Bad SWAT Ghetto Patrol | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 453

all right good job boys and let’s just
push this taxi out of the way Oh friend oh geez let’s just tap this
guy right there get in the car get in the car okay thank you bulletproof
windows get down on the ground Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome back to
another episode of LSPDFR this episode is subscriber requested by David Powell
and they want us to do a bad SWAT episode so I hope you guys will enjoy
this episode what is going on over there it sounded like somebody just wrecked
anyways so as you know it’s a bad SWAT to throw a bad cop Patrol
so we’re gonna be patrolling around the Los Santos ghetto today getting into
whatever trouble we can get into so anybody’s team let’s load up
we are patrolling this Bearcat again the link for it will be in the description
of the video or at least the mod creator’s name and the name of the
vehicle so you can yell basically just do a quick google search and find it
basically okay anyways let’s turn those lights and sirens off there goes for a
walk this is Els is really nice and let’s
check the first person really quick looks good
it’s got working gauges so that’s always nice and our right team let’s head on
out should be able to head down this no big deal today
and get in front of the Train the other direction whatever looks like
let’s see how far are we let’s just met that real quick
just under a mouse and the enemies will clear the suspects location a heavy
truck let’s get the sirens off their best work to the Waypoint whoa what one
the hectic testing let’s test it holding it holding it it’s not working though
okay that’s weird something with menu maybe updated with that I I’m not sure
what my bet is that it says travel taking too long press and hold that took
we’re closer it’s not working for me but I’ve known shoot I’ve never seen that
before that’s crazy okay anyways we should be
getting up to them there we go coming through Los Santos
County SWAT get through here ignore the Blaine County badges and all
that currently that’s the only badging this on this vehicle I need to update
that later beautiful and I hope you guys enjoy this episode if you do hit that
like button maybe consider subscribing if you haven’t already as well sending
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when the videos go up I really do hope you guys enjoyed though
seriously I want to hear from you in the comments below let me know what you
think of this episode as well as any other episodes that you’ve seen I really
do want to hit right now so anyways let’s try and catch up to this guy here
we go I just cracked open a Red Bull a minute before started recording so you
know we gotta give it a few minutes for it to start to work in if it hasn’t
already catch up to this guy
a helicopter by the way it looks like we’re going down here here we go
please don’t water lock all the crap that Steve dispatch we are trying to
catch up to the suspect not having a great time catching up to
that let’s get the freeway that way cut them off while they were in taking the long way around anyways
try and catch up to these freaking guys and it has been a while since a patrol
up and over this way a really good pool area
anyways let’s see there now down there there might be in the parking lot so
then might be getting stuck hopefully you’ll be able to get the block they
don’t dress cool we’re good strip the wheels up a little bit no big deal we
don’t pop that bead we’ll be good to go looks like they are in the parking lot
right now you’ll be arriving on scene momentarily
dispatch air unit I miss come on nope missed again hold on hold on
stand your taser taser there we go ma’am keep your hands where I can see you then
get down on the ground right now SWAT let’s go down on the ground I said
down on the ground stop messing around you’re gonna keep getting tased unless
you cooperate with me now stop moving around and get down on the ground hands
on top of your head thank you wagging this there I place your hands behind
your back for me do not try anything stupid right now
we’re getting out of prison and there we go thank you
snatch we’re code four on this one we have the suspect in custody
we’re gonna head back to the parking lot to check their vehicle let’s question
they’re really quick ma’am you want to tell me what the heck
was going on today it’s none of my business okay where’d you come from
you have the right to remain silent okay ma’am so you do have to remain silent
all that good stuff I am gonna have to search you before we take you down to
the jail so do you have anything illegal on you anything that’s sharp that’s
gonna stab me poke me or stick me let me know now and it’ll go a lot easier for
you nothing illegal on you okay well thank you for telling me that
let’s Pat her down now maybe there we go and blood spatter down turn around for
me men do you not trying to think stupid or you will get tased again see what
