Dennis the Menace and Gnasher | Breakout | S3 Ep 14

GNASHER WHINES GNASHER SNIFFS Oh! Who would have thought it? Allergic to his
own pet! We’ll get Gnasher back from Beanotown Kennels just as soon as we find a cure for your allergy
to dogs, Dennis. OK, Dad. How about we have a pizza for a snack? You can have it in your room, if you like. Ha-ha! Result! Brilliant! ALARM BUZZES – Huh?
– It’s Dennis! Whoah-ah. Whoa! Watch it, Pie Face! Sorry. Fall in, fall in. Right, men. We know why we’re here. Yes, sir, Dennis, sir! Yes…uh…no…uh, what’s happening? Sir? I’ll recap! And this time, pay attention at
the back. So, Gnasher was taking Gnipper, his beloved
pup, for a walk in the park. In an obvious case of mistaken identity, Gnipper was accused of stealing sausages, and hauled off to Beanotown Kennels – Gnasher was devastated.
– Course he was! We’ve got to get Gnipper back! I’m ahead of you, Curly. Plan A is already in full swing. Gentlemen, I give you… Operation Breakout! Mum and Dad think I’m allergic to dogs so, Gnasher has been taken to Beanotown Kennels, which is obviously a really a horrible place! DOGS AND CATS WHINE Somewhere inside is poor, half-starved Gnipper. Gnasher’ll find him – course. He’ll probably go crazy when he sees how Gnipper’s
suffering. Then, the first chance he gets, he’ll break
out of there and bring Gnipper back to us! Meanwhile, we wait for Dad to bring us treats! ALARM BUZZES Incoming pizza! – You’d better get back to your sick bed.
– Right! Here we are, Son. All right! I mean…thanks, Dad. AHH! I mean…er…oh… Your rash seems to be getting worse. DENNIS COUGHS Must be the… All the dog hairs in here. You’d better give this place a bit of a clean
up. Ha-ha-ha! This is weird. It’s been ages since they took Gnasher. I thought he’d be back with Gnipper by now. – Dennis?
– What is it, Pie Face? Have you got an idea? Yeah! Could you get your dad to bring you a pie
next time? Poor Dennis. He’s really missing Gnasher. He’s not the only one. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss my
slippers being half chewed. They’re more comfy. And with no dog to beware of, it seems the whole of Beanotown is coming
to our door. Gnasher does do a good job of keeping people
away. Without him, I can’t get a moment’s… DOORBELL RINGS ..peace! It must be tough in that kennel if Gnasher
hasn’t broken out yet! His teeth can gnash through anything! Oh. Whoa! I miss my dog. For the hundredth time, I do NOT need a musical
toilet brush nor do I need a Mexican poncho, a garden gnome
for all seasons, or a patio thermometer! Oh, I miss that dog. Gnasher must be trapped in the kennel! And it’s all my fault! I HAVE to get him out. But how? DENNIS SIGHS It’s time for plan B! Oh, dear, I seem to have dropped my sausages. I hope there are no horrible dogs about! Er… Ruff, ruff, ruff. Er… Etcetera, etcetera. Oi! You nasty little brute! Give me back my sausages! Ow! Easy, mate! Help! Help! This dog tried to steal my sausages! Naughty dog! Naughty, naughty dog! OW! Oh, Pie Face! All right, dog. Let’s be having you, you little
trouble-maker. Hey? What the…? OH! Ruff! Ruff! Here I am, in the van Woof! Woof! Best place for you! Naughty sausage thief! Right! Who did that? It was a naughty boy. A very naughty boy! Oh, it was, was it? Well, at least we’ve got the naughty dog. Gave himself up without a fight, I see. Obviously
feeling guilty. Woof…woof. I should think so, too! Right. It’s the kennels for you, my lad! Whoa! Oh! DOG HOWLS IN DELIGHT Huh?! No way! GNIPPER SIGHS HAPPILY Gnasher? GNIPPER YAPS AND LAUGHS THEY LAUGH Oh! Yes, yes, yes, yes! – Yes!
– Oh! Oh, hello, you! Did you enjoy your muddy-wuddy
mud pack? Did it soothe your little doggy brow? Oh, yes, you like that, don’t you? Yes! Ooh! Come on, Gnasher, you don’t have to put up
with THAT! Here we are, then. Extra-special chow-chow for my favourite Abyssinian
tripe-hound THIS explains everything. I ground the mince myself! GNASHER GROWLS AND BARKS Something tells me Gnasher has had enough. Dennis! Dennis? Are you OK? Dennis? But… Where’s… DENNIS! All right, boys. We’re outta here! Where do you think you’re going? Sorry, lady, but Gnasher’s my dog and Gnipper’s
his pup! And they’re both coming home with me! Oh, really? I think they like it HERE. Don’t you, boy? Come on, Gnasher! What are you waiting for?
Let’s go! Here’s a plate of your favourite num-nums! Lovely sausy-wausages! And when you’ve eaten your num-nums you can put on your special clothesie-wosies! GNASHER GROWLS Ahh! Not the lederhosen! Ha-ha! That’s my dog! My precious needlework… ..ruined! Ungrateful mongrel! Ha! I’ll choose a new favourite doggy! THEY PANT Oh… Pretended to be allergic to dogs, did you? Get your own dog hauled off to the kennels,
would you? Just to get us to wait on you, hand and foot,
eh? Well, now it’s your turn! Oh, thanks, love. Hope it’s nice and strong. Oh, and don’t forget that special treat for
the boys! Poor old Gnasher, sent away to the kennels
for no good reason! Here’s some lovely sausages for you. – Ooh-hoo!
– Help yourselves to those, eh Gnasher? And you, Gnipper. THEY WHINE Go on. Have as many as you want. THEY WHINE DENNIS LAUGHS

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