Freestyle swimming technique: Breaking 1 minute in 100 meters | Boat freestyle

Freestyle swimming technique: Breaking 1 minute in 100 meters | Boat freestyle

This video has 6 parts: This 100 meters all out freestyle swimming
demonstration. A strategy to swim 100 meters fast
5 Common problems 17 Exercises to help you break the 1:00 barrier
A section for you to help me drop 1 second A Giveaway. Strategy The strategy to swim a 100 depends a lot on each
person and their capabilities. I’ll give you an example of what I do. After a good dive and around 5 to 6 dolphin
kicks I go to a 90% effort. If I am in a competition, the adrenaline might
make me go a little higher without even noticing, so I have to be careful. Then I focus on having the best flip turn
possible and starting to increase the effort without going to 100% yet. The last 25 is when I give it my all trying
to keep a good technique and a powerful kick. This is a list of things that I do correctly
that help me swim a 54.99 and in the 5th section of this video we will review what I can do
better. Good dive angle – around 30 degrees
Clean entry – The whole body enters where the hands enter
Effective underwater dolphin kicks – Using the kick when it’s going up and down
Fast breakout – I go from underwater dolphin kick to flutter kick quickly
Strong pull Fire flip turns
Most importantly – I maintain a good kick the whole 100 meters Now let’s focus on the kick, since I think
it is the most important thing you can improve if you are close to breaking a minute. Here you can see these two swimmers breaking
a minute in a 100 meters long course race and these two don’t break the minute. The biggest difference is the kick. My kicking time with a kick board for a 25
with a board is 17 seconds and for a 50 is 40 seconds. To find out if your kick is strong or if it
can get better, time yourself and compare the results. If you have a strong kick you will feel like
a boat as it lifts your upper body in the water and moves you forward quickly. That is why I like to call this technique
the boat freestyle. In order to improve your kick throughout the
whole 100 and feel like a boat you can do two things. Improve your legs’ endurance and / or improve
your kicking technique. We will see how you can improve your legs’
endurance on the fourth section of this video titled exercises. But on this section let’s see how you can
improve your kicking technique. We will mainly focus on these three joints. The ankle joint is better used the more plantar
flexion it has. The knees are better used by bending them
around 35 degrees. And very importantly, the hips bend very very
little around 10 degrees. If you are a runner like Marianna was, you’ll
have a hard time keeping the hips straight. She is used to using hip flexion to lift her
legs to run faster. But with practice and the exercises I’ll
show you, she has gotten a lot better. Those angles that I talked to you about are
only half of the kick. The other half is when the legs are going
up. Here the three joints need to be straight. The back kick ends when the hip joint reaches
around 180 degrees. Problems Here is a short list of common problems when
trying to break the 1:00 in the 100 Weak jump
Lack of powerful underwater kicks Wasting time breathing
Slowing down before the turn And by far the most common – not enough fast
effective kicks When you have a weak kick or you can’t sustain
a strong kick though the whole 100, then your arms need to step up and try to pull more. But they can only handle so much and if you
want to break a minute you need to help your arms by doing a strong kick. So here is what you can do. Exercises We will divide this section in three. Pool exercises
Dryland exercises Mobility exercises We will go over these fast and I’ll do a
