David Sweat: It was Joyce Mitchell’s idea to kill hu…

6 thoughts on “David Sweat: It was Joyce Mitchell’s idea to kill hu…”

  • Oh look the Trump News around the clock coverage of everything Donald has found other news to report ! LOL Cracks me up to see Cunt News Network in such a panic over a Republicunt Candidate ! Keep reporting CNN, I'm sure Donald loves the free coverage !

  • That woman's husband is lucky as FUCK.  Not only did the people that wanted to murder him all get arrested, or killed; but he's gonna get rich off the book and movie rights.  The best revenge is living well. It's Corvette and 19 year old girlfriend time.

  • Hey CNN who flippin cares. Can you not get a real story. Like something about life….real life. God you people are droll.

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