[EP 3] How to make Jailbreak’s Graphics Update in YOUR GAME! – Future Is Bright 2.5 Lighting

[EP 3] How to make Jailbreak’s Graphics Update in YOUR GAME! – Future Is Bright 2.5 Lighting

On the 22nd of January, asimo announced on
Twitter that Jailbreak would be receiving a graphical update, including pictures you
can see on screen. This was possible because of ROBLOX Updating
their “Future Is Bright” project to phase 2.5, which allows for even more realistic
lighting in any game. To do this ourselves, let’s hop into one
of our games in ROBLOX Studio. Don’t forget that I have a tutorial series
playlist that you can find in the description for anything else you’d like to learn. If this lighting ends up causing too much
lag for some players in your game, they can turn down the “Graphics Quality” in the
“Settings” tab when they hit escape in-game, and it will act like the normal lighting from
before this update (so you don’t need to worry about this deterring some players from
your game). To start, we need to make sure that the “Edit
Quality” in ROBLOX Studio is set to higher than level 11, or else you won’t be able
to see the shadows correctly when editing the game. Head to “File” at the top left of the
screen, click on “Settings”, then “Rendering” at the left bar. From here, you can change your “Edit Quality
Level” to any level over 11 so you can get these shadows. I’m going to be using the highest level,
level 21, for the sake of this tutorial. Now, make sure that the “Explorer” and
“Properties” are enabled, which you can do through the “View” tab at the top left
of the screen. Click on “Lighting”, then head to the
“Properties” GUI. There are three sections that are important
to make sure this effect is seen in-game game, which are the values in “Appearance” and
“Data” sections. Before we adjust any settings, it’s recommended
to be using either Voxel or ShadowMap Technology at the bottom of the appearance section to
get the most out of these shadows. I’m going to be using “ShadowMap” since
it’s the most realistic out of the three. The main sliders you’ll be using are the
“EnvironmentalDiffuseScale”, which affects the brightness of the environment based on
the objects around it, and the “EnvironmentalSpecularScale”, which makes objects reflect more light the
higher it goes, like a mirror. When changing these settings, keep in mind
that cranking both up to max settings might make your game look weird until you’ve adjusted
the “Ambient” and “OutdoorAmbient” settings to the lower values that have darker
colors (like 0,0,0 for black) along with the time of day (which can be found in the “Data”
section). If you are noticing a weird tint, it may also
be caused by the Skybox you have in your lighting, if it has a much lighter color, especially
towards night time. I’ll put a link in the description under
the “Important Links” section to some of the Skyboxes that ROBLOX has published
in the library. Before we adjust anything else, as you can
see from the car here, it has a very strong effect when in contact with the sun, and if
I go back into the lighting and I change the “SpecularScale” down all the way to zero,
you’ll see the huge difference it has on your game. From here, make sure you change the settings
around a bit to make sure that having this kind of lighting works during any time of
day if your game has day and night cycles, or even if you keep it at one time of day. To do this, go to the “Properties” section
and head down to “Data”. For the time of day, you can adjust the “ClockTime”
slider from 0 to 24 (which goes back to zero). As far as the “GeographicLatitude” goes,
this changes the position of the sun in the sky so
the sun is hitting everything a little bit differently (from another angle). If you notice that it gets too dark during
the night time, you can also adjust the “Brightness” slider to a higher value if you’re not looking
to add in-game lights like lampposts and that kinda stuff. The “EnvironmentalDiffuseScale” is extremely
important when it comes to later times of day, especially since if it’s on zero it
makes it nearly impossible to see anything inside of your game. I’ll show you how some of these materials
look at different times of day, since some change more than others. The materials that are most affected by this
are the Metallic textures and Foil, while some of the other ones have minor differences
with the lighting change. While Plastic doesn’t really change at all,
Smooth Plastic becomes a tad bit glossy and as you can see it reflects a little bit more
light with these new settings. If you want some of the shadows to be sharper
or feathered out, you can also adjust the “ShadowSoftness” in the Properties of
the “Lighting”. Right now I have it at 0.5, but if I drag
it all the way down to zero, you’ll see that they start to become a little bit more
sharp, and if I go back and drag it closer to 1, they become more rounded and harder
to distinguish. This is normally at 0.5 so I’ll bring it
back there. Anyways, I’ll letcha guys get experimenting
with this new ROBLOX lighting. If this helped you out, don’t forget to
like the video and consider subscribing so I know you want to see more. If you have any additional questions or suggestions,
please be sure to let me know in the comments section below. Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your
day, I’ll see you all later!

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  • I need help! can you please in ep3 of teams make player number limit and script for choosing one random player to team (like 4 on survivors and 1 on killer team)

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