100 thoughts on “Ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn flees Japan”

  • This is so laughable . I've been saying for years business execs are just thieves on the right side of the law , and here's another perfect example . The thing is it's the ones that haven't been caught yet that interests me . Long live unrighteous business men and unrighteous laws that continue to divide nation's people's…….😎

  • Ghosn is a crook and robbed anyone who bought a Nissan or Renault. Hope he goes straight to hell with Lee Iacocca.

  • Mr.Ghosn was the man responsible for bringing the Nissan out of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, Japan mistreated him. I fully agree that he fled the japanese injustice

  • Something Strange has happened to me my bank account has over 60 -million American dollars in it where it came from nobody knows . I remember long ago while working as a waiter Mr. Ghosn did' not have any cash for a tip he said I'll get back to you on that . I want to return it back to him but he's hart to find .

  • That’s how rich scape back to their home land to avoid prosecution and now Interpol is probably looking for him too, and now he has the qualification to run for presidency of Lebanon because he has the highest degree of being a Crook

  • He choose to flee to Iran, that says a lot. Iran has strained political and economic relations with many developed Nations and there is no extradition treaty between Iran and Japan. Says to me he knows he’s guilty and decided to flee rather than fight, flee to a Nation that would harbor him and not turn him over to the Japanese courts. I’m sure he will be a fugitive for quite some time.

  • Come on folks, Renault bought Nissan & Mitsubshi. The Japanese car industry at the mercy of the French. Money & Politics talks, nothing else.

  • Nissan's quality is not what it used to be like in the 80's and 90's and early 2000's. He did nothing but shove garbage jatco cvts in cars and made profits from them failing for years. The same CVT problems from the mid 2000's still persist to this day.💩💩⚰️

  • he said that the judiciary in Lebanon 🇱🇧 is more fair than the unfair judiciary in 🇯🇵 …..wtf 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I don't know if he is corrupted or not but he went to the most corrupted country in the world. He can pay somone in Lebanon to be a ministre who has a legal protection. He also can have some religious protection by paying someone. He can pay to a small Lebanese mafia to protect him. Believe me our system is so corrupted our politicians spend during 30 years around 50 billion$ on electricity and we don't have 24/7 electricity. Japan will never be able to take him back. He will be a ghost story in Japan.

  • Then again I don't blame him. Japan is one of the most hypocrite and deceitful countries I've ever experienced. Whereas you can see time to time German chancellor still apologizing for what they did to Jews during World War II, Japanese cover up what they did, and actually glorifies their actions during war, such as forcing and abusing women as sex slave for Japanese soldiers, biological experiments on humans(One time, they shoot a bullet in a pregnant women's belly to see if it will kill the unborn), the list goes on and on regarding how Japanese government will do to cover up their past.

    Japan is also a country where an elected..mostly conservatives…officials and politicians completely disregard women's rights calling women nothing but tools to make babies. Did you guys also know Japan also recently released nuclear waste about 1 million ton into pacific ocean against other nation's threat and warning? Yep, that nuclear waste will travel ocean and will land in the west coast of North America in about 5 years.

    Japan is SO F***ed up country, at this point, I can't blame him. He had all the rights to escape one of the most repressed regime in the world.

  • People forget that not only are the Japanese want him, the French authorities are also after him after Renault and investigators noticed millions of euros of questionable expenses.

  • If a man has lebanese ancestry, its pretty much guaranteed hes a scammer, its in their genes. That why Lebanon and any and all Middle East ( except Israel) and North African Arab / Muslim country have been sh*t since forever…and when these people move out of those countries into new ones, they carry their feces with them. I know this first hand working in my fathers business since I was 7 years old. ARAB/ LEBANESE = 100% CUNNING / BETRAYING / JEALOUSY / LYING AND ALL THE ARABS KNOW THAT, IN FACT ARABS THEMSELVES TELL ME THAT ABOUT THEIR OWN PEOPLE, THAT THEY ARE KNOWN TO SAY 1 THING BUT THEN DO SOMETHING ELSE.

