3 49ers Players That Deserve More Playing Time 2020

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, talking about
the San Francisco 49ers as always. Looking at the Top 3 players I
believe should get more playtime in 2020. These are players that had very
limited reps in 2019. Hopefully Kyle Shanahan and company,
they up up their reps because they deserve some playtime in my opinion
based on the limited time that I saw in 2019. Also we could use some fresh faces
I guess. So there you have right there. Caveat for this one, I don’t know if these
players are going to be on the roster. I think they are for the most part, but San
Francisco John Lynch, they can maybe do some surprise cuts. Hopefully these guys on the list
are not going to be it. Going to get this video started. Hopefully you guys do enjoy this.
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started. 49ers, Top 3 players that deserve more playtime in 2020.
Number three, linebacker Dre Greenlaw. I believe he should get more playtime for
the 49ers in 2020. A little bit of a quandary situation. I’ll talk about that
in a second. We all know this guy as the man that saved the 49ers number one
seed on week 17 Sunday night football against the Seattle Seahawks. Jacob
Hollister, very close to getting a touchdown, but Greenlaw was able to hit
tackle high and stop him to essentially win the NFC West. Epic play right
there. I got to give a lot of Big Ups to him, but the thing I’m a little bit
worried about. The quandary situation that Robert Saleh might have to deal
with this splitting playtime between Greenlaw and Kwon Alexander. I know they
can play a base 4-3 defense, but a lot of the times they do run a 4-2-1, which
is four defensive linemen, two linebackers, which was mostly Greenlaw
and Fred Warner when Kwon was out. Also, they got defensive backs, along with K’Waun
Williams. That’s kind of a situation they had to deal with. Definitely K’Waun
Williams, he’s done a great job for the 49ers as well in San Francisco. Very
underrated player. He’s a very valuable nickel cornerback for us in this defense.
So looking at it. Greenlaw I think he deserves more playtime, but Kwon
definitely, he deserves playtime as well. The question with Kwon… I hate to
mention this. Is he injury prone? I hope not, but looking at it, when we did
sign him last year in 2019, he was coming with some injuries. Now looking at he had
a pectoral injury which he was able to make a miraculous comeback in the
Super Bowl. He had biceps surgery. So it’s a little bit concerning
that Kwon’s getting all these injuries. Hopefully it’s just you know, he can
sweat it out for the rest of 2020, but I don’t know. It’s really dangerous. I hope
he’s not made out of glass because I’m a big fan of his. He’s the energy man for
us in San Francisco. We definitely cannot afford him to getting hurt and
what have you but if not, then we do have Greenlaw. Hopefully Robert Saleh gives
him even more playtime. They can run that base 4-3 a little bit more often
than usual. There you have right there. Number two, wide receiver/returner
Richie James. Special teamers, not too bad at all.
I’m a big fan of his as a returner, but as a wide receiver? I believe Kyle
Shanahan should give him more reps as a wideout because I definitely seen a lot
of plays from him in San Francisco 2019 and in 2018 as well is that he can make
some big plays. He’s an electric player like Marquise Goodwin. So if you’re
talking about a replacement for Goodwin, I think James could fit that role perfectly. Also the versatility with him
as a special teamer that definitely give him a big up and plus for us in San
Francisco. Looking at it, I mean there was some times where we needed some help in
terms of getting extra plays. Getting a boom play. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers/
Arizona Cardinals game, the second time we met up with them, he was the guy to
energize this whole offense and give us life. I believe Shanahan you know not
even the whole time to be on the field for James, but just to have him a
little bit more often in terms of maybe first or second down, I think he
definitely deserves that. I know he probably wants to play a little bit more in the
wide receiver spot. Give him a little bit more chemistry with Jimmy Garoppolo, but
you know it’s up to Shanahan. It’s his offense. He can do whatever he wants. In
my opinion just based on what I’ve seen from him in his whole career for the
past year or two now that he’s been in the league, he’s a big playmaker and when
he is called to be a playmaker. For me in San Francisco, I believe James is a
big difference maker in terms of maybe limited snaps as wide receiver, but he
should be getting more than essentially zero for the most part in 2019 to 2020.
Richie, hope he gets more reps. I’m a big fan of his ever since coming out of
Middle Tennessee State. I thought he was an electric player and he has shown a
lot of flashes for that. Hopefully Shanahan can give him more reps coming
into 2020. Number one, the player that the 49ers there should give more playing
time in 2020 is running back Jeff Wilson Jr. I believe this guy is a playmaker
like James. He’s an electric dude when you need him to make that play. He will
definitely make it. He has a lot of touchdowns in the goal line
very early on the season and then Shanahan just doesn’t use him as much
for the rest of the year. I think the only time they used
him was the clinching play against the Arizona Cardinals the second time they met up
in San Francisco, but other than that? They haven’t used him too much, which is
kind of disappointing. I wish they would. I know sometimes they have to put him on
the inactive list to have everybody available as much as possible, but if
anything. If somebody gets cut by the 49ers. Whether it’s Coleman maybe Breida,
anything like that? Then I believe that he should be the guy to be the next
running back to takeover and have some snaps at the running back position. Bobby
Turner, Shanahan they’re really good at creating backs. They’re really good at
having scheme for the running back position. With a guy like Wilson who’s
looking like a power dude, who also can run, this is the perfect guy for their
system. I mean you don’t have to use him all the time like I don’t know Raheem Mostert now, but to have him in the goal line situation, to have him on that
quick third down? I believe that he can be the guy for that in San Francisco. So
really Wilson Jr. he’s impressed me all year long. They cut him earlier in 2019
and then re-signed him. He’s been a success every time they’ve used him on
the field. So yep that’s pretty much it you guys. Pretty quick list right here.
Hopefully you guys do you agree with my list. If you don’t, you can definitely disagree me in
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Saturday. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your night.
Go Niners all day. Hot Boyzz!

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