Connor Finally Discovers Why He Was Picked for the K5 – How to Get Away with Murder
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76 thoughts on “Connor Finally Discovers Why He Was Picked for the K5 – How to Get Away with Murder”

  • I hope this is true. It will be at least one of the purest thing that happened in this show, and god knows we need those.

  • I think I remember the Frank choosing Laurel reveal, but in what episode did it happen- the reveal I mean? It makes sense that Bonnie chose somebody. I’m disappointed the thought didn’t cross my mind that if Frank chose somebody, Bonnie probably did too.

  • I’m both shocked and not surprised, it should have made sense that Bonnie chose one of them since Frank chose Laurel, so basically Annalise didn’t choose to hire or maybe didn’t want to hire Connor and Laurel, but she did choose Wes, Asher and Michaela, at least Bonnie choosing Connor didn’t affect things as bad as Frank choosing Laurel (even though I blame frank entirely for that not Laurel) the only question is why did Bonnie wait until now to finally tell Connor and how could Annalise not remember Bonnie chose him? She said in this episode she didn’t remember why she hired Connor which other than this gives me reason to believe there’s something more to it than just what Bonnie said here.

  • AT LAST!
    We now finally know why Connor was chosen, ergo we finally know why all of them were chosen for the K5 in the first place, I’d been ruling this reason out, but it makes sense and out of all of them it looks like Connor’s the only one who was chosen who had no connections to Annalise and who Annalise didn’t know anyone or anything in his family background or his parents. He was chosen for his ambition and aspirations as a student, probably the most unique and purest out of the K5.

  • I had a theory before that bonnie is probably conor’s real mother. Because his dad is gay so maybe he was just adopted by his gay dad and her known mum…

  • Really Bonnie is a sociopath.Shes their "Dexter." First She killed Rebecca then Miller. Why Should anyone Believe a word she says?

  • Was it ever said that Connor did this? However it may be, this is his clarification on why he was chosen and it's a beautiful reason, I'm glad Bonnie didn't turn him away and told him the truth!

  • i'd like this to be true tbh. it's too big of a stretch for all FIVE of them to have been chosen bc of ulterior motives. i want connor to have been chosen bc of his worth; his skills and determination to make it and his ruthlessness. let him have this

  • Can someone explain to me EXACTLY why the others were chosen (except the obvious one Wes)? I stopped watching after season 3 but am intrigued. What are the others relationships to Annalise?

  • Assuming that what Bonnie said is true, so when Frank chose Laurel, it was just a coincidence that her father was Jorge Castillo? I thought he just chose her cuz he thought she was hot.

  • so only a small number of people Bonnie's abuse… i thought all of them already knew by now…
    also gotta agree, this is too pure 😍

  • this is the dumbest plot ever considering the gays in 2019 demand everyone converts to being genderless slut and if lesbians don't wanna fuck transgenders with dicks they are called homophobes

  • The thing i like about Bonnie is that we think we know her,her story but i feel like we actually don't.We don't know when she's lying or not.Plus that innocent face is so damn hard to read😩best supporting character in the show for me.

  • This honestly makes no sense, Bonnie never paid any attention to Connor and I'm supposed to believe she's the one who picked him for the K5?

  • If there were going to be more seasons, Connor would have been given a different reason on why he was chosen, but since there are a few episodes left and Michaela’s backstory seems to be the focal point of this season, Connor’s backstory wasn’t stretched out 🙁

  • She's covering for Annelise…it will all come full circle in the episodes 2 come…he probably had that heart attack from finding out the true reason why

  • Bonnie is lying. Her reason was too shallow to justify why Connor was chosen. Hmm.. There could be something more. 🧐

  • This season had the opportunity to be shocking yet they spoiled their formula by having episode 1 reveal analise died. Had they hyped up the anticipation as too who got killed it would have made for a build up season.

  • Bonnie is lying 🤥,she know the truth but she can’t tell Connor. After all we get through with this show,how can we believe such lame reason? Come on!

  • So a lot of people are saying that Oliver is the dead informant, hence the major break down connor did when the FBI showed him a picture… (which i hope isn't oliver)…. I just love their characters so much, (even if oli has been acting weird this season)… they're like a breath of fresh air, amidst the deaths, there is still love and happiness… which is them.


  • I haven't watched this show in so long, so don't know what's going on or what has happened, but, 5 years too late I think? Or is it 6, to be asking that question

  • Everyone in this show is a professional liar. I hope that this is true, but I really doubt it. Bonnie always puta Annalise first, so there's a chance she's lying to get him off her back, HOWEVER! Yes, they do get to pick a student, and since Frank got Laurel, maybe Bonnie really did choose him. But i'm just wondering why she never even seemed to care about him during the entire 6 years they've been working together. She never so much as gave him the tie of day. Annalise protected Wes (albeit, her motives were far more important) Frank protected Laurel, but Bonnie never really did anything for Connor. I think they've maybe spoken 10 words to each other the entire show. So… i'm suspicious

  • Connor in any other show would be the biggest pos and just an overall bad guy deep down…. but they didn’t do that in this show. He’s genuinely a good guy and have others best interest at heart over his own, which I don’t think any of the others do. He’s also gay and hot as fuck, so that might be why I’d love him regardless. But he’s a good person.

  • I hope this is true. It was my theory from the beginning that Connor is the one who will become "The new Annalise" by the end of the show, he's way more like her than anyone in the K5 than he's given credit for.

  • Each of the Keating 5 were chosen for massive reasons. This reasoning doesn't reach those reasons. There's another reason and I can't wait to find out.

  • I want to believe this is true but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never assume with Bonnie. She is a true master of manipulation. She always delivers a deadly blow that no one ever sees coming.

  • This is such a cop out reason. We get you are trying to close up storylines but that was ridiculous and ridiculously unbelieveable

  • I'm friends with Viola Davis, she told me Connor is Bonnie's son. When he finds out, he has that heart attack in prison as we saw in the future flash.

  • If this is true I just hate that they made it seem like so much more. Like when he asked frank and he said “you think I’m ever gonna tell you that” as if it was so bad . He could’ve just said “bon picked you”

  • Am I the only one who didn’t care why Connor was picked? Compared to everything that’s going on, this seems very petty… but watch, given the track record this show has, I would t be surprised if Bonnie was lying and the real reason is a slap in the face

  • That was an honorable way to be picked, but the need for HTGAWM drama in me; wishes it has been something crazy, cuz he was the last one…but since it's the final season, it had to be simple, but it was quite sweet and Noble. Definitely had a year.

  • Sooo what has happened to this show since I stopped watching, around the time Connor shoots Annalise in the stomach I think, with the story of the siblings (black guy and Asian girl). 😅

  • Connor is the only one that tries to do right things. He wasn't even part of the bad things that happened on seasons 4 and 5. The others are still immature.

  • For the people saying he is her lost son !! I don’t think so cuz if he was then Bonnie would never let him ‏engage with their murder think about it that way

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