BREAKING: Trump Just Hauled 7 Of Them Off To Prison!

Food Stamp and government assistance programs are a necessity in any economic conditions as There will always be people that will need to utilize these programs to survive until they can improve their situation unfortunately Welfare is a big target for fraud With people lying about their financial status to receive benefits and business owners who bring upon welfare Recipients because they know these folks are desperate and need the money During his campaign President Trump made it a point to declare He would work very hard to get people off of welfare and back to work as well as punish those who take advantage of the system Taking a look at the Trump administration’s performance with cracking down on welfare fraud in 2017 it seems the president has made good on this campaign promise a Prime example of this crackdown on welfare fraud can be seen with the arrest of three Muslim brothers M Mudd jawad and cater Cara Ain who ran the Middle Eastern Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan The three brothers were involved in a food stamp scam than bilked taxpayers for seven hundred thirty six thousand dollars with EBT and an additional five hundred forty four thousand dollars from the WIC program The money was stolen over the course of nine years and took away money from people who truly needed it According to the Justice Department one fraudulent to scheme alleged against them was that they allowed customers Receiving federal subsistence benefits to obtain cash and other prohibited items in exchange for the federal funds allotted to the customers This fraudulent activity resulted in a large amount of federal welfare money being deposited into the meam bank account Adding insult to injury the Qura paying brothers signed up for food stamp assistance themselves while they were encouraging others to defraud the system The end result was that the brothers received a combined prison sentence of seven years in restitution of about 2.5 million dollars needs to be repaid investigators under the direction of the Trump administration Continued to find numerous instances where food stamp fraud was taken place millions of dollars were being misappropriated with the help of small convenience stores located and predominantly poor neighborhoods The following seven cases are the pinnacle of the work that Trump administration has concluded to rid our welfare system of fraud and abuse one George Raven e62 an owner of bread and Market convenience store in Ohio stole 2.8. Million dollars worth of food stamps where he allowed food stamp recipients to get cash instead of food Investigators with the USDA were alerted to mr.. Rayford He’s illegal activity when it was revealed in an audit that his story was cashing in on the SNAP program at a rate 10 times higher than larger stores in the area Mr.. Raven II was sentenced to 33 months in prison and was ordered to pay restitution of 2.8 million dollars to Dodd in Florida multiple people were charged and arrested for defrauding the SNAP program Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program after the division of public assistance fraud in Florida’s Department of Children and Families discovered more than 20 million dollars worth of food stamp fraud committed by individuals lying on their SNAP applications three daunting probably one of the most notable food stamp fraud cases of 2017 Mohamad Shafiq from Baltimore was sentenced to four years in prison after he was found guilty of pilfering 3.7 million dollars from the SNAP program Mr.. Chou feek was one of 14 other Baltimore business owners who stole a combined 16 million dollars all Fourteen including mr.. Shafiq received prison sentences and were ordered to pay restitution for con Wargo reveai under Gill and George Nance of Milwaukee Wisconsin were sent to prison and ordered to pay restitution After law enforcement discovered the trio were using their quick and easy convenience store to defraud the SNAP program The trio came to the attention of law enforcement after they had amassed 1.2 million dollars in cash SNAP benefits Which was highly irregular for such a small store? 5.7. Women in South Carolina who were involved in a multi-million dollar snap fraud scheme were arrested ordered to pay restitution when It was discovered that they were King with store owners to use snappa benefits for cash the seven women were each ordered to pay twenty thousand dollars each and restitution while the store owners who were responsible for the scheme must pay back a staggering five million dollars and serve a prison term of 5 years 6. In one of the largest 12 fair scams of 2017 a fundamentalist Mormon sect defrauding the American taxpayer over eleven million dollars worth of SNAP benefits the Mormon sect responsible for the theft Diverted benefits to several warehouses while using front companies in an attempt to hide the fraud 7 dolly ratted DOM and Iraqi immigrant from Maine defrauded the SNAP program of 1.4 million dollars Mr. Dom’s scam was similar to others where he gave snappa beneficiaries cash for their food stamps And then redeemed the full value of the food stamps to further line his pockets mr. DOM is facing a prison term of 20 years plus having to pay restitution The aforementioned cases are just a small sampling of the rampant fraud which was previously allowed to take place with the SNAP program Now that President Trump, and his administration have sent a clear message to these and other criminals It is likely that the instances of fraud with the SNAP program will be greatly reduced Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to my channel

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