perfectly nice people find their spirituality in the Catholic faith and yet its system cares more about itself than the people it claims to serve. Couple that with mandatory celibacy for its clergy and of course it's going to attract people who aren't well to the priesthood and put innocent people in danger. I'm not Catholic, but I still say for the sake of everyone who finds genuine comfort and spiritual growth in the Catholic faith, change in the institution of the Church must happen, or it will eventually become outdated altogether. Thankfully Pope Francis is taking steps in the right direction.

  • Damn what's really CRAZY is when I typed in "Catholic church pedophilia" In my YouTube search box, I found it EXTREMELY disturbing!

    1st of all anytime I start typing in viral vines, hip pop videos or any other commonly searched keywords…..
    before I can even finish typing what I'm looking for you tube starts putting forth suggestions for me!
    So my point is mysteriously when I start typing in "Catholic pedophilia" Documentaries!
    I don't get any related videos or suggestions related to the topic! And no related words pop up to the subject! Hummmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    I find this really strange! Or Do I?
    It's guaranteed proven fact that 30 to 40% of the Catholic/Christian fathers/Priests are pedophiles that take interest specifically in young boys!
    I find these statistics embarrassing and despicable!
    But the Catholic Church tries to suppress these facts to protect their image! Total BULLSHIT!
    Please this is insane I don't care if your the president of the United States you need to be held accountable for your actions!
    Nobody is above law including these piece of shit disgusting priest that are pretrade as messengers of God please their normal humans just like us and in most cases there even more mentally demented then some of the worst Serial killers! They need to be held accountable for their actions!

  • Why does the Pope still have so much power if more and more people are realizing that religion in general is full of shit?

  • This is a conspiracy after all. It's all bullshit. Conspiracies are usually bullshit. Usually. We will never know. You sure as hell don't have any evidence. Deal with it.

  • Even Baptist churches are not without blame!!! This is systemic!

  • I love my church so much…I sometimes can't believe these scandels happen…That's why one day i hope to work in the roman curia to help change our better nature

  • I still don't fucking care as a Catholic, sure there are some Pedophiles in the catholic church, but it does not mean that the pope himself is protecting pedophiles, in fact it would be a mortal sin if anything, the Catholic Church has a corrupt past but it's all good now. Also, if you fucking leftists cunts like to attack Christians, attack Islam at least, that fucking religion is the worst out of all religions.

  • 60 percent of comments are talking about religion in a negative way

    20 percent are normal comments

    Another 20 percent didnt get any likes

  • Before u comment know this

    What happened isnt part of the religion and is not in any religion and it was the priest not the church

    But they did knew but hide it so no one would leave

  • These priests sure love sharing their "holy water" with the little ones. It's true after all that children are God's most loved creatures, so it makes sense they'd get first dibs xD

  • Very well made and detailed video. By the way, I have a suggestion; There's another religious organization that has been in the news for this very same thing and I think that you should make a video about them in that regard. They are the Jehovah's Witnesses. They have also been in the news for hiding and covering pedophile sex abuse cases. There was a 2002 Dateline NBC expose on this and there was also a recent Australian Commission investigating child sex abuse claims and a lawsuit where a young lady named Candace Conti was awarded $29,000,000 after she slapped her local JW congregation and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society with a lawsuit. You can also check out a website called Silent Lambs to learn more. There are also partial videos on this subject from both the 2002 Dateline NBC expose and even Candace Conti talking about her experience of being abused. Just thought I'd pass this suggestion along.

  • Let the priests get married. Would probably drop this whole thing by at least half. Being denied sex like that is not good for anybody. And can turn into something like this.

    And on that note, glad I don't go to church.

  • Yo man I like your channel but you need to stop insulting my church before I come up there and FUCK you in your ass Raw with no Vaseline 😠

  • The priests doing this are gatbage of course, but what pisses me off are the parents who kept quiet because the church paid them off. That is disgusting they essentially allow the priest to do it to others for a payout fucking sick….

  • Christianity has embedded itself as the force of good for over 16 centuries in the lineage of Rome. It's the perfect cover and method of delivery for evil, and in one form or another there's been awareness of it since the 16th century and the Reformation.

  • Hang all the monsters hail Satan Hail Mary 666 they are monsters from the pit off hell..god and his angels are coming for you monsters and hang ya all so ya souls go back to the pit in hell..Hail Mary Hail Mary Hail Mary

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