more in depth video about them later. I’ll give you this list of drills and if
you want a full swimming workout go to the link in the description to download a free
PDF Pool exercises
Kick on your back holding a board – this will help you kick both ways fast. Kick on your back – This is good if you want
to breathe and have your head in line while you kick
Kick keeping your knees super straight – This is just for you to feel how to kick without
a lot of knee bend. Kick fast keeping your glutes tight – The
glutes play an important role while kicking, You can activate them with this exercise
Swim with over kick (fast kick, slow arms)- This will help you feel the boat freestyle
technique Kick with one hand on the board – While swimming
freestyle fast you’ll need to rotate with every stroke. This will help your muscle memory kick from
side to side. Kick wide – It’s often good to feel how
bad techniques feel, this wide kick is a very ineffective way to kick and its good to now
if you are doing it. Kick super narrow – The opposite way is to
kick super narrow, this is harder to do it wrong since a narrow kick is what we are looking
for. So try to do the narrowest kick possible. Kick fast without a board holding your breath
– The final kicking drill that most closely resembles the kick while you swim is this
one. Hold your breathe for as long as you can and
while keeping your head in line with your body, kick as fast as possible. Dryland exercises
Toes to bar -This is an excellent exercise for the core. Specially if you do it slowly
Hanging knee raise – If you can’t reach the bar yet, this is an excellent alternative exercise. Bridges – This is a great exercise for the
glutes and hamstrings. Two groups of muscles that are super important
for the kick and thus fast freestyle. Hollow rock kick – This is good to maintain
a fast kick tempo while working on your core. Deadlifts – don’t do these if you have back
problems – But again this works on very important back, glutes and leg muscles. Mobility exercises
Hip flexor stretch – Very important if you want to move to that 180 degree hip angle. Lizard- This is a great stretch if you tend
to sit for long hours every day. Sitting on ankles – You need flexible ankles
if you want to swim faster. Touch your toes – Stretching the lower back
and hamstrings is also a good idea after you work them out. Help me drop a second To make things a little more interesting,
let’s develop a plan to help me drop a second in the 100. Here is a list of 5 things I have noticed
I could do better next time. If you have other suggestions please let me
know in the comment section. I almost even split the two 50s, so considering
I started from the blocks, the first 50 could be faster. I think I was afraid of dying at the end. My kick could be a little more narrow, I think. But I’ll have to experiment to see if it
works for me. My underwater kicks could be more powerful
by using my upper body a little more. I should breathe more to the left, I think
I have a better technique when I do so. I think I wait too long after the turn to
starting dolphin kicking. Thanks in advance for helping me in the comment
section. I’ll post a video if I am able to drop one
second. Giveaway This video was sponsored by our swimming camps! If you want to find out more about like: who
it is for, where we are doing them and the dates, go to this link which you’ll also
find in the description. We are going to giveaway this poster. Do you know what it represents? Or even a harder question is, do you know
what swimming video inspired this? Let us know in the comment section and I’ll
heart your answer. To participate in the giveaway you’ll need
to do the same thing we did last time. Share this video on your swim team chat, take
a screen shot and send it to us via WhatsApp to this number. Talk to you there! Swim fast!

