A Romantic Get Away | Malaysia 2020 [Ep 2]

We are going early in the morning to my brother’s wedding rehearsal, ‘cause the wedding is tomorrow! [CHRIS] Ye boi!
[SUSAN] I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. [CHRIS] Yeah…
[SUSAN} I haven’t even gotten to put my makeup on [CHRIS] You look great!
[SUSAN} Oh my gosh I look so bad- [CHRIS]
Poor girl though, she got kinda sick and her voice is all messed up. [SUSAN]
Yeah because it’s been so stressful, my body is overworked. [CHRIS]
Well get some sleep okay? [SUSAN] I look so bad!
[CHRIS] You look great! [SUSAN] Bye.
[CHRIS] Is that your subtle way of telling me to get the camera off you? 🎶 “I Won’t Waste This” by Wildflowers 🎶 [CHRIS]
I’m just gonna start- [SUSAN]
Are you recording me? [CHRIS]
Yep! I caught that, that’s how this shot is gonna start. [CHRIS]
This place is so cool! It’s also like a romantic get-away obviously because of the wedding, [CHRIS] It’s a romantic get-away…
[SUSAN] I didn’t hear anything you said just now. [CHRIS]
It was totally normal… [CHRIS]
So I mean it’s gonna be super cheesy, just let us have this, okay? 🎶 “Have it all” by Nickolas Jonas 🎶 [CHRIS]
Yes Susan over here living the good life. [CHRIS]
Oh yes now this is perfect! [CHRIS] Whaddya think babe?
[SUSAN] I wanna live here forever. [CHRIS]
Same. Also I just realized, if you’re wondering what the heck that bump is, that little scar thing is, I wish I had an epic story behind it, like I fought off some leopard that attacked me with knives- No, I just banged my head this morning on a shade. [CHRIS]
Hey babe, what’s about to happen? Why did we get out of the chairs? [SUSAN]
We’re on a countdown to see the fireworks! [CHRIS]
Fireworks! New Years fireworks! [CHRIS]
Three minutes! Are you excited? [SUSAN]
Yeah! 🎶 “Sweet Baby” by Bothnia🎶 Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! [CHRIS] Happy New Decade!
[SUSAN] Oh my gosh, it’s 2020. [CHRIS] It’s 2020. [SPEAKER]
Happy New Year! [ALL]
I feel the same, nothing has changed.

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