she’s getting on her several cake cops a blood-stained drag in a suicide note all
right dispatch let me get that I could just do a transfer Dina this menu no no
are you guys going my team is taking her No okay
we’ll ignore that my team is just gonna take her down to the station I’ll go
search your vehicle and they’ll come pick me up and in a little bit once they
drop her off that’s what I’m gonna go with well I just drink the rest of my
Red Bull I guess all right let’s go see if we can find her vehicle
oh it was the fire engine I forgot about that
okay that’s right it was a school and emergency vehicle let’s see if we’re
able to search this I’m not a hundred percent sure on that so let’s do it
I’m able to search vehicle but yet it still looks like we’re searching it you
know it’s been a long time since I’ve actually been up close and personal with
the fire engine I don’t remember like all this stuff on the side right here
anyways nothing interests nothing I’m interest a brown bag stuffed with money
a quantum code Jeep in other 4×4 kit and a receipt for Michael dan games coffee
mug well damn I’m assuming it was the fire department that bought the Jeep
KITT but you know what they didn’t put it in so they really need to do that
brown bag stuffed with money though sounds like she stole some money threw
it in the back of the truck and drove off with the fire engine dispatch we do
have the fire truck in custody now let’s get a tow truck to get it back down to
the fire station all right thank you dispatch and now we’re gonna have to
wait for my SWAT team to arrive so I will see you guys in a little bit I’ll
probably be here for five hours copy that dispatch we’ll respond to that
let’s get our lights on here we have a visual on the vehicle dispatch they’re
crossing over the train tracks from s police station now this way we’re gonna have to try and get
in front of his vehicle dude stop no oh that’s not good all right let’s get out
here boys vehicles come to a halt oh yeah I wonder
why all right sir need to step out of the vehicle can ask you a few questions
all right are you all right for one I think I need medical attention all right
sir that’s all right we’ll get you an ambulance just hang in there can you
explain how your brakes gave up I’m not quite sure they just stopped working all
right I understand it looks like a very expensive car
okay I’ll note that and is there anything else that I should know I’m a
bit a few drinks too okay well thank you for being honest with me oh so we’ll do
a all right so you did tell me you had a few drinks have you done any drugs
recently as well no no I’m just just double-checking Mensch double check so
do you have anything illegal on you perhaps you have something okay you want
to tell me what that is no you don’t okay uh so what were you doing before
your car gave up on you yeah a threat to shut up okay that’s fine let’s see why
questions when was the last time you had a drink
you don’t remember okay and how much did you have to drink again two cans of beer
okay and let’s see vehicle questions so do you own that vehicle sir yes it’s
beautiful isn’t it it is okay you know what hold on a second sir
stop stop stop stop dude I need to stop right there out of the vehicle dude you
just ran into that guy’s car that’s right dude now you want to get out of
here before I write you up yeah that’s what I thought get out of here dude yeah
go okay let’s get back to this guy I could use the police computer but just
to make it a little quicker let’s just do a pet check out this Adrienne’s
scarlet or an 11 13 mm this is bad and active warrants and then the play chess
well it’s a jester lesson six Oskar Ida Paul Henry 160 keys is the
registered owner all right so let’s Pat this guy down really quick and I’ll do
it myself turn around for me dating I’m gonna
search you now make sure you don’t have anything illegal on you you said you may
have something so we’ll see what you do have a children’s book and a grenade
okay then dude I need you to turn around for me actually my partner will get you
for him all right yep burner you want to get in for me thank
you relax traffic it looks like we have them
in custody there and can I request a transport unit or my units team required
looks like we’re good sweet crusade Road and then I’ll search his vehicle really
quick nothing of interest at Quantico business card and Michaels in games
coffee mug alright so nothing illegal so that’s
good we’ll get this vehicle impounded have our mechanics check it out to see
if the brakes actually did fail and all that and we’ll go from there alright dispatch let me get a tow truck
down here shooting I forgot to do a breathalyzer around that guy dang it
they’ll do a breathalyzer once they get down to the station and it looks like
tow trucks arriving on scene now boys let’s load up oh hi boys let’s load up
and get out of here our lights off their scroll lock and we should be good
alright good job boys and let’s just