100 thoughts on “Freestyle swimming technique: Breaking 1 minute in 100 meters | Boat freestyle”

  • I'm currently at a 53.61 and my kick is awful, I'll try some of these to work on improvement 🙂 also, I noticed that you did a lot of breathing on the last 25, you could save a good amount of time by breathing a little more on the 1st 50 and less on the 2nd

  • 1:25 I see wasted movement there in your hands
    They could go straight to streamline but there going above your head then going to streamline

    This could be the reason you are having issues with your turns
    What do you think of this??

  • The main advise for breaking 1 minute – let the swimming pool be your second home. Practice, practice and practice. The second thing (sad thing I guess) is that if you haven't started with swimming being 7-10 yo, it is really hard to "feel" the water as kids do. Almost impossible to break a minute starting with swimming being an adult already – bad habits, problems with flexibility etc.
    Anyway, nice video 😉

  • You are starting your next underwater arm stroke before you have re-centred your head position after breathing. You shouldn’t begin your catch before re-centring your head as it leaves your whole body out of line for the stroke after the breath. Hope that helps👍

    Think the comments about breathing too much are waaaaay off, proper breathing technique drops minimal time and maximises oxygen supply to the muscles meaning less fatigue later in the race – keep at it bro 💪

  • Haven't gotten back to this one for a week or two, mostly checking in to see the comments about helping you get faster. I think I will stick with a comment some one else made about having a faster stroke rate. I checked out several videos on short course 100s. Seemed like they were doing about 10 arm cycles per length of the pool, and I think you were at 8 on your last length. Probably the biggest single thing I would suggest. I am working with a Master's coach, who is telling me to get in a couple of work outs per week where I do 5 X 200 sets with short rest intervals, which amounts to swimming at a higher level for a longer distance so the 100 feels a lot shorter. Definitely a higher aerobic demand on the 200. For me, it is building more upper body strength, and more kicking strength. So weights and leg exercises. One problem with the legs is that I have had both hips and a knee replaced, so I am weak there. I think I have done a 1:25 100 yard with the freestyle, and 1:30 with my side stroke, but haven't done either for a time in quite a while. Not bad for being 69 and having pretty much no coaching…. Hope to get the side stroke down to 1:05, and freestyle down to 1:00. Oh, have to lose 35 more pounds…. Oh yea, I would like to see your stroke in slow motion, including start and flip turns. Makes it easier to pin point improvement areas.

  • I did it once a long-time ago when i was a young squad swimmer
    At 15-17 years old i was at 27.43 for 50 and around 60-60.5 for the 100
    My 100 pb was 59.73
    I'm 53 years old now and back swimming 6 months now in masters
    My 50 and 100 pb are
    30.4 and 1.07.00
    My kicking is letting me down and my masters coach has given me some drills to improve my kicking
    Im confident going sub 30 for 50m but the 100 not as much😂
    Im sure its my core letting me down
    Ill keep trying though
    Got to have a goal
    Thanks for the video
    Excellent info

  • Great video, your test strategy is good, but it does not work with everyone, if the person does not have effective ripple, will waste time I'm short, I'm 1m72 tall, it was 58 seconds giving my maximum, if I waved a lot it was over 1 minute

  • Hey so i can do a 35 second kick with a kickboard but my 100 free time is a 58. My mom says I kick fast usually with a kickboard during practice, but i cant use it during a race and it just dies down. How do I improve this? thanks anyone who replies

  • I may be at a low 1:08, but my goal is to break a minute by the end of senior year. Currently a freshman, hopefully I can break it. Very ambitious, but I can try 😂

  • I do not know how long ago but there is a famous long distance Olympic swimmer who dominated the1500 meter freestyle and almost do not use his legs kicks, Gregorio Paltriniere. How is that possible?

  • Thanks for a great video!!

    I have one question, because after watching this I realise the kick gotta be my main problem. Was compeeting in swimming until I was 17 but never broke the 1 min in 100 freestyle (1:01). My time for 25m freestyle kick is 27 sec which is a HUGE difference compared to your 17 sec. Im running marathons and consider my legs pretty strong. When I kick I feel my legs are to high in the water and there is alot of sound/splunge. How can I get my legs deeper in the water and get more propulsion?

    Cheers and happy new 2020!

  • You need to adjust your strategy. I swim a 47 100 meter free and the first 25 should be just below all out. I like to think about it being about 98-99% just below max effort. Then on the third 25 go max off the wall then obviously max on the last 25. Furthermore, reducing your breathing will help you dramatically. Every breath disrupts your body line and slows you down. I try to breath twice on the first length, 3 times on the second and third and 1 on the last lap. Finally, increase your stroke rate. Think about accelerating your hand as u finish ur pull and put it straight into your catch. Not straight out in front. That’s just wasted time in a resistance position creating no propulsion.

  • You kinda slap the water more then let it glide. You have to let your arms glide in the water. If you slap it’s just making splashes

  • youre faster than me at the 100 but i can kick way faster.
    i can kick around 16.8 in a 25 and 38 in a 50.
    my 100 free is only 56 :/

  • Maybe to go one second faster you could try going all out on your 3rd lap, you'll be surprised how much you have left in the final 25m anyway. Just something I've heard

  • Maybe you could breathe every 4 on the first 25-50 rather than every 2, maybe more tiring but if its 100m then it could work… works for me and I'm 15 with 1.00.01 time exactly, this video has been very useful and I hope to get sub 1minute in my next race.

