Carrotsaredumb and Kuwuka go on a special trip! (Super Dash the Movie: Special Episode)

Carrotsaredumb and Kuwuka go on a special trip! (Super Dash the Movie: Special Episode)

TF2 Soldier: You are scum! You are nothing but a bunch
of cowards! C.A.D.: Can’t you believe it! We are going to the
the top-secret place! Kuwuka: I don’t like this! What, if we can’t get in you, know we get kick-out? C.A.D.: Wait! We just pass three signs!
We just pass three signs! Why there too many of them? Kuwuka: I bet because the trespasser. I thought the camo dude is supposed to follow them. C.A.D.: Who cares. They got guards! I hope we are safe! (Sorry! XD) Terrian Assualt Soldier: Are you sure we should give them a tour? I don’t trust them. jayWyvern788: Don’t worry. I am Gamer’s friend. I know everything! jayWyvern788: Let keep them away from the stuff Terrain Assualt Soldier: Yes sir. jayWyvern: We are here. Remember, if they try to do anything, taser them. Terrain Assault Soldier: Yes sir. TF2 Soldier: Welcome men. Welcome to Area 51! C.A.D.: The common name of a highly classified the United States Air Force facility? TF2 Soldier: Yes! Terrian Assault Soldier: Can
we just kick them out? TF2 Soldier: Negatory! jayWyvern788: Come! I will take your friend and you a tour! C.A.D.: Do you have an elevator?! TF2 Soldier: Affirmative! Terrain Assault Soldier: of course, idiot that why it is a secret. jayWyvern788: Let’s do this, Soldier. TF2 Soldier: Affirmative! Kuwuka: This place is amazing! Look at this cool wall! Terrain Assault Soldier: Can you shut up, please? jayWyvern788: Stop being mean. Terrain Assault Soldier: Yes sir. TF2 Soldier: Let’s rate champagne, boys. jayWyvern788: This is the training room Terrain Assault Soldier: I want them out now! Can we, Soldier? TF2 Soldier: Dammit boys! Negatory! Kuwuka: This helmet is cool! I can wear this! C.A.D.: Look! A free gun! He he he! jayWyvern788: Don’t touch! jayWyvern788: This is the Server room! Where our at Wi-Fi and power come from. TF2 Soldier: Affirmative! C.A.D.: Who that guy? jayWyvern788: His name is 980246. He is the one who made these servers including his own server! Kuwuka: That really cool! TF2 Soldier: Hit it, doc! Terrain Assault Soldier: Yes sir. C.A.D.: Wow! This can rotate and go down?! Terrain Assault Soldier: Well, you going to like this one. C.A.D.: I hope. jayWyvern788: Here we are! The final floor! This is where everyone wants the secret to be discovered. TF2 Soldier: You can have this when you pry it from my cold dead hands. and even then good luck because I will have glued it to my cold dead hands. Jayvern788: Let us take you to different room. C.A.D.: What this room? Terrain Assault Soldier: Good question, want to see it? C.A.D.: Wow that is the UFO! It is
real? Terrain Assault Soldier: Yes. That is why we took it here to try to see if it will work jayWyvern788: let go to the lab. C.A.D.: That an alien in that bag? Kuwuka: Wow! It looks dead. They’re a way to help it? Terrain Assault Soldier: We tried, but it keeps losing the signal. Let go to the final room C.A.D.: What this room? jayWyvern788: Good question, want to see it? C.A.D.: All the aliens! This is awesome! Terrain Assault Soldier: We
discovered that it has more aliens on the UFO. That why we have put on in the
test tube one by one. Terrain Assault Soldier: let’s get back to the top floor. TF2 Soldier: Affirmative! Today is a good day! Never bring a bat to a battlefield! War is not a game! Terrain Assault Soldier: So, did you like Area 51? jayWyvern: Oh No! Why did you kill Kuwuka?! TF2 Soldier: What, it was obvious! TF2 Soldier: He’s the red spy! Watch, he turn red any second now! GamerGamer(me): I need to stop recording now! C.A.D.: No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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