  • ゴーンさんが亡命できて何より。私は、日本の刑事司法を学び実務にも携わったのに、日本の醜い拷問司法の辱しめを受け、亡命できないでいる。

  • The justice system in Japan is reasonable fair . Although the conviction rate is high at 98%, it does not mean Carlos Ghosn was innocent. In general the Japanese do not like Gaijin's running big corporations in their country. It is seen as loss of face to the Japanese. The Japanese are a proud people especially when a foreigner / Gaijin's makes big corporate changes with loss of jobs of high number of Japanese employees. The prison / detention system in Japan is focused on punishment. The pre-trial detention prisons are the worst.
    The cells are filthy. Inmates sleep in single cells on tatami floor mats. No bed's. A basic foton and pillow and one thick blanket is provided. Shower once a week. Food is reasonable okay, but never enough. I had the pleasure of spending three month in detention for immigration violation because I overstayed my work visa for 7 days. This was an oversight on my part and I got arrested. The Japanese legal system works very slow. I was lucky to be deported after three month. If Carlos Ghosn was really 100% innocent, the prosecutor would not bring this case to court. The Japanese do not make this kind mistakes. Please be reminded what person carries the nationality of 3 countries? To which country is his loyalty. Considering the fact he was given bail in Japan is rare, especially if you are foreigner.

  • I guess his “white privilege” kicked in so he could escape Japan #Guilty #No foreign leaders should have been in charge in the first place…

  • Hey japan doesn,t have a two tier justice system like the west. That,s what rule of law looks like. He,s rich and powerful!! How dare they!!

  • Paramilitary group got him in a musical instrument case. They came supposedly to play music at his house and when they left he was in the case LOL.

  • His arrest was more political than anything else. The US wanted Renault to stop making cars in iran which the company he led refused and became target of America's long arm jurisdiction. His case is not very different from Huawei executive's house arrest in Canada. I wouldn't be surprised if Japan somehow wanted him out of the country, since his home arrest was becoming a headache to Japan's foreign relations. Ask yourselves, why he wasn't made to wear a tracking device.

  • Of course he’ll become a politician in Lebanon because all politicians in Lebanon must be corrupt to become politicians

  • If Trump and Netanyahu can roam free and dictate terms to their prosecutors, why not this man who has worked for his money?

  • Japanese people are blaming his lawyer for this escape 🤣😂 Such a “developed” country lol

  • Just like Dom Cobb (Leo DiCaprio), Charles Ghosn called up Saito (Ken Wantanabe) in order to get out of the country.

  • Ghosn paid alot for lebanese gov to support his flee, and now large amount sneaky flowing to Hizballah's missile

  • if you look in wikipedia Carlos Ghosn French: [kaʁlɔs É¡on] is no longer available
    the MLA or Modern Language Association is providing his new name under article 6969 new name is Carlos Gone

  • You should also mention how he was locked up in his own home and couldn't see his own wife. Japan literally only going down hill reactionary country going isolated again only support from introvert weebs

  • He is a coward to take millions and millions in legitimate income from Japanese car companies for salary and yet when caught stealing up to $50 million more, he doesn't want to participate in the legal system there. What a creep. At least, now he's out of jail and can defend himself, he should stay and do just that. Because like US failed president Dump, the more you deny and run away and do not try to prove your case, the GUILTIER you look. Even high school kids know this kind of behavior is sneaky. And it makes rich people look like they can get away with anything, even criminal activity like Dump. Of course, everyone knows once the rich get their "check" they can forget about raises for the workers and paying back overages and making things fair and equitable. If you or I did this, we wouldn't have even gotten out of jail. At least he was out and now long enough to look guilty.

  • He is.right about Japanese justice system. He is a crook that got caught but was not being served justice as their system convicts 99% of the accused. Meanwhile the rest of business leaders are mostly corrupt and dont get caught. That is not justice. Mr. Bean needs to payback his loot and serve some more jail though.

  • Just another glaring example of the rich being able to buy their way out of anything.Maybe Trump should offer to loan Seal Team 6 to Japan to go and get their bail jumper.

  • He probably told them “I will remain here with honor!” Y’all know the Japanese are gullible for white people lol. Let this be a lesson learned.

  • It’s crazy how white Americans will attack the Japanese justice system for being unfair but blatantly ignore how racist and unfair our justice system is towards Blacks.

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