maxie out of the wig all right anyways let’s get back it up throw away our code
for on that one let’s see I’m just taking another left here we
have Grandpa Adam’s apple Boulevard copy that dispatch we’re right around the
block we’ll be right over there in a second let’s go check it out just like I
just had a visual on it for a second there I’m gonna be taking a left on it
that is not interstate 4 yugs Adam’s apple full of our dispatch we do have a
visual on the truck near this intersection here and we’ll get our
lights on stage three get our sirens on and let’s attempt to pull the truck over
this little Santos County SWAT I need you to pull the truck over right now
dude I need you to stop oh he’s running for it he’s running for it
he just wear it in a taxi he got what he deserved as me okay let’s get out here
boys let’s get the shotgun out here take out his tires I don’t think so dude
watch your hands watch your hands dude move out of the way sir I need you to
get down on the ground we’ll send us quanti SWAT I need you to get down on
the ground right now and a taser taser taser ooh got him in like the wrist
there watch your hands buddy watch your hands let’s go down on the frickin
ground dude stop messing around I’m gonna get on the ground for me now thank
you oh boy I hope you guys are enjoying the
episode again sushi let me know what you think in the comments below let’s get
this guy in cuffs I did do not move put your hands behind your back for me thank
you yes you can move to put your hands under arrest you piece of crap all right
let’s get this guy in cuffs check his ID see who he is all right let’s see
dispatch let me get a pen check on this guy
Cedric Baksh born 11 19 1974 that’s the van no active warrants all right let’s
pat him down really quick dude turn around for me I need to Pat
you down don’t try anything stupid we found a hammer again I don’t know why
my menus are double popping up like this I’m gonna need to remove a few old mods
I think because a few mods came out that you know kind of replaced the old
outdated mods okay I didn’t think there’s anybody else in the truck but
let’s get a transport unit for this guy what’s going on boys got somebody else in the vehicle I don’t
think so let’s see what’s in here all right let’s see what we got
it’s a tablet or something in there I didn’t notice that before a beach towel
nothing I’m interest a mr. Fluffles pet color and a baseball bat all right
dispatch let’s contact the insurance company come on boys let’s load back up
we got more stuff to do all right copy that dispatch except they are really
right on the block from us we’ll head over there and see what’s going on we
have a suspicious vehicle that we just passed looked like a van full of at
least two guys possibly more we’re gonna keep up with the armored truck and just
follow them to their destination let’s see
vehicle that we passed is no longer behind us looks like they kept on going coming through
should have got out of my way dude okay I should just give them a ticket because
they just blew that stop sign I just bet we are right behind the
armored truck we’re following them dinner location dispense you have a visual on that
vehicle that we passed or pull up right behind us
there are swerving all they just hit us okay let’s get our lights on oh shoot
they got weapons they got weapons get out boys get out get out open fire
everyone fire getting my rifle out light em up light em up light em up
drop the weapon SWAT team drop the weapon right now drop the weapon shoot reload reload we clear boys what
are you doing you shooting the wrong people look damn dude go down just go down nope okay
he’s down he dropped some evidence let’s go pick up that evidence jump over here
holster my Glock secure that a K it looks like we’re clear here
smash looks like we’re code four on this one you need to get EMS down here to
Adam’s apple Boulevard units reporting a civilian shot okay nothing interest
looks like all the money is secured scare their weapons there stop traffic
and see if that works I haven’t really used that key command
before so hopefully it looks like my units are checking the bodies and shit
good how we doing boys and that’s some list here I’ll secure
their vehicle and search it see if they got it make it illegal in it maybe some
more weapons or something Pacific Standard credit card alright guys I’m
gonna leave this episode here I hope you guys enjoyed it yeah it was supposed to
be a bad SWAT patrol and I really didn’t do that much bad stuff so I don’t know
let me know down in the comments below you want me to do another one let me
know I’ll you know I’ll try to be more bad what can I say I’m not a bad guy I
don’t know let me know in the comments below maybe kids you’re subscribing if
you haven’t already and be sure you hit that little bell icon on the channel
that way say on a 5-month the videos to go up are guys take it easy

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