  • My problem is I was at a 53 but now I’m back at doing 57 and 58 around that. Idk why but I just feel so much more tired. Idk what I’m doing wrong tho 🙁

  • I have a competition today and tommorow and this helped a lot

    Normally in 25 m I'll do 15 16 sec know that pretty good as I'm very young so if I'll do 16×4=1:02 but since I can't always keep the same paste I alway do like 1:15.

    Before the competition I'll try to practice this and I'll try to jump feather so I can do less time

  • I am 12. I am doing 1:03. I believe this video has given me tips on how to swim a 100 LC Free on how to swim sub minute

  • What sets would you advise to do to best train for a sub minute I currently swim a 60.40 and seem to just keep dying on my last length and fall short ( would appreciate some advice) thanks

  • Your technique is very good. Maybe you can drop 1second, if you one in every two. Try to breathe just one in ever three/four, if you can. This should reduce wasting time.

  • Bruhhh your turns aren't tight, you need to drive into the wall harder with a more powerful butterfly kick. With that rotation bend your legs in really hard almost like you are slapping the water with your heels and calf's; which will make you come into the wall and turn faster. You also hit the wall a little bit too high with your feet, if you hit it a tiny bit lower you wouldn't go as deep with your streamline. Cause you're so deep it seems like you're popping off the wall at a weird angle which makes you slow down a ton, hence you thinking that you wait too long before you start your kick. In reality if you came off the wall a little bit straighter you would still get under your wake but then you would be able to ride out your streamline a bit longer without slowing down and you would take so much less time at the wall. If you worked on what I just said you could probably take like 1-2 seconds off of your time.

  • Some things that have helped me take seconds off of my 50 and 100… One is learning to fire off the wall and have a stronger dolphin kick. Two is more, as I call them 'long and strong' laps, which is like the Arrow Freestyle with long glide and power rotation. It makes my abs sore when I do a lot of sets. Three is 'high octane' laps, 25 and 50's at full speed and high rpm/stroke count. Four is 200 yard sets on short intervals. Broke 40 seconds on my 50 side stroke last week, and got my 100 down to 1:26. For some reason, my freestyle times haven't dropped in 10 years. Maybe not reading the clock right…. Drop 30 pounds and keep training, and I hope to get the side stroke down to 1:10 or less….. Not bad for being 69….

  • When fliping , point more horizontal, not so deep when dolphin kicks? Just guessing,im not an expert. Im in the 1:15 stage

  • you are dropping your right elbow too soon and not getting to the vertical forearm. the power segment of your stroke is not efficient. when your sroke arm is at the power position, meaning parallel to your shoulder, and ready to push with your forearm, your left hand should already be extended and your head down. your breathing is too late and that is causing a lot of drag. When your head is returning to the water, your right hand is finishing the stroke at your hip. Your head should be down by the time left hand is extended and your right arm is in the power triangle position at the vertical of your right shoulder. Your left arm stroke looks much better because you are not dealling with the breathing. Although you are still dragging you elbow a bit. Just remember to get into a streamline with your head down and arm extended in the first quadrant before the power phase. It will feel a lot easier and faster.

    Good luck, hope this helps!

  • Lmao. Your last 25m lap is 3 seconds faster than my 25m sprint (freestyle). Im self taught and been swimming for like a month 3x week, I just watch videos and try to emulate the techniques
    Its hard to correct yourself when you cant see yourself. and idk if i just need to get stronger or is it my baggy shorts lol. (Idk how much shorts have an effect on the drag as in how many seconds on my time or maybe its cuz im not exactly built for swimming – i have quite long clavicals so wide shoulders and stocky rib cage and big legs at 5'10 185lbs. Idk what the average improvement is but i went from not being able to swim 25m in under 25seconds and not throw up coughing water at the end, to swimming 25m in 17seconds. But i enjoy swimming and always love to see the best i